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The M Resort is a great place to visit, but it doesn’t mean that every vacation ends up going as planned.

slip and fall accident injuries at M resort casino

Common Injuries at M Resort

Guests injured because of dangerous conditions in a Las Vegas casino can bring a lawsuit if the casino hotel was negligent and that negligence resulted in your injuries.

From knee injuries, to broken bones and facial injuries, hotel visitors get injured everyday in Las Vegas.

These types of accidents or injuries occur from – 



Proving Casino Negligence 

Fighting against the casino and their lawyers / insurance companies can be overwhelming.

Don’t fight alone, call our personal injury attorneys for help.

The plaintiff must prove four elements to establish negligence against a Nevada casino.

  1. The casino was responsible to provide the guests or patron a duty of care

  2. The casino breached that duty

  3. The breach of duty was the legal reason and cause of the guests injuries/ and

  4. As a result of the breach of duty, the guest suffered injuries or damages

Duty of care Owed by a Las Vegas Casino

The Nevada premises liability law requires casino hotel owners and operators to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe manner.

This duty extends to all areas of the casino hotel property including the casino, parking areas, bathrooms and walkways.

Casinos also have a duty to protect all against foreseeable injuries.

Foreseeable injury is a very broad term and subject to interpretation.

For example, casino’s must ( without limitation)

  • Not serve alcohol to severely intoxicated patrons, wether in casinos, drinking areas, or nightclubs

  • Clean up spills promptly to prevent slip hazards

  • Maintain adequate security

  • Maintain elevators and escalators (which could cause people to fall suddenly should they malfunction or stop short)

  • Keep the fixtures and furniture stable and in good repair particularly if they see heavy use such as restaurant tables


These are just a few of the things that fall under the duty of care for a hotel casino, there are many more guideline under NRS 651.015.


A casino can also be held liable for its employee’s negligence when they hire, retain or supervises an employee when:

  1. The casino fails to conduct a reasonable background check to ensure the fit for the position

  2. The casino keeps an employee after being notified that the employee may be dangerous

  3. The casino fails to exercise adequate supervision over an employee


What Damages can I Recover

If you have been injured because the casino hotel was negligent you are entitled to recover compensatory damages under Nevada law.

Compensatory damages can include the following;

  • Medical expenses including emergency room visits, hospitalizations, medications, rehabilitation and physical therapy and any future medical needs

  • Lost wages from missed work

  • Lost future earnings

  • Pain and suffering

  • Punitive damages- guests who are injured as a result of intentional wrongful actions of the casino can recover these damages. Punitive damages are meant as a punishment for the neglectful party

Don’t fall victim to the peer pressure that the casino hotels use to get accident victims to sign paperwork or give a statement to quickly.


Who Can I Sue if I’m Injured at M Resort

The hotel casino might not be the sole responsible party when a guest is injured at a casino like The M Resort.

Other parties that may have some responsibility for your injuries include:

  1. Food venders or others that supply food and alcohol

  2. A third party security company may be hired for special events

  3. The parent or corporation that oversees the casino hotel

  4. Manufacturers of products sold to the casino such as furniture

  5. The insurance company for the casino

In some cases the party responsible for your injuries may not be something that is obvious, again this is why you want to hire the best casino injury law firm in Vegas – The Richard Harris Law Firm.

Don’t wait to get help or a settlement, call us today for answers.



dealing with insurance over casino injury claim

Beware of Casino Insurance Companies

One of the parties that has a say in your settlement against a casino is the casino’s liability insurance company.

After an accident you will be required to notify them and possibly give a statement to an insurance adjuster.

We strongly advise that you don’t do this without speaking with an attorney first.

Insurance companies main goal is to settle your case as quickly as possible while paying out the minimum amount of money to you for your injuries.

They may even attempt to offer you a low ball settlement and hope that you take it and go away.

Never take the first offer or any offer for that matter until you have spoken with and retained legal counsel for any personal injury suffered at a casino hotel.


What is the Statute of Limitations

In Nevada and Las Vegas there is a 2 year statute of limitations to file a personal injury claim.

This means 2 years from the date your injuries occurred.

Two years seems like a long time, but 24 months can fly by when you are dealing with medical appointments, insurance papers, etc.

If injuries or death occur due to other circumstances then the statute of limitations may change based on your case.

Always consult with an attorney immediately so you know exactly what the time frame is.


how much does personal injury lawyer cost

How Much  Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost

We always recommend that you set up a free consultation appointment before signing with any attorney.

In most cases personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, that means that your lawyer will pay out all the up front costs and not take any fees until they win your case.

These costs can include court costs, court filing paperwork costs, deposition costs, investigation and evidence gathering and attorney’s fees.

Only when we win your case do our attorneys get paid for their services.

The M Resort History

The M Resort and Spa is the southernmost casino in the Las Vegas valley almost on the way out or into Las Vegas.

The M report opened on March 1st 2009 amid the great recession. It is considered a boutique hotel with only 390 rooms, considered very small by most casino properties.

The M is named for the Marnell family, Marnell Corrao Associates designed and built The M.

It was later sold to Penn Entertainment in 2010.

The reason The M was built in the area is that Marnell and the rest of Nevada thought the area would see significant growth over several years.

They planned to build an adjacent shopping mall and theater that never materialized due to the recession.

Even though the developers thought there would be great growth for the property that used to be a truck stop off of I-15, the casino is mainly geared toward local business because of its location.

The M resort is the first local oriented casino resort to serve the neighborhoods of Seven Hills, Southern Highlands, and Anthem.

These neighborhoods did not have a resort of their own and the closest available at the time was South Point, Silverton and Green Valley Ranch.

In 2019 the M entered into a 10 year partnership with the Las Vegas Raiders Football team.

The Raiders headquarters is only  a few miles from the M so the team would agree to rent 300 rooms at the M each night before a Raiders game in Las Vegas.

The M plans on adding a new tower and previous construction that was stalled during the depression may be resumed.