Broken Bone Injuries After an Accident

Broken bones are serious injuries that can happen at any time for many reasons.

If you have ever had a broken bone you know how painful they can be, and just how a broken bone can complicate your life while you recover.

Usually once you break a bone it may never be the same again causing a lifetime of pain.

Broken bones are caused by a variety of things: car accidents, biking accidents, getting hit as a pedestrian, or accidents that happen at work can cause broken bones.

Broken bones require immediate medical attention and may require months of physical therapy, weeks in a cast, and if the bones don’t heal right you may experience pain for a long time.

If you suffer a broken bone injury due to negligence in the workplace or an accident you should call a lawyer immediately.

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Broken Bone Injuries

Broken bones can happen in all parts of the body from a variety of injuries or accidents.

However there are some that are more common than others.

Below are the more common broken bones

  1. Broken back/Back fracture– Broken back bones are one of the most severe bone breaks and can cause severe injury, paralysis, or in some severe cases death. If you break your back in a fall or a car accident you might be in for severe pain for the rest of your life and ongoing medical treatment.
  2. Broken arm/Arm fractures– Think about it, we use our hands and arms for everything so when you break a bone in your arm or hand it can be a struggle for a long period of time. Most broken arms come from putting your hand out to break a fall or from actually falling on the arm.
  3. Skull fractures- Skull fractures are severe injuries usually caused by impact in a fall or car accident. Skull fractures can cause TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury with permanent brain damage. Skull fractures can cause permanent disability and even brain death. 
  4. Femur fractures/Broken legs- Broken legs are caused by many incidents but in car accidents they are usually caused by trying to stop the car with your foot and using your leg to push down while the car is impacted. Broken legs often involved large casts and crutches for months followed by several months of physical therapy. Since femur bones are one of the largest bones you may have ongoing pain for a lifetime.
  5. Hand and feet fractures– These are usually compound fractures caused by crushing of the hands or feet in an accident. Since the bones in the hands and feet are small the medical treatment for these injuries can be long and painful. There are 27 bones in the hand and 26 bones in the feet so you can imagine the pain and the treatment to repair broken bones in the hand or feet.
  6. Facial Fractures- Broken bones in the face. Facial fractures usually occur when a person hits the steering wheel or the windshield in a car crash. facial fractures are also caused by being hit with an object. A broken jaw is the most common facial fracture and can lead to permanent pain and disfigurement.


These are just a few of the most common broken bones or fractures.

If you have been injured with broken bones due to an accident or negligence call The Richard Harris Law Firm today.

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Types of Fractures

There are actually many ways to break a bone and each way involves very different outcomes and medical treatment.

When dealing with broken bone injuries the common fractures are:

  • Complete fracture- This is what most people think of as a broken bone . When the bone is usually a large bone like the leg breaks in two. To heal may require surgery and screws or plates to hold the bones together as they heal. The screws can be removed once the bone heals together but may cause ongoing pain.
  • Compound fracture- This may sound different than it actually is. Compound fractures are when the bone breaks and then punctures through the skin. This will require surgery first to reset the bone and then close the wound through the skin.
  • Hairline or stress fractures- These are just what they sound like, very small thin fractures or splinters in the bone. You may not even know you have broken a bone other than a large bruise. Usually the only way to find a hairline fracture is through X-rays.
  • Transverse fractures- This is a fracture of a bone in the spine and can cause fragments in the spinal cord or the spinal cord fluid to leak where it’s not supposed to be. Spinal cord fluid build up can be life threatening and cause death and paralysis.

These are just some of the most common fractures that can occur after an accident.

Many of these fractures can have lasting effects and cause permanent life altering issues.

Many fractures can take months or years to heal if at all.

Many fractures have complications that arise after an accident.

If you have been injured in an accident and broken bones were the result you should call The Richard Harris Law Firm today.

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compensation for broken bones injury

Compensation for Broken Bone Injuries

Every case is different so the compensation for broken bone injuries vary depending on many factors.

These include the severity of the injuries, who is at fault, was the accident negligent, was the other person involved inpaired and many other factors.

Compensation for any accident includes the following.

  1. Medical expenses- This includes all medical expenses, ambulance service, emergency room treatment, physical therapy, casting, prescriptions, long term medical care, and future medical expenses that may occur due to any complications that arise after a broken bone injury or any other accident injury.
  2. Lost Income– This includes wages from lost work after the accident due to recovery. Wages lost while receiving medical treatment such as physical therapy. Future earrings that you may not be able to earn due to disability from an accident.
  3. Pain and suffering- This is based on the severity of the accident and trauma that occurred from the accident. This can require therapy and medication.
  4. Loss of Consortium- This is suffered by the partner or spouse of the victim when their victim is killed.
  5. Punitive damages– These are recovered by the victim and given by the court for negligence. They are monetary damages meant to punish the victim.

Getting the largest settlement allowable by law is our job so call The Richard Harris Law Firm today.



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