Escalator Accidents and Injuries

injuries from an escalator

Most of us have taken a ride on an escalator before.

It is that motor driven moving staircase that helps us get from floor to floor.

It is seen in convention centers, malls, hotels, and casinos like Circa, New York, NY, and MGM.

It is a great way to move a lot of people through a property.

It’s also a way to help the customer take a break from walking and get them where they are going effortlessly.

Riding an escalator can come with risk and every so often there is an accident that can lead to injury.

Sometimes these injuries can leave a person needing medical attention.

If the injury is serious, it can be devastating.

There are many reasons that can make a ride on an escalator dangerous.

If you are injured in an escalator accident in the Las Vegas Valley or throughout the state of Nevada, give us a call.

If possible gather evidence with photos etc., and of course try to find any witnesses.


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Our personal injury team of expert attorneys handles all types of cases including escalator accidents.

An accident can affect a person in many ways.

An escalator accident may come with hospital and medical bills.

A person can lose income from time off the job.

This can all cause financial instability.

It may be determined that you are entitled to compensation for all the damages left behind in an escalator accident.

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Statute of Limitations

The state of Nevada has a statute of limitations of 2 years on personal injury claims.

An escalator accident is a personal injury accident type that is in this category.

It is always best to get the help of a personal injury attorney as soon as possible in order to file the claim on time and avoid any issues.



Reasons For Escalator Accidentreasons for escalator accidents

There are a whole bunch of reasons that an escalator accident can occur.

There are many moving parts in it and if they are not maintained properly than a malfunction can take place.

If an escalator is in a high traffic area like those on the strip or airport they can break down and cause an accident to happen.

Other things that can contribute to an accident may be dim lighting or no lighting at all.

There are sometimes defective escalators that are just designed poorly.

If the area is wet and a slip and fall happens on the escalator it can be injurious.

It is also dangerous to have dangling clothes or untied shoes getting caught in the escalator.


Owners Have a Legal Obligation to Maintain an Escalator

Having an escalator on a property may be a great way to move people throughout it, but there is also a legal duty of the owners or renters to keep it maintained.

Whenever we get on an escalator, we may take for granted that it is in proper working order and will not cause harm to us.

This should always be the case but there are instances where an escalator may not be working right and safety to those on it may be at risk.

Not only can the owner be held liable but the company that is in charge of repairs and maintenance can be as well.

If there is a faulty part that was put in the escalator even the parts manufacturer could be held liable for an accident with injury.

Property managers and escalator repair contractors can also be held legally responsible if they are found to be negligent.

Having an escalator comes with responsibilities and these are not to be overlooked.


Where Escalator Accidents Can Happen

Nevada is full of escalators.

Office building of all sizes have them transporting people every day.

In Las Vegas the malls have them in the main area and also in the large department stores taking customers up and down to the different floors.

Many of the major hotels, resorts and casinos have escalators.

The airports and convention centers in Vegas and Reno use this moving staircase.

An escalator accident can happen at any time.

It is important to be aware of the dangers of an escalator and not be complacent while riding.

Getting on and off it can be the most dangerous moments if there is a defect or improper maintenance.


escalator accident settlement

Escalator Accident Settlements

Not every escalator injury accident will result in a big settlement.

If it was the persons fault for the accident than winning a case will be much more difficult.

Some escalator accidents will happen due to the fault of the person being reckless or intoxicated.

However, if the accident happened due to improper maintenance or a defect in the escalator than there is a chance for fair compensation.

All cases have their own set of circumstances.

We can help you decide on how to handle your particular case.

Richard Harris can help answer all your questions.


What is ‘Modified Comparative Negligence?’

This rule allows a person to be compensated if they are less than 51% responsible for the accident.

A bar or nightclub may still have some liability if they over served a person or for a variety of other reasons that the person was injured in an escalator accident.

Some of these big clubs with pool parties can find themselves in this area.

Our attorneys at Richard Harris have worked on all types of escalator injury cases and can help with a winning strategy.



Escalator Malfunctions

There are sometimes problems with escalators and types of defects that may cause it to malfunction.

When this happens, the results can be hazardous leaving injury and even death behind.

Some of these defects include; screws missing, escalator track issues, too much space between tracks and brokens steps or tracks.

These defects may cause fingers, hair, and clothing to become entrapped in the escalator and results can be serious.


Common Types of Escalator Accidents

Clothing Caught in Escalator – If your clothes or fingers get caught up in an escalator belt injury can happen. Often a shoe string can get caught in the escalator belt and a person can fall down. The most common injuries and less serious injuries will include a twisted ankle or cut hands or feet but more serious injuries have happened like amputations. It is possible that major cuts and bleeding can even result in death.

Sudden Stoppage – If an escalator all of a sudden stops there can be multiple injuries and multiple people involved. People falling down on top of each other can easily happen in this situation. A crowded escalator can be much more dangerous if a sudden stop were to happen. Modern escalators are designed for this to not take place but malfunctions, product defects and other unpredictable things can happen.

Slippery Escalator – If there is a slip and fall on an escalator there could be some serious injury. It is the responsibility of the premises to be reasonably aware of water or spills that can leave an escalator slippery and dangerous.

If you are injured on an escalator, it could be considered a premises liability case.

Our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys understand premises law and will look at all the evidence of the accident.

We will make sure to hold the liable party accountable for your injuries and damages that happened from the accident.

Medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering are some of the damages we will look into and try our best to get you compensated for.


foot and ankle injuries from escalator accident

Common Escalator Injuries

Cuts and Bruises – An escalator accident can come with abrasions. Hopefully they are just minor and there is no long-term scarring or medical treatment. The best-case scenario is that you walk away and go on with your day. Bleeding may occur and if it hits a vein or artery it can go from minor to major.

Spinal Cord Injury – This would be considered one of the most major injuries. A spinal injury can lead to paralysis which is life changing and long-term suffering.

TBI – If there is a slip and fall on the escalator and the head is injured medical care and treatment will likely be needed. A hard hit to the head can cause; dizziness, nausea, memory loss and loss of motor skills. A person with Traumatic Brain Injury can have injuries that may be long lasting.

Broken Bones– Falling and breaking a bone comes with pain and suffering and time to heal. This injury is a major contributor to lost wages and time off work.

Amputation – Getting a finger caught up in an escalator can do some serious damage. A person wearing sandals or flip-flops can easily get the toes caught in an escalator belt and results can be horrific. This steel people mover has a lot of different ways that it can do damage to an unsuspecting rider.

An escalator accident can be life altering.

If you or someone you know has been injured in an escalator accident you may be entitled to compensation.

Call, email or just come by the office.

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