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large trucking companies

Trucking companies like UPS and FedEx Corp. are a major force in business.

They play a vital role in the US economy. Trucks are responsible for most of the transporting of goods across America.

Everything from household items, food, and medical supplies are in constant motion.

The trucking industry is in high demand.

The health of the nation’s economy depends on these items getting where they need to go.

These companies have large trucks, tractors, trailers, and many employees.

The amount of goods that these companies transport every day across the US is enormous.

Accidents happen every day on our roads and freeways involving big rigs. Driving these big trucks takes special skills and licenses.

These drivers must carry a Commercial Drivers’s Licenses (CDL).

Getting in an accident with one of these trucks can be devastating.

A regular sized vehicle has no chance in a crash. Injuries will often result. These types of accidents tend to be some of the most severe.

The damages from these injuries can be overwhelming.

If you or loved one is injured in a big rig accident you will need a truck accident attorney.

Going up against these huge corporations and their insurance companies can be daunting.

You need a team of lawyers that will fight to get you justice. Richard Harris has a proven track record and will help protect your rights.

We will fight to get you the maximum compensation for all the damages caused by the crash.


Top Trucking Companies in the USA

The trucking industry is huge business. UPS Inc. have been around since 1907.

FedEx was established in 1971.

The Trucking Monitor has compiled a recent list of the top trucking companies.

This list includes companies that all of us have heard of.

While others may be not so familiar but enormous in the business.

It has compiled the statistics on the date of establishment, revenue, and number of employees.

  • UPS Inc.
  • FedEx Corp
  • XPO Logistics
  • B Hunt Transport Services
  • Knight Swift Transportation Holding
  • Schneider
  • Landstar System
  • Old Dominion Freight
  • TFI International

UPS has the most employees of all the companies. They employ over 480,000 workers.

FedEx is not far behind with over 420,000. XPO Logistics is around 100,000 employees.

As the list goes down the numbers will decrease. The revenue of UPS and FedEx were both in the billions.

As the demands change so do their fleet of trucks.

The number of tractors and trailers will vary as they adapt to the needs.

Most essential goods in the US are transported with trucks.

The trucking industry went through a difficult time during the pandemic.

There is always a need for truck drivers as the population increases.

Large trucks have trouble maneuvering in traffic.

When a truck is loaded with cargo, they are even more difficult to stop and turn.

The results of truck accidents can be catastrophic. Serious injuries can be fatal.

It is important that we give the truck drivers the space and time needed to get around. Stay out of their blind spots and drive responsibly.


commercial trucks have black boxes

Importance of Commercial Truck Black Boxes

If you are in a truck accident proving negligence is the key to filing a lawsuit.

Many of us that don’t drive big rigs may not even be aware of the black box.

The truck drivers will most likely have a team of expert lawyers defending them.

Investigating all the factors of the accident can be difficult on your own.

Richard Harris understands how serious truck injuries can be.

The black box may hold the key to proving liability. Our legal team of expert personal injury truck lawyers will help you get all the evidence.

The black box will often be able to show that the truck driver, trucking company, and/or other party was responsible for the crash.

ELD – Electronic Logging Device

Often referred to as an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) the black box records data. This data can provide valuable information.

This information when analyzed properly can put together the details that occurred.

The ELD records information on commercial trucks like; hours, miles, engine data, and movement.

It can tell you how fast the truck was driving, seatbelt usage, and braking activity. Were the brakes slammed on or applied lightly?

Was the vehicle using cruise control? Status logs are updated constantly. It can be set up through a mobile app and viewed.

Fleet managers can check on driver compliance through the ELD. Drivers will see when they need inspection and other important messages.

Richard Harris will look at the black box data.

This will help to figure out why the crash happened.

It will often be able to identify who was at fault.

Negotiating a settlement that is just and fair is important.

Our expert negotiators can try to settle the case for you.

If negotiations don’t work, we can represent you in court.


Liable Parties in A Commercial Truck Crash

Every truck accident has different circumstances and factors. There are many different parties that can be held liable when a big rig crash occurs.

Truck Driver– A truck driver can be negligent in many ways. They may be speeding, driving distracted, or DUI. Truckers that are driving too many hours can be tired. Looking for their location on their maps can be dangerous. Drivers that are inexperienced can be unsafe on the highway.

Trucking Company – Companies are required to provide safe trucks and training. Trucking companies can be held liable if there is an accident. Not meeting all the requirements and safety standards is risky and negligent.

Third Party Contractors – The trucking business has become much more complex with third party contracts. Depending on these contracts third party contractors can be liable. They may share liability in some cases.

Parts Manufacturer – Making a defective part and a crash occurs because of it can be catastrophic. Every system of a commercial truck must have the proper parts that are not defective. This is not always the case. Bad parts can make the manufacturer liable if a crash happens.

Mechanic – A mechanic doing faulty work can surely cause harm. Not doing the proper maintenance can cause an accident on the road. A mechanic not putting in the right part is dangerous.

Municipality – This could refer to the city, county, etc. Roads signs, traffic lights not working can cause a crash. If the city is not maintaining the roads or freeways, they can have liability. Construction and other dangers that are negligent can cause an accident.

Other Drivers – You may get in an accident with a truck and it could be the fault of another driver on the road. When there are other vehicles involved there may be a shared liability.

Cargo Owner – If the cargo owners are negligent than they can be held liable in the crash. When accidents with cargo happen it may be hard to prove who is responsible. This is why it is important with truck accidents to have an attorney that can sort through all the details.

Transporting goods and services across the US comes with responsibility.

When a truck accident happens, it can be difficult to place the blame.

There are accidents that may be easy to understand.

Others can have more than one party sharing the blame.

This is why it is important to get to the black box.

Trying to get a hold of the evidence on your own will be difficult.

Richard Harris knows how to investigate these types of accidents.


The Importance of the FMCSA

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration governs the trucking industry.

It sets the safety standards for all vehicles involved in interstate traffic.

These regulations are intended to make our roads and highways safe.

When these regulations are not met than drivers and companies can be found liable.

Regulations on drivers licenses, maintenance, and the number of hours a driver can be on the road are important.

Trucks need to be repaired and checked on a regular basis to make sure they are safe to travel.

The FMCSA also provides rules on fitness procedures and financial issues of responsibility.

The core values of the FMCSA are there to uphold high standards.

  • Integrity – equity and integrity
  • Collaboration – team work
  • Innovation – forward thinking
  • Excellence – highest service

The FMCSA is vital for holding the trucking industry accountable.

When the rules and standards are adhered to the roadways are much safer. When these standards are ignored or not followed the roads are less safe for everyone.

If there is an accident Richard Harris will find out if these standards and procedures were followed.

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