Concussion Injury Lawyer

concussion injury lawyer

A concussion can happen in many ways.

Anytime the head is injured their can be serious consequences.

A concussion is considered a mild traumatic brain injury.

The effects related to the concussion are often temporary.

A person can usually make a full recovery in a week or two.

In some cases, the symptoms can be more long lasting.

A concussion occurs when the head is shaken in a violent way.

It also occurs if there is a blow to the head.

This happens sometimes in contact sports like football.

It can also happen in slip and fall accidents and car crashes.

If your concussion was due to the negligence of another you can receive compensation.

The Law Offices of Richard Harris know the damages that a concussion can have.

It can also come with a long list of expenses.

Recovery time will vary depending on the severity of the injury.

We can look at the facts of the injury and advise you on what to do next.

Our initial consultation is always free.

We are here to answer any questions you may have.


Symptoms of a Concussion

Some concussions you will notice immediately.

In mild concussions it may not be as noticeable.

A person returning to their regular actions may become aware that there is something not right.

In most cases a concussion should last only a few weeks at most.

An injury like this should see noticeable improvement over time.

Symptoms may include;

  • Headaches
  • Amnesia
  • Confusion
  • Nausea
  • Ears Ringing
  • Irritable
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Blurry Vision

These are just some of the most common examples of concussive traumatic brain injury.

If you are in an accident and have any of these symptoms it is important to seek medical attention.


Children and Concussions

A child is just as susceptible to having a concussion as an adult.

This can happen in a car accident.

It also happens in bike, skateboard, and slip and fall accidents.

Sometimes a child is too young to tell you about their injury.

Here are some of the symptoms that may appear when a kid is injured.

  • Dazed and Confused
  • Signs of Tiredness
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of Balance
  • Crying Constantly
  • Changes in Sleeping Behavior
  • Seizures


how to diagnose a concussion


How To Diagnose a Concussion?

Finding out if the person has a concussion will take some evaluation.

In sporting events a person may be asked their name or what day it is.

These same alertness exercises can be used after a car accident or slip and fall.

Finding out how the persons brain is computing simple ideas is often the starting point.

If there is any doubt a trip to the ER is highly recommended.

This way a trained professional can run the appropriate tests that can confirm or deny if a concussion happened.

Healthcare professionals will often put a patient through neurological examinations.

They will look at how a person reacts to different tests.

Some of the testing will check balance, strength, and reflexes.

Examining how the patient responds to light, hearing, and coordination will determine the severity of a concussion.

A person may be asked to read or write to check the brain function as well.

If the symptoms get worse or do not improve and MRI or CT scan will be needed.


Available Treatments

This is the day and age of screens and cell phones.

Medical staff may ask the patient to avoid these things.

It is important to allow the brain to relax and avoid stimulation.

This will help in the healing process. Video gaming, texting, and computer time should be at a minimum.

Listening to loud music can cause symptoms to emerge.

Getting a lot of rest is highly recommended with concussion injuries.

Do not continue with any sporting activities until the symptoms go away.

There are medications that can be used that will help with the healing process.

Use Tylenol with acetaminophen.

Do not use Ibuprofen, Motrin, and Aspirin. Some of these medications will cause bleeding.

If you are on blood thinner medication, make sure that you consult the doctor before taking them.

Take the time needed to fully recover.

Do not go back to work or school until the symptoms are gone.

Recovery time will vary depending on the severity of the head trauma.

Do not get back behind the wheel of a car before you are clear headed.

This is true with motorcycles or bike riding as well. Hopefully in time you will begin to feel better.

Then you can get back to your normal life and regular activities.

Make sure to have the doctor check you out before you do.

Being impatient will only lead to a setback.


What Symptoms Are the Most Dangerous?

·         Unconsciousness for over a minute

·         Bleeding

·         Watery discharge from the nose and ears

·         Dilated pupils

·         Fainting

·         Repeated vomiting

·         Severe headaches that worsen with time

·         Bizarre behavior


These symptoms are more extreme.

Reactions like these are much more dangerous.

Call 911. Immediate medical attention will be needed.

This is especially dangerous in infants and elderly.

A concussion can cause major medical problems if not treated properly.

Head injuries can have long lasting effects and can be life changing.


Damages From Concussions

A concussion can leave a person with many damages.

If you or a loved one were injured by the fault of another you should not be responsible for these damages.

Physical and mental injury can leave a person with some serious financial instability.

This can be stressful.

The Law Offices of Richard Harris will seek all the damages left behind.

Once we determine who is the liable party, we will put together a lawsuit.

We will protect your rights while seeking the maximum compensation.

Some of these damages we will seek include;

Medical Expenses – A concussion whether it is mild or severe will need medical attention. Getting you the medical help that you need is important. The head injury may take some time to heal. Concussions often need tests and exams. Multiple doctors’ visits and medications can be costly. Your focus should be on getting rest and getting better. Our focus will be on getting you paid for all these expenses.

Pain and Suffering – Head injuries like concussions can be hard on the mind. A persons mental state will be affected with a concussion injury. Even minor concussions will have pain and suffering. The level of it will depend on the seriousness of the concussion. We will seek all the physical and mental suffering damages.

Lost Wages – A concussion if minor will still need time to heal. Going back to work will be off limits until the injury is better. Lost wages usually mean lost paychecks. Our lawyers will calculate the financial losses from the concussion injury. If the concussion is more serious and takes more time to heal, we will seek lost wages in the future. Time off the job can create anxiety and financial problems.


Tips for Reducing the Risk of a Concussion

A child is at high risk.

If they are in a car, they can get concussed if an accident occurs.

Kids need to be in a seat that fits properly and age appropriate.

If the child is on a bike, skateboard, etc. they should always wear a helmet.

When it comes to adults on motorcycles or bicycles it is also wise to wear a helmet.

No matter what age you are helmets are the number one piece of safety equipment for the head.

Work can be dangerous. Some jobs are obviously more dangerous than others.

Having the proper tools and equipment is important for safety.

There should be measures in place to make sure that the work environment is safe.

If the job does not provide adequate safety a concussion can happen. If it does employers can be held liable for the head injury.

Seat belts can help. They can greatly limit the chance of a concussion in an accident.

Slamming your head on the steering wheel or windshield will often cause head trauma.

A passenger can hit their head on the dash or the seat in front of them. This can do some serious damage.

A seatbelt will hold the driver and passengers in place. This can be a big help in preventing a concussion.

Slip and fall accidents can happen. Hitting the head on the ground will surely leave you with a headache at best. Concussions can be wide ranging in these kinds of head injuries. Hitting carpet or a tiled floor can make a difference. Loose flooring and clutter can cause a fall. Concussions happen every day in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada. If it happens due to the negligence of a store or property owner you may be entitled to receive payment.

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