Nevada Eye Injury Lawyer

eye injury lawyer

Eye injuries happen every day in Las Vegas and all over Nevada.

There are many reasons for an injured eye.

Some eye injuries are work related.

Eye injuries can also be caused from another injury.

For example, one of the symptoms from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is blurred vision.

In more severe cases a complete loss of vision. Direct contact with the eye can also cause serious damage.

Losing vision in one eye or both can be life changing.

It can make everything we do difficult or impossible.

If you or a loved one injures an eye you may need an attorney.

It is important to get the help of a well respected eye injury lawyer.

The Law Offices of Richard Harris are experts in all personal injury cases including eye injuries.

We will take a look at all the evidence of your injury. We can then make the determination regarding your case.

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Eye Injury Liability

Finding out who is ultimately responsible for an eye injury is vital to any lawsuit.

Pain and suffering from an eye injury can be devastating.

Eyes are very sensitive and can take a long time to heal.

An injury can last a few days or a few months.

Some eye injuries may never heal fully.

Permanent loss of sight will be a real-life changer.

Some of those that may be responsible for an eye injury include;

Person – Some other person may be the direct cause of an eye injury. Getting hit by a punch or a violent action can cause eye damage. Getting injured in a car crash can cause an eye to be hurt. Flying glass or any other particle that hits the eye can do major damage. If you are involved in a pedestrian accident an eye injury can occur. These are just some examples. If another person is responsible for your injured eye, you have every right to seek compensation.

Employer – An unsafe condition at work can cause an eye injury. If the employer does not provide the proper safety equipment an injury can result. A dangerous work place is often the cause. The employer may have known about the unsafe condition and had you do the job anyways. You can file for damages in these types of situations.

Product Producers – If a company puts out a product that is defective an eye injury can happen. Manufacturers of products can be held liable. They have a responsibility to make a safe product that is not going to harm others. This is not always the case. Equipment provided to employees can malfunction and cause an injury. Faulty products to consumers may also be to blame.

Medical Staff – It could be a doctors misdiagnosis that caused an eye injury. A surgeon could do damage to the eye of an individual by an improper procedure. Medical malpractice by any of the staff can result in an injured eye. If this happens, they should be held liable.


Workplace Eye Injuries

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health conducts research on workplace safety in the USA.

There are about 200 eye injuries every day at work.

These will need medical attention.

Half of them will need time off of work.

The severity of the injury will determine whether a hospital visit is necessary.

Anytime you have an eye injury it is recommended to see a doctor.

An injury to the eye is never anything to take lightly.

Make sure you have your eyes properly and immediately examined by a professional.

Here are 3 ways that an eye injury at work can happen.

  • Chemicals – If you are using cleaning products at work it is important to be careful. All these products use strong chemicals that can do serious damage to the eyes.
  • Thermal Burns – This is common with welders. These burns can cause serious irritation in the eyes. It can also burn the skin around the eye area.
  • Penetration – This is painful and can have serious consequences. Depending on the job there can be different objects that can hit the eye. Nail, staple, metal, or wood can all get in a workers eye. This can cause permanent damage.

Wearing the necessary protective safety gear is important to help prevent eye injury.

Employers need to provide this to their employees so injury does not occur.

Goggles, safety glasses and face shields are some of the things that can help protect the eyes on the job.

Employers have a responsibility to provide not only protective equipment but also proper training.

If they do not, they can be held liable for an injury.



Common Types of Eye Injuries

No matter what, it is important to get to a doctor.

Eye injuries can be traumatic.

Most of the times you know that there is an injury.

In some cases, you may think that the injury is not so bad.

This can come back to haunt you later.

If you are planning on filing a claim you will need medical proof of the injury.

  • Loss of Eyesight – If you can’t see then you know you have a serious problem. Sensitive injured eyes often will be hard to open and make it difficult to see.
  • Bleeding – Never a good sign. Blood that pools near the cornea and iris is common.
  • Corneal Abrasion – Scratching the cornea is painful. An object can get in the eye and scratch the lens. This will make the eye very sensitive to light and will need time to heal.
  • Orbital Fracture – The bones around the eye can get injured too. Fractures around the eye-socket can shatter. This can happen in a car accident or a fist punch.
  • Detached Retina – Can be caused in a motor vehicle accident. A hard hit to the head. It can happen years later after an injury. If there is a retinal detachment a person can lose their eyesight permanently.



statute of limitations for eye injury

Statute of Limitations in Nevada

It is important to know that Nevada has a two (2) year statute of limitations.

This means that you have two (2) years from the time of the injury to file a lawsuit.

This seems like plenty of time but it can go by fast.

You may be recovering and trying to heal from the injury.

We understand this and will help guide you through the legal process.

You can then focus on getting better.

It is best for your case to get to a personal injury attorney as soon as the eye injury takes place.

This way the facts and details of the case are clearer.

As time goes by witnesses may forget things and evidence may get harder to validate.

Call the Law Offices of Richard Harris today!

Let us get started building you a winning case.


Eye Injury Symptoms

  • Pain – Ouch. Hurting the eye will definitely come with pain.
  • Swelling – An injured eyeball can cause swelling in around the entire eye area.
  • Eye Movement – The injured eye may have trouble moving properly.
  • Redness – Most of us have had this symptom. An irritated eye will cause redness.
  • Bleeding and Bruising – An injured eye can show black spots from bruising. The white area can appear bright red from bleeding.
  • Vision Problems – Blurred vision and double vision can occur after an eye injury.

In some cases, symptoms can happen immediately after an injury.

Other injuries may take time to appear and show up later.


Eye Injury Treatments

As soon as you notice an eye injury you should seek treatment.

This can help to start the healing and shorten the recovery time.

Having the proper medical attention can greatly improve the healing process.

Making sure that permanent loss of vision is avoided is of the highest priority.

Serious eye injuries may need surgery to repair the damage.

If the injuries are less threatening than there are treatments that can be a big help.

Cold compresses, eye patches, and eye drops can all be helpful.

Flushing out yoru eyes with clean water for 10 minutes can help relieve the injury from chemicals and other irritants in the eyes.


Richard Harris Law Firm Will Seek all Damages

Richard Harris will seek all the damages due to your eye injury.

We will hold the person or entity responsible.

Damages from an eye injury can cause a lot of stress.

An eye injury can force you out of work.

Lost wages in the present and future will be factored into the calculations in the lawsuit.

All medical expenses that we can prove that are related to the injury will be considered.

Doctor visits, therapy, eye drops, are just some of the bills we will take into consideration.

Pain and suffering are also important aspects in any personal injury lawsuit.