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The Richard Harris Law Firm can assist you with any type of injury you may have experienced due to negligence of someone else.

So if you or anyone else you care deeply about has suffered a laceration injury that required treatment please let us know.

We certainly hope that person is doing better and got their situation under control.

If the injury was due to someone being negligent then our firm can assist you.

We know that accidents occur but if someone else’s bad decision making caused it then you should not be made to suffer.

Getting Injured Can Get Expensive

Injuries are time consuming and can cost you with not only direct expenses but also indirect expenses.

If you miss work due to the laceration or to visit a doctor, who will make up that lost money on your behalf?

Certainly your power bill, car payment and insurance will not stop billing just because you were in an accident.

In many cases an insurance company will pay the direct charges to a victim but without being pressured from a skilled injury lawyer, they may omit paying for the indirect expense.

These include lost wages, gas money driving to and from the doctor, over the counter supplies (bandages, band-aids, pain relief medicine), etc


Dealing With Insurance Companies

This is another good reason to contact our law firm in Las Vegas is if the insurance company (Progressive, State Farm, Geico) is not cooperating with you.

Assuming the laceration injury was legitimate, the insurance company has a contract to adequately compensate you for your losses.

We can help if you feel they are not upholding their part of the deal.

Our professional staff will ensure that all parties uphold their obligations and will do the legwork so you do not have to.

In most cases, it requires an experienced attorney to go up against the big insurance companies who do not want to pay.

In many cases a victim will feel bad for pursuing compensation but this is nonsense.

The person at fault will most likely have insurance and this is precisely why.

People have insurance policies to protect themselves in the case something bad happens.

Everyone has a lapse of judgement once in a while and insurance companies are in business to rectify the situation when that occurs.


A Laceration Can Be Serious

A laceration can be quite severe.

After recovery, aside from scars and disfigurements, many complications can occur during the recovery process.

It’s certainly happened to some people where a laceration turns into an infection.

It is not common but it can happen.

Sometimes a laceration can be so deep that it actually penetrates all the way into the muscle or even the bone.

When this occurs, there could be nerve damage causing additional medical problems.

Both of these scenarios can turn into drastic measures where a limb (such as a toe, finger, hand, arm, foot or leg) could be amputated or can become permanently disabled.

This typically happens when internal organs are impacted by the laceration.

There is no price one can put on the loss of a limb, permanent damage to one or even the pain and suffering from a laceration.

That is why contacting an injury attorney can help as they can calculate the proper compensation for the damages.


what is a laceration or cut injury

What is a Laceration Injury

Lacerations most commonly occur when a sharp object pierces the skin (often from car crash, truck accident, bike crash, etc.) but may also happen when there is blunt force causing the skin to break.

A laceration is a deep cut or tear in skin or flesh.

If you suffer from this injury and the bleeding cannot be stopped by typical first aid then you should seek immediate attention.

The typical response from a deep cut or laceration should include the following:

  • Apply pressure to the injury as this will stop the bleeding. A clean rag or towel would work for this or a sterile gauze.
  • While you are doing this, try to figure out how deep the cut actually is. If you feel like it is deep (through high volume of blood loss) or due to being able to see bone or tissue then you should seek out medical assistance.

If you even feel that your cut or laceration is serious then you should contact emergency medical help.

You do not want to delay treatment as that could increase your chance of infection.

The same goes for a laceration that is taking a long time to heal.

Of course certain types of injuries can take longer than others but discoloration of the skin, excessive pain or if it just isn’t getting any better than you may need to seek help.

Sutures, Scars, and Healing

Sutures might be needed if you have a full thickness laceration.

That type of laceration injury will also most likely take longer to heal and may include permanent scars.

Trimming might be needed for a jagged or burst laceration.

In many cases, antibiotics will be prescribed to help you with your recovery.

Pain relievers may also be needed.

Depending on how powerful the drugs are, you may need to be careful as sometimes people will become addicted.

In either case, only use what the doctor prescribes and follow their instructions accurately.


Injured From Anothers Negligence 

As previously mentioned, we all are involved in accidents at some point and can expect that they will happen.

However if it was caused by someone else being negligent in their actions then you should seek assistance with us at the Richard Harris Injury Law Firm. 

We will not only ensure that the parties take responsibility for their actions but can also collect damages from the insurance companies to help compensate you for your inconveniences and injuries.


Causes of a Laceration

Lacerations and deep cuts can be caused from a variety of things.

In most injuries, one can occur which include trip & falls and car accidents.

Other occurrences may include bicycle crashes, motorcycle wrecks, pedestrian injuries, construction site or other workplace injuries, limousine accidents, occurrences in hotels / casinos and much more.

If you do incur an injury due to someone else’s negligence then you do have a valid claim for to collect damages.

It will be very difficult for you to do this on your own which is why it is important for you to contact a professional law firm for assistance.

Let Us Fight For You

The Richard Harris Injury Law Firm will investigate how your injury occurred and will evaluate what could have happened alternatively which will help identify the negligence.

If something happens at the workplace then you will most likely be able to file a Worker’s Comp claim. 

Even in those instances though, sometimes they will not cooperate with the employee so legal help is needed.

You need to understand your rights in these types of situations and having an attorney on your side will accomplish this.

Just like not delaying to prevent further injury, you do not want to delay in collecting paperwork regarding the injury or contacting an attorney.

We also advise that you keep detailed records at all times.

By taking notes regarding what happened, who you spoke to, and what you did, a trained legal professional will be able to piece together your story which will expedite how quickly you can get compensated.


why contact richard harris law firm

Why Call Richard Harris Law Firm

The Richard Harris Injury Law Firm has been serving southern Nevada for decades.

So needless to say we are well seasoned and experienced.

You do not want to hire an inexperienced injury attorney for your case as it will ultimately cost you significant dollars in terms of missed compensation.

An experienced injury lawyer will negotiate with your best interests in mind and will know the compensation amount that best corresponds to your situation and will fight to reach that number if not exceed it.

If an accident occurs, you want to be sure that you get every dollar of compensation that you are entitled to.


If You Were Partially at Fault for the Accident

This might be most common in an auto accident where two drivers collide and both are at fault to some degree.

For instance, one driver could have failed to yield while the other driver was speeding. 

In these instances, your compensation will most likely be reduced than if you were not at any fault.

Another example could be if someone was intoxicated and got injured due to negligence of someone else.

The opposing attorney could establish a strategy that suggest the intoxicated person would not have been injured if they were sober.

If they made their case well enough for a judge or jury to believe that then there would be no negligence in the scenario.

Once again, this is why it is highly recommended to hire a Las Vegas personal injury attorney to help you with the legal process.

The opposing party will most certainly hire one so you will be at a major disadvantage if you are not represented.



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