Ambulance chasing lawyers illegally approach accident victims directly, without an invitation and solicit representation. These unethical lawyers pay “runners” and “cappers” to monitor police and other first responder scanners and Twitter feeds for a traffic collision dispatch or other emergency.

They immediately race to the scene to contact the victims of accidents. They are often rideshare drivers, tow truck drivers or a “witness” who supposedly just happened upon the scene, who offers to take pictures and videos and provide information about “their lawyer.”

The vulnerable unsuspecting injured accident victim is under a lot of stress, unaware these “helpful” folks are paid agents for an unscrupulous lawyer and are tricked into thinking this is their only choice.

Besides showing up at accident scenes, insider informants at hospitals, medical offices, and insurance agencies approach accident victims directly or provide private information to other runners and cappers who call to sing the praises of “their lawyer” promising large financial recoveries to lure the accident victim to sign a retainer agreement with the lawyer.

Runners and cappers are paid thousands of dollars in kickbacks for each signed “referral” in untraceable cash or gift cards.

Although ambulance chasers appear friendly and helpful, victims of these schemes end up with lawyers ill-suited for their personal injury case. Ambulance chasing is a crime in Nevada and most states. A lawyer willing to commit a crime to get your case, is unethical, unprofessional, and not trustworthy.

This leads to more damage to the accident victim from inadequate or incompetent legal representation. Insurance companies know who these dishonest lawyers are and often label their clients suspicious, assigning the case to the Special Investigations Unit, to delay or deny the claim.


Not every person who recommends an attorney is on the payroll of a dishonest lawyer. After an accident, seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney of your choice.

If the person recommending an attorney to you is not getting paid for their recommendation, there is nothing wrong with someone referring you to a good personal injury lawyer. But if someone you don’t know pushes you to hire a lawyer, don’t trust them. Don’t do it.

If you were pressured at the accident scene to hire a particular lawyer by a tow truck driver, or overly helpful “witness,” or later by hospital, medical provider, body shop, or insurance agency staff, you may be the victim of ambulance chasing.

We know these unethical lawyers, and some heavily advertise to cover their criminal conduct. If you have a pending personal injury case, and believe you were the victim of illegal solicitation, get a new lawyer. Your contract with the lawyer is void and you do not have to pay them. Even if your case has settled, we can help you get additional compensation for the amount you paid the ambulance chasing lawyer.


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