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Most of us that go to the car washed don’t think a whole lot of the dangers that are around.

For those that are car owners getting the car washed is just part of the routine.

The problem with some car washes is that they can have hazards that can get an unsuspecting customer injured.

Injuries can happen to workers as well. It may be due to improper training or a number of other ways.

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Car Wash Injuries Can Happen

Slip and Fall – With all the water and cleaning products at a car wash a slip and fall is common accident. If you get out of the car and step on a puddle or slick spot it can cause a fall. Cars have oil leaks and if the lot is not properly maintained these slippery areas can begin to become larger and more dangerous. Customers walking into the office can slip. Workers can track in soap and other hazardous chemicals on the floor and create a slip. In car washes that are the do-it-yourself type the lack of proper maintenance can increase the risk for a slip and fall.

Trip and Fall – There are many ways to trip at a car wash. A car wash will often have signs that are on the ground. These signs are usually instructional or warning you of something. Cleaning bottles, sprays, brushes, and other products can be left on the ground and hard to see. When there is debris on the property that is not picked up an accidental fall can happen. Nevada has some serious wind and it is not uncommon for trash and other things to be blown onto a property.

There are other ways that an injury at a car wash can occur besides a slip, trip, and fall.

Hit By a Car – With all the cars around an accident can occur at any time. If the operator of the car wash does not have a good plan on organizing the traffic an accident can happen. Often times there are people vacuuming their cars after they go through the car wash. Drivers can speed through the lot and cause an accident. If the car wash is not properly managed and an accident occurs, they can be held liable.

Toxic Chemicals – If you are working around all these cleaning chemicals all day than you may be putting yourself in danger and may not be aware. Toxic chemicals can create breathing and respiratory issues. Breathing in the fumes of a car all day can do some serious damage over time. You may feel unwell and get headaches from breathing in all the toxins and carbon monoxide. There needs to be proper safety measures in place for these hazards.



Automatic Car Wash Dangers

We can see the dangers as we sit in our car.

The spinning brushes and the conveyor that moves us through the wash.

Chemicals, water, and electric high-powered dryers can all cause injury.

If employees are not given proper training on how to work around this equipment an injury can happen.

If you can prove that the injury was due to not having adequate training then the managers and business owners can be held liable for damages suffered.


Lack of Maintenance

There is a lot going on behind the scenes of a car wash.

There are electronic devices and computer software that is needed to run the new modern car wash.

It all needs to be in sync in order to get the car from start to finish.

Mechanical issues do occur at car washes like any other business.

The track that moves the vehicle can break.

Sensors can go bad and other electrical parts can malfunction.

Maintaining a car wash properly will need constant attention.

If the owner does not keep up on the machinery and something breaks and causes injury than they can be held responsible for the injury.

When there is equipment failure at a car wash it is most likely due to improper operation, improper installation, and the lack of maintenance.

Some of the older do-it-yourself type car washes often lack regular maintenance.

With no one on property to constantly check the equipment an accident can happen.


Car Wash Assaults Can Happen

These days we have to watch our backs wherever we are.

It seems as though crime is on the rise in every major city in Nevada.

You get through the car wash and now it is time to go wipe the car down and vacuum the inside of the car.

You are focused on the job at hand and not thinking about being attacked or robbed.

This is when an attack can happen and does unfortunately.

Bending down into the car to clean it up can be risky.

All you wanted to do was throw out some trash and wipe the console.

Criminals look for any opportunity that they can find to take advantage of.

Be aware of your surroundings and don’t let this happen to you.

It is up to every business that invites customers on their property to provide a reasonably safe environment.

If you feel like there is any danger around then drive away.

It is not worth it.


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Liability In a Car Wash Accident

There are two things that need to be established in a personal injury claim at a car wash.

First, the owner or manager of the business must be found to be negligent.

The other way would fall under a premises liability claim where the owner or management failed to provide a safe environment for customers, employees, or visitors of the property.

Any time you invite another person on your property there must be a high duty of care given to their safety.

As we have seen in car wash accidents there are many ways that a person can be injured.

Our lawyers will look at all the evidence.

We will determine if the evidence is conclusive enough for you to bring a lawsuit forward.

If there is then we will put together a case that will give you the best possible chance at winning.

Being injured can take a toll on a person’s life and can quickly cause serious financial stress.

If the owner knew about the dangerous situation and did nothing to correct it is reckless.

If the owner took no action to fix the hazard and there was no warning signage of it is irresponsible.

You have every right to file a lawsuit and be compensated for the expenses and pain and suffering.


Injuries from a Car Wash Accident

  • Broken Bones – When it comes to breaking bones in a car wash accident, they all are at risk. When a slip and fall occurs, a person can break the arm, leg, neck, and tail bone. Wrists often get broken because a person is trying to brace for the fall.
  • Head and Face – Falling and cracking the skull can cause TBI. Traumatic Brain Injury can have long term affects on a person if it is serious. Slipping on chemicals, oil, water etc. can take anyone down. Hitting the face can do serious damage and healing will take time.


Recovering Damages from A Car Wash Injury

As with any personal injury case a car wash injury is no different when it comes to recovering damages.

There are many ways that a person can recover damages from an injury.

Some of these include;

Medical Costs like; ER, therapy, medicine, treatment, surgery, rehab etc.

Loss of Wages; now and future earnings

Pain and Suffering can be physical and emotional

Loss of Consortium

These are some of the more common damages from a car wash injury.

Everyone has a unique experience and set of circumstances and facts that will determine the amount.




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