Hiring Richard Harris vs. Representing Yourself

Trying to fight the big insurance companies by yourself can be a big mistake.
When you hire The Richard Harris Law Firm you can rest assured that you have the best legal team on your side.
You might be surprised to learn that your personal injury claim could be worth a lot more than the insurance adjuster is telling you.
The truth is that the insurance industry’s own research has shown that people who are represented by a personal injury lawyer will end up with settlements about 3 times greater than those who decide to represent themselves.
This research was first published in 1999, but the Insurance Research Council has done additional research since and found similar results.
In fact, Lawyers.com did a study that showed very similar data.
The study found that roughly 91% of those surveyed had received a payout when they had a lawyer, but only 51% saw a payout that didn’t have a lawyer.
As they say, data never lies.
More importantly, the study found that even after deducting the lawyer’s fee, the claimants who hired legal representation ended up with about 3 times more compensation than those who didn’t hire an injury lawyer.
The Insurance Research Council also did an interesting study on payouts for bodily injury claims.
It found that 85% of all insurance payouts for bodily injury claims went to people with a lawyer.
That is a shocking number and just proves how important it is to hire a qualified lawyer like Richard Harris.
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