Skateboarding Accident Lawyer

skateboard accident lawyer

Skateboarding has become a popular way to get around town.

It is also a great way to get some exercise.

Staying active is important for our health and longevity.

It is also an environmentally friendly method of transportation.

When you mix in cars and other vehicles into the equation it can also be dangerous.

Getting hit by a motorist can cause a skateboarder to be seriously injured.

A skateboarder can have some pads and even wear a helmet.

This may help a little bit. In many accidents it just isn’t enough to keep a rider safe.

A skateboarder can be at fault in some accidents.

There are also many other cases that the accident was the fault of another.

If you have been injured while skateboarding due to the negligence of another, contact the Law Offices of Richard Harris.

If you or a loved one needs a skateboard accident lawyer then call our office today for a Free consultation.



Liability In a Skateboarding Accident

Every accident is unique.

The factors of each individual case will determine liability.

It could be that a driver was not following the rules of the road.

There are many ways that this can happen.

Speeding – Any time a motorist is speeding down the street there is always higher risk for an accident. This is true when it comes to other motorists and someone skateboarding.

Running a Stop Sign – This can catch a skateboarder off guard. Serious damage that was caused by not obeying the traffic laws will be the fault of the driver.

Lane Changes – Making an inappropriate lane change can take a skateboarder down. A person on a skateboard has limited ways to avoid an accident. If there is a reckless driver it can make it even harder.

DUI – Driving Under the Influence is always a danger. Alcohol can cause a driver to make bad decisions. Reflexes and reaction time diminish if intoxicated. With all the legal marijuana in Las Vegas there are drivers operating vehicles high all the time. This is true statewide.

Driving Distracted – A distracted driver can hit a skateboarder. Not paying attention while driving has caused an enormous number of accidents. Texting, eating, drinking, looking at maps on your phone are common contributors. The phone has become the biggest distraction for all of us. Cranking up the tunes is also a common distraction.


If a motorist is driving in a negligent manner and causes a skateboarding accident call Richard Harris.

Often drivers will try and shift the blame on the skateboarder.

Get the help of a proven professional law firm that knows these cases.

Our job is to help you prove fault and get you compensated.

Damages from a skateboarding accident can add up.

Injuries will need medical attention.

The more serious the injuries the more losses and expenses.

Long term care can be life changing and getting back to work may be impossible.



injury from skateboarding accident

Injuries from a Skateboarding Accident

If you have ever skateboarded you know that a fall off the board can be painful.

In some cases, getting hit by a vehicle can even be worse.

Like a pedestrian walking or jogging there is always the potential to be run over.

Having a car, truck or SUV hit or run over any part of the body can cause major pain and suffering.

There is always the potential for a long-term disability after a skateboarding accident.

Hopefully the injury is a minor case of road rash and it heals up in a couple weeks.

Unfortunately, this is not always how it turns out.

Skateboarders are of all ages and genders.

Statistics show that boys under the age of 15 are at the highest risk for these skateboarding injuries.

Be safe out there and try your best to avoid an accident.


Head Injury – Hitting the head on a vehicle or the hard ground is always bad. The head can get hit and cause lacerations too. Injuries from impact to the skull can be wide ranging. Minor concussions to Traumatic Brain Injury can be the result. Irreversible brain damage can happen if the head is hit with a major blow. Medical bills can be overwhelming. Medical expenses can include a whole list of things. Doctors visits, ambulance ride, Emergency Room, therapy, and rehab costs. A personal injury attorney is highly recommended. Getting you maximum compensation for all the expenses is our goal.

Road Rash – Falling off a skateboard and sliding along the road will cause this. Scraping the skin will cause friction and take skin off. This is very painful. There is always the possibility of scarring and infection with road rash. Arms and legs are at high risk in skateboard accidents. This will take time to heal. If infection gets into the blood stream than more complications can occur. Make sure to get medical treatment. This way it can heal without further problems.

Broken Bones – When a skateboarder is going to the ground their instinct is to protect themselves. Getting the arms to cover up can lead to arm breaks. Hitting the ground with the hands and wrists can do damage. If a vehicle hits a skateboarder in the legs, it can break the femur or fibula. A hard impact from a cars bumper can crush bones. Any time a bone gets broken there is always a chance for surgery.

Facial Injury – This type of an injury can be truly traumatic. All types of injuries to the nose, cheeks, jaw, and eyes can happen. Broken face bones and lacerations can cause a person to need surgery. It can also cause scarring and disfigurement. This can be stressful and lead to a long healing process. Losing eyesight will be life altering. Emotional trauma can take a serious toll on someone. Depression can lead to other health issues.


Medical expenses can go on for a while after a skateboarding accident.

Lost wages will also most likely occur.

Most of us depend on our jobs to pay our bills.

If we miss work ,chances are we are not getting paid.

Our law firm understands these accidents and injuries.

Our expert personal injury lawyers can help you get paid for all wages lost.

This includes wages lost in the present and future.

Call Richard Harris.

The first consultation is always free.




what to do after a skateboarding accident

What to Do After a Skateboarding Accident?

Getting into any kind of accident can be stressful and confusing.

There are some things that you can do after a skateboard accident that will help you later.

  • Get to Safety – Get yourself out of traffic and to a safe spot.
  • Call 911- If injured get the medical attention that you need.
  • Get a Police Report – This is important and can be a big help in a personal injury lawsuit.
  • Get Info – Get all the information that you can from any one involved in the crash.
  • Witness Information – Witness testimony is helpful if it can show that the driver of the vehicle was negligent. This can go a long way in negotiations and court.
  • Documentation – Keep all documentation of any injuries. Proof of medical bills and other expenses are needed.
  • Contact a skateboarding accident attorney.



Skateboarding Safety Tips

When skateboarding around the city streets of Las Vegas with motorists it is important to be aware of all the traffic.

A skateboarder has an obligation to obey the rules just like anyone else.

There are some ways that you can protect yourself.

These tips can help you avoid an accident.

They can also help minimize the damage if an accident takes place.

  1. Check Equipment – If you are going to go skateboarding it is important to check the board. Always check the wheels and trucks. Make sure the board is not cracked. The top of the board should have good grip.
  2. Wear Pads – The pads should be in good condition. The most common pads are for the knees and elbows. Wrist guards are important if you brace for a fall. Having the proper safety pads can make a huge difference.
  3. Helmet – The helmet needs to fit properly. They should meet the safety standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
  4. Obey The Laws – It is important to obey the rules of the road. Stay off the road if possible. Look both ways when crossing at the intersections.
  5. Don’t Skate Distracted – Don’t be riding around with your earbuds in. Keep you focus. Don’t take for granted that others see you.
  6. Bright Clothes – Wear bright clothing. Reflective materials can help others see you better. You will be harder to see especially at night.



Richard Harris can Help!

We have a talented team of personal injury attorneys.

Our law firm knows what it takes to win. If we take your case, we will do our best to get you the financial compensation you deserve.

We understand that not all skateboarders are daredevils trying to get an Instagram post.

You may be just minding your own business and a reckless action of another leads to you getting injured.

In this case we are here to help.

Contact our law offices by phone, email or just come in to our office!



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