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After 40 years in Las Vegas we have seen the skyline change many times and the population double and triple since we have been in town.

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The casino hotels like the Luxor that are owned by MGM properties have a huge legal team working for them at all times, you should have a legal team that can go up against the big casinos and not be intimidated.

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slip and fall accident at luxor casino

Luxor Hotel Accidents

Since the Luxor is located on the strip and connected by a walkway to several other hotels the foot traffic alone is enormous.

This creates thousands of people everyday walking through and visiting the Luxor while either staying at the Luxor or visiting to see a show, have dinner, gamble or check out the famous light installation.

With all this foot traffic it is not uncommon for accidents and injuries to occur while visiting Luxor.

The Luxor’s most common injuries are:

  1. Slip and Fall– This is the most common injury associated with any hotel casino including the Luxor. Slip and fall accidents or injuries make up a majority of the accidents reported in Las Vegas Casinos. The reasons can range from a wet floor area to uneven and broken floors. Slip and fall injuries are sometimes just minor occurrences for the injured party but in some cases a slip and fall could lead to broken bones, neck and back injuries that can take a long time to heal.

  2. Food Poisoning– Casinos are required to serve food 24 hours a day, that being said casino’s put out thousands of pounds of food in buffets, restaurants, fast food services, room service and outdoor dining experiences. When food is mishandled or not prepared properly guests can be seriously ill causing severe illness and in some rare cases death.

  3. Assaults– Although this is not commonly reported assaults at hotel casinos are more common than you think. Assaults to another person are more common because of lack of security , being understaffed altogether and over serving guests with alcohol ( casino’s rarely cut off guests from alcohol). Assaults can result in significantly badly injured and in some cases death to the person being attacked.

  4. Parking lot or shuttle injuries– A lot of people don’t think about the parking, valet, parking structure areas of the hotel casino. The casino also offers shuttle services and these are recipes for injury and accidents. Since casinos like the Luxor are always bustling with people it is not uncommon for guests to be injured by getting hit by a valet driver or Uber driver, or by falling in the valet area or parking lot.

These are just a few of the most common injuries associated with hotels and casinos including The Luxor in Las Vegas.

Other Causes for injury –

Nightclubs / bars



Beauty salon

Construction zones

Injured at the pool

If you’re injured in any of these incidents at the Luxor call the best personal injury law firm in Vegas, The Richard Harris Law Firm.

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damages you can recover after Luxor casino injury accident

$ Damages From a Casino Injury

If you are injured in a casino in Las Vegas like The Luxor you may be entitled to monetary damages for your financial and non-financial losses such as:

  • Medical expenses

  • Lost wages

  • Lost future income

  • Pain and suffering

  • Lost quality of life


Financial losses can be determined relatively easily, these losses can be calculated using medical bills, pay stubs, receipts for other medical items like prescriptions and other accident related expenses.

Non-financial losses such as pain and suffering and punitive damages ( damages awarded by the court when a company is negligent and the court wants to punish the at fault company) are much harder to quantify and don’t have a set monetary amount.

The court will usually decide what non financial damages are awarded to a victim of an injury or accident in a casino.

There is a 2 year statute of limitations on all personal injury claims in Nevada.

If you’ve been injured in an accident at any casino in Las Vegas like the Luxor you’ll need a good casino injury lawyer to get you the most compensation available to you.

Call today for a free consultation.

Accident, Suicide or Murder?

The Luxor has a history of untimely deaths that have taken place at the hotel since it opened in 1993.

This includes the strangulation of a 16 years old girl after an apparent assault.

A guest fell to their death from the tenth floor. Another death occurred when a 24 year old was killed by a pipe bomb in the parking lot of the Luxor after he left work.

In 2010 a UNLV football player was in a fight with an MMA fighter who struck the football player who later died.

In another incident a casino employee was murdered in the lobby by her boyfriend in full view of the general public.

The Luxor was also the scene of a case of Legionnaires disease that took the life of a guest because it was not picked up quickly enough by the hotel.

A year later another bizarre incident occurred when an airman visiting from Nellis Air Force Base fell 25 feet down the elevator shaft.

Since The Luxor has been the site of so many untimely or even bizarre deaths throughout the years many people are very superstitious about the Luxor.

Many have even have started seeing ghosts on the property.

However we all know that the owners and MGM are responsible for the accidents and weird deaths that occur at the Luxor property.

You can’t blame bizarre occurrences and ghostly encounters for safety and health issues that the hotel did not handle properly.

Being injured or having a loved one die or get injured while on vacation is a horrible life changing experience.

If you have been injured at the Luxor (even as an employee) call The Richard Harris law firm today for a free consultation.

Luxor Hotel Casino History

The Luxor Hotel and Casino opened on October 15,1993 at 4 AM with a crowd of more than 10,000 people.

The Luxor is operated by MGM Resorts International with over 4000 rooms and 120,000 square foot casino.

When it opened in 1993 it was the tallest and biggest property on the strip even if it was for a very short time.

Thirteen days later Treasure Island opened and it became the biggest casino on the strip at the time.

Luxor is named after the city of Luxor of ancient Egypt.

Originally designed with an Egyptian theme it was renovated several items over the years and the Egyptian theme removed for a more modern theme.

However some things have remained at the Luxor since its opening in 1993.

The Luxor Sky Beam has been burning bright in the sky since The Luxor opened in 1993.

The beam is the strongest light in the world , it is visible from up to 275 miles away by aircraft.

The beam uses mirrors to collect light from 39 xenon lamps and it costs $51 dollars per hour to operate.

The beam has been in operation since the day the Luxor opened in 1993.

The Luxor has many shows, restaurants and clubs as major attractions including The Blue Man Group, Carrot Top the comedian and LAX The Nightclub.

The Luxor features inclined elevators that travel up the side of the building on a 39 degree incline.

This is just some of the amazing architectural feats that the Luxor has being one of the most unique hotels in Las Vegas.