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Traffic Tickets • Warrants • DUI

More than 50,000 people in Southern Nevada have used the services of Ticket Busters as defense counsel in all criminal defense matters. Whether you need a defense lawyer in court for traffic citations, driving under the influence, warrants or other criminal defense matters, Ticket Busters has skilled lawyers with experience to handle a large range of cases. Best of all, our consultations are free and do not require an appointment.


I want to thank all of you who have helped me out with my citation. I am so pleased at the outcome – great job. Also I know who to contact now for any problems that I might need assistance with. Most important I have told some of my coworkers what you have done for me so hopefully you will be handling some more business.~ J.A.

Thank you so much for helping with my ticket. What a great service you provide. I’m very appreciative.~ D.W.

Thank you for your service regarding my traffic citation. I will refer my friends and family to your office.~ W.M.Nevada law firm, Law firm Las Vegas



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