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Construction sites are everywhere around our city.

With the booming population across the Las Vegas Valley more housing is constantly being built.

Commercial office space, casinos, and other businesses are being remodeled and constructed every day.

There is always risk of injury to workers when on the job.

One of the most dangerous accidents is when construction workers get electrocuted.

If the accident is serious, it can leave a person with permanent injuries.

Getting shocked by a high-powered source is no joke.

High voltage accidents are one of the leading causes of death to employees on construction sites.

When an electrocution accident occurs, it is often because of negligence.

It could be that there was carelessness or rules that were not followed. An employer or employee are often to blame.

If you or a loved one was injured due to the negligence of another contact Richard Harris.

We are experienced personal injury lawyers and understand what to do next.

It is recommended that you are legally represented when filing a lawsuit of this nature.

We will seek maximum compensation for all damages that occurred due to the electrocution.



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How Electrocution Occurs on a Construction Site

Construction can be a dangerous occupation.

Especially if dealing with electricity on the worksite.

There are many ways that a worksite electrocution accident can occur.

  • Coming in contact with faulty wiring on the worksite
  • The worker thought the electricity was off and it was on
  • Exposed wires and flammable materials can be dangerous
  • Unknowingly touching metal to a power source
  • Worker on a ladder mistakenly touches a power line


Employees must always be extra careful when working around electricity.

One careless move can cause serious damage to themselves or others on the worksite.


OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

The US Department of Labor through OSHA sets enforcement policy for worksites across America.

This includes Las Vegas and all of Nevada.

It has programs to inspect worksites.

It also responds to complaints, catastrophes, and fatal accidents.

It provides standards and training to help make conditions safe on the worksite.

Construction workers are vulnerable to all kinds of injuries.

Electrocution is one of the most dangerous and deadly.

OSHA has electrical site standards to try and prevent these types of accidents from occurring.

If these standards were not being used a serious injury can occur.

Richard Harris understands what it takes to put together a successful case.

We have won Billions for our clients throughout the years.

We are committed to holding the liable party responsible.


Common Injuries Related to An Electrocution

Electrocution injuries happen when there is an electrical energy source that a person comes in contact with.

Most of us have experienced minor shocks.

Voltage that is higher than 500 volts can do major harm.

When the shock is strong the results can be devastating.

Even lower voltage accidents can do damage.

  • Cardiac Arrest – A major electric shock can disrupt the hearts regular functioning. This can be incredibly dangerous and cardiac arrest can occur. In some cases of electrocution, the heart can stop completely.
  • Burns- The burns can appear at the entry and the exit points where the electricity touched the skin. The burns can be severe. They can also affect the victim internally. Hands, heels, and head, are some of the common points.
  • Tissue – Electrocution can cause damage to muscles, and the soft tissues. The higher the voltage the more damage the person will have.
  • Central Nervous System – An electric shock can cause damage to the CNS. This can have a serious affect on the brain and spinal cord.
  • Broken Bones – This can happen from the fall to the ground from the shock. Being jolted and thrown can cause all types of other injuries including bone breaks.

There are around 1000 fatalities every year in the US due to electrocution.

Most of these are due to worksite job injuries.


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Get Immediate Medical Treatment

It is vital to get immediate medical attention following any electric shock accident.

This could be the difference between life and death.

Expert care is necessary in these types of injury accidents.

Burn injuries are concerning and need treatment.

Being electrocuted can leave the person in a lot of pain.

Having trouble breathing is common in electrical shock accidents.

There can also be permanent disfigurement.

In some electrocution injuries, the extent of the damage may not be fully understood at the time.

This is why it is so important to have medical professionals run the necessary tests.

This way they can make a complete determination on the injuries.

In serious electrocution injuries there will be ongoing care.

Rehabilitation may be needed to repair the damage.

When the CNS is affected, the damage can be life altering.

Having an attorney that understands electrocution injuries will be important to winning your case.


Can You Die Immediately When Electrocuted?

Yes, it is possible. Depending on the voltage of the electric shock.

If there is high voltage to the body the nerves that communicate to the heart can be disrupted.

The heart muscle can stop and blood flow can be seriously affected.

Not being able to breath can cause death.

Overwhelming shock to the CNS can be fatal.


What is the Difference Between Electrocution and Electric Shock?

Electrocution usually refers to a much more serious injury.

When a high voltage current passes through the body of a person it can be fatal.

The heart can go into immediate cardiac arrest.

Burns can be painful. Other internal organs can shut down.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can have long lasting effects.

Getting electrically shocked is most often thought of as not as damaging.

The chance of permanent injury is less.

However, there have been electric shock accidents that have been fatal.

Electricity can be unpredictable with each individual.

Those with preexisting health issues may react differently.


Can A Smaller Electric Shock Do Serious Damage?

Anytime there is an electric pulse going through a persons body there is chance for injury.

Even a small shock can do harm. In most cases it may cause a burn to the area that was affected.

However there have been accidents where smaller electric shocks have done internal damage to organs.

Always seek medical attention after being shocked on a worksite.


What Can You Do After an Electrocution?

  1. Call 911
  2. Turn the power off. This might be the circuit breaker, appliance, fuse box, etc.
  3. Try and safely separate the person from the electric source. If you feel the slightest tingling from the electric source withdraw.
  4. Stand on something that is dry and non conductive. For example, a wooden board or newspapers.
  5. Separate the individual with a non conductive object like a broom handle if necessary.
  6. When there are high voltage lines it will take the electric power company to turn them off.
  7. If the person has gone into cardiac arrest give them CPR if you are trained. This can be lifesaving.
  8. Wait for 911 to arrive.

Proceed with caution on any attempt to rescue an electrocuted person.

Only do so if you can safely get them away from the electrical source.

This could save their life.

The sooner that medical help arrives the more the chances are that the person survives.


Who Can Be Held Liable in An Electrocution Injury Accident?

Our attorneys will look at all the details and factors surrounding the case.

Responsibility will depend on each unique situation.

In some cases, the person injured was the one that was negligent.

In other workers’ compensation lawsuits, it could be the power company or the carelessness of a property owner.

A fellow employee or maintenance crew member on the site could have caused the accident.

Worksite electrocution lawsuits will need to be properly investigated.

Richard Harris will go through all the facts of the case.

There may be multiple parties liable in some of these claims.


At Richard Harris the Consultation is Always Free

Contact us today if you or a loved one has suffered injuries from electrocution at a construction site.

Filing a lawsuit on your own can be difficult.

We will fight to hold the responsible person or party liable.

In your free consultation we can get all the details of your case.

Once we can determine liability we can proceed.

We will do our own investigation and put together a case that can win.

Getting you paid for all the damages will take a knowledgeable construction accident attorney.

The Law Offices of Richard Harris works on a contingency basis.

This means that we only get paid if you win your case.

There are no upfront fees.

Damages that we will seek will include; medical costs and lost wages now and in the future.

Pain and suffering are always considered in personal injury lawsuits.

All electrocution injury discussions will remain confidential.



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