How Insurance Companies Determine Fault After Car Crash

After an accident most accident victims need to file a claim with their insurance company or any insurance company of anyone involved in the accident. 

What most people don’t realize is that insurance companies are businesses and therefore they are in the business of making money.

They are happy to take our monthly payments to pay our premiums, but they will do whatever to pay as little as possible for an accident claim or deny the claim altogether. 

The first thing the insurance company does is assign an adjuster to your case.

Insurance adjusters have one main job is to determine who is at fault in an accident and determine the percentage of at fault and pay or deny the claim.

Insurance adjusters use many things to determine who is at fault in an accident including witness statements, police reports, photos or video evidence, and any other evidence for the accident.

Insurance adjusters will usually determine fault based on a percentage.

For example if the insurance adjuster believes that both parties are equally at fault the percentage of at fault according to the insurance company is 50%. 

This doesn’t mean that the insurance will only pay 50% of the claim, this just means that you are 50% at fault and so is the other driver.

When it comes to paying your claim insurance adjuster will use many tactics to either deny the claim altogether or pay as little as possible.

Never contact the insurance company without legal representation.

Before you contact the insurance company call The Richard Harris Law Firm for a free consultation.

We will handle everything when dealing with insurance companies and insurance adjusters.

The Richard Harris Law Firm handles cases in all of Nevada including Fernley, Sun Valley, Mesquite, Elko, Boulder City, Henderson, Moapa Valley, Reno, Summerlin, Winnemucca, Lemon Valley, Silver Springs, Spanish Springs, and Spring Creek.



Why Call The Richard Harris Law Firm

A car accident is a daunting experience for anyone.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident you should call an experienced personal injury lawyer right away.

Calling a personal injury attorney like The Richard Harris Law Firm can ease the stress after an accident.

We take on the burden of dealing with insurance companies, medical bills, other accident victims, court dates.

All you should have to deal with after an accident is getting the medical attention you need and healing.

With over 40 years of experience in personal injury cases in Nevada, our main job is to make our clients whole again.

Our firm is dedicated to our clients and all our resources are used to get the best possible outcome for our clients.

We have recovered over $1 Billions for clients.

With our free consultation and 24 hour service we are hear to help anytime of the day or night.

Insurance companies will try and deny your claim or offer you a lowball offer.

Never take the first offer from the insurance company.

Better yet hire an experienced law firm like Richard Harris and we will handle the insurance companies for you.


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Should I Contact my Insurance Company After an Accident

The Short answer is yes, you need to contact your insurance company after an accident.

This should only be to report the accident immediately after it happens.

Never give a recorded statement other than the initial report.

Insurance companies and adjusters will use whatever you say against you.

You need to report even the smallest accident, never agree to pay out of pocket or accept payment from another driver for an accident.

This is illegal in Nevada and can lead to any future claims from the accident being denied.

This can also lead to future legal issues.


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How Insurance Adjusters Settle Claims

The goal of the insurance adjuster is to limit the payout of the insurance company.

Generally people think insurance adjusters work for them since we pay into insurance and only use it when needed.

The opposite is actually true, they work for the insurance company and not the customer.

The Richard Harris Law Firm knows insurance laws in Nevada and we can navigate the insurance system to get you the settlement you deserve.

You must be an active participant in your case.

The insurance adjuster will only use the information they have and that they have easy access to. 

Remember the insurance adjuster was not at the scene of the accident and will determine your accidents potential settlement value and the  percentage of fault based on a few pieces of evidence.

It is up to you to keep good records and gather as much evidence as possible.

Gather all of the following information so even if your insurance adjuster doesn’t’ have it you do:

  1. Police Reports
  2. Medical reports
  3. Medical Bills
  4. Video or Photos of the accident 
  5. Witness Statements
  6. Car repair estimates
  7. Work loss


Keeping good records can mean the difference between a settlement you deserve or the insurance company trying to lowball you or even denying your claim.

Once insurance adjusters realize you are actively involved in your case you may be in a much better position to negotiate.

Having a well known law firm like Richard Harris lets insurance companies and insurance adjusters know that you are serious about your case and about your settlement.

And even if your lawsuit is tricky and takes a while to settle, we’ll fight for you and your family the entire way.

But never delay in contacting us after you are injured, there is a statute of limitations in Nevada to be aware of.


Will My Insurance Rates go up After an Accident

The simple answer should be no, your insurance rates shouldn’t go up after an accident but like everything else involved in an accident this can be tricky.

Insurance companies will raise your rates if you are more at fault than the other driver.

If you are at no fault your rates should definitely not go up. 

In some states it is illegal to raise your rates if you are not at fault.

But don’t think for a second they won’t try.

Again insurance companies are businesses and they like every other business are trying to make money.

Also if you are hit and in an accident involving an uninsured motorist your rates should never go up.

Built into every car insurance policy is something known as uninsured motorist coverage, this is not an option, you are required to have this coverage for just this scenario.

But you should never have to worry about your insurance rates going up after an accident.

That’s why hiring an experienced attorney is so important.

If you have been injured in an accident in Nevada call The Richard Harris Law Firm and let us do all the talking with the insurance companies for you.

We represent clients all over Nevada including – Laughlin, Primm, Jean, Tonopah, Boulder City, and Las Vegas.

There are literally hundreds of personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas, but Richard Harris is the largest injury firm in Nevada.


When to Hire an Attorney For an Accident

The first thing you should do after an  accident is seek medical attention first.

Only after you have gotten the medical care you need you should then call The Richard Harris Law Firm. 

Insurance companies can make getting any settlement difficult even if you’re not at fault.

In the meantime you have mounting medical expenses, are out of work due to injuries so you are losing wages, you might not have a vehicle to get around if a rental car isn’t provided to you.

As all of this is piling up your insurance company can drag on for months even years before they come to a conclusion to settle your case.

Finally when this happens they will make every effort to pay as little as possible.

If you are involved in an accident with a large company like Uber, Lyft or UPS they will have high powered law firms on their side. So why shouldn’t you. 

As an accident victim you have rights in Nevada and you should know what those rights are.

Call The Richard Harris Law Firm for a free case review and consultation.

We fight for our clients and will fight for the settlement you deserve.


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