What is a T-Bone Accident

A T-bone or side impact accident as they are also known are caused when one car hits another on the side of the other vehicle.

So one car hits another on the side, either the driver side or the passenger side in the middle.

Since there isn’t much between the front end of the car that hits the other car, these accidents can be extremely dangerous and cause major injury.

Most of the time the person who hits the middle of the other car is considered at fault but that is not always the case.

Insurance companies will try to find a way to either minimize your injuries or even deny the claim altogether since T-bone or side impact accidents aren’t always easy to determine who is at fault.

This can be a perfect way for the insurance company to use loopholes and red tape to not pay.

If you have been involved in a T-bone or side impact accident you need a good lawyer on your side.

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what is cause for t bone accidents

What Causes a T-Bone Accident

Below are a few causes of T-Bone or side impact accidents:

1.Distracted Driving- texting, being on the phone, putting on makeup, even eating are all forms of distracted driving and can cause a T-bone accident.

2.Reckless Driving- reckless driving occurs when someone disregards the traffic laws and drives really fast and disregards the safety of others on the road. This can also contribute to a T-bone accident

3.Driving under the influence- being under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal under any circumstances and is extremely dangerous. The B.A.C for all states is .08% or less after that you are considered under the influence. This contributes to all accidents as well as side impact collisions and T-bone accidents

4.Running a red or yellow light- everyone does this at one time or another, we are all in a hurry and sometimes we just go through a red or yellow light. This is the major cause of T-bone or side impact accidents

5.Failure to yield is another cause of T-bone or side impact accidents. You may have the right of way at the light or intersection but if you just go without stopping and checking for oncoming traffic you may be the person at fault in a T-bone collision.

If you are involved in a T-bone or side impact automobile accident you need to get legal representation right away.

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injuries from t bone car crash

Injuries from T-Bone Accidents

Anyone in any accident can get injured.

Sometimes these are minor injuries like cuts and bruises but sometimes these are major injuries like broken bones or head and neck injuries.

Regardless of what you think about your injuries you should seek medical attention even if you don’t think you need to.

Go to the hospital and get checked out no matter what.

You may have injuries that you aren’t even aware of.

This can also help you later on.

Here are some of the most common injuries associated with T-bone and side impact accidents.

  1. Head and Neck Injuries- whiplash, TBI (traumatic brain injuries), concussions are common with head and neck injuries
  2. Limb Injuries- broken bones, fractures and dislocations are all common limb injures in a T-bone accident
  3. Back Injuries– nerve damage, spinal cord injuries and paralysis are all back related injuries, back injuries can involve surgery and long recovery periods. They are common in all accidents and may not show for days to weeks after the accident. That’s why getting checked out by a doctor is important.
  4. Soft tissue damage- torn tendons, sprained tissue, muscle tears are considered soft tissue damage and may not be readily seen or felt. These are things you might not know right away and sometimes can only be seen via x ray or MRI.


If you are ever injured or think you might be injured in a T-bone or side impact motor vehicle accident always seek medical attention first, but as soon as you can call an experienced attorney to help you.

If you were involved in a collision in Nevada you need to call The Richard Harris Law Firm immediately.


Who’s at Fault in a T-Bone Accident

People think that there is always one person at fault in an accident but that is not always the case. Sometimes both parties are considered at fault.

The police at the scene will try to determine who they consider at fault for an accident.

But insurance companies often make a decision about who’s at fault without ever being to the scene. They only use the reports and evidence they were given by the police to decide how much they are willing to pay on your claim.

Always gather as much evidence as you can at the scene of a T-bone or side impact accident.

Get photos or video with your phone, collect any witness information, get other driver insurance and motor vehicle information, and get any information you can from the police including how to get your police report as soon as possible.

After getting treated for any injuries, gather as much information from the doctors and hospital as you can.

These are all things that you should have on hand when calling The Richard Harris Law Firm.


Can I Recover a Settlement if I’m Partially at Fault

Well, the quick answer, believe it or not, is yes.

Like we stated before, sometimes both people are considered at fault in a T-Bone accident.

This is based on all the factors including speed, weather, accident location etc.

If both parties are considered at fault you may be able to recover damages even if you are partially at fault.

Damages can be reduced based on how you are considered at fault.

This is based on a percentage of at fault.

For example you can be considered 35% at fault so the other driver will be considered 65% at fault.

Having a good lawyer on your side is the key to getting the most out of any settlement involving a T-bone accident in Nevada.

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Richard Harris will always go after the maximum compensation that they can settle for.

We won’t just take the first small offer issued by the insurance company.


how much is my t bone accident case worth

dont take a quick payout from insurance company

How Much is My T-Bone Car Accident Settlement Worth

All car accidents are different and therefore the settlements reached are always different.

That’s why having an attorney like The Richard Harris Law Firm on your side is important to securing the highest settlement available related to your accident injuries.

Here are a few of the things considered when a settlement is reached –

  1. Who is at fault or the percentage of at fault in the accident
  2. The severity of the injuries
  3. Available insurance coverage at the time of the accident
  4. Was there outside influences that caused the accident like a car malfunction
  5. Once all of this is determined your settlement can reached and will include the following:
  6. Lost wages from missed work
  7. Medical bill coverage past and any future medical care needed
  8. Pain and suffering
  9. Punitive damages are damages above compensation damages and are designed to punish the defendant


If you were involved in a T-bone or side impact accident in Reno, Las Vegas, or anywhere in Nevada then please call The Richard Harris Law Firm today for a Free case review.


Why Contact a T-Bone Car Accident Lawyer

You should always contact a lawyer like The Richard Harris Law Firm when you’ve been in a car accident.

Insurance companies will try and deny or pay as little as possible of your claim.

They use many tactics to try and not pay.

Never speak to an insurance adjuster without legal representation. Insurance companies will record statements and use them against you later on.

Having The Richard Harris Law Firm in your corner, we handle all interactions with insurance adjusters or any other parties involved in the personal injury case.

We go after the largest settlement available and won’t just take the first settlement.

Our track record at Richard Harris Speaks for itself, we have won over $1 Billion in settlements for our clients.

  1. We have been doing business in Nevada including Las Vegas and Reno for over 40 years.
  2. We are available 24 hours a day
  3. We only collect a fee if we win your case
  4. We have Bi-Lingual attorneys available

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