Injured at Lowe’s in Nevada

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Lowe’s is one of the most popular home improvement stores in Nevada.

Walking from the parking lot to the inside may not seem very hazardous.

The truth is, it can be for an unlucky and unsuspecting customer.

Injuries can happen, and they sometimes do.

Store owners and management can be held liable if the injury was due to negligence.

This will need to be proven if you plan on filing a lawsuit.

If you were injured at Lowe’s, you may be entitled to receive compensation.

Our expert personal injury attorneys understand these types of cases.

We are highly knowledgeable about Nevada premises liability law.

For over 40 years, The Law Offices of Richard Harris have been working on these types of lawsuits.

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Premises Liability Laws in Nevada

Property owners and management have responsibilities to maintain their premises.

Premises liability laws are there to oversee these duties.

Duty of Care: Owners and management have a legal duty to provide a reasonably safe premises to customers and guests. Hazardous conditions on the property must be addressed. These hazards must be fixed, removed, or signage of the dangers clearly posted.

Proving Liability: Filing a premises liability lawsuit against Lowe’s will require specific requirements. The defendant must be the owner or manager of the property where the injury occurred. The injured plaintiff must have been invited or permitted onto the property. A dangerous condition existed on the property. This dangerous condition was known or should have been known by owners or management. The dangerous condition was the cause of the accident that caused the injury. The dangerous condition caused financial or other damages to the plaintiff.

Premises liability laws pertain to both private and public properties.

Indoors and outdoors on the premises are all governed by these laws.

If an accident caused by negligence occurs anywhere on Lowe’s premises, they can be held responsible.


Accidents That Can Cause Injury at Lowe’s

Over the years, lawsuits have been settled for millions of dollars from injury accidents at Lowe’s.

A $13 million payout is one of the largest ones on record.

It occurred at a Las Vegas store after a slip and fall.

There are all kinds of other ways that an accident can occur at Lowe’s.

Slip-and-Fall: This is the most common accident type. A spilled drink, a leaking faucet, or melted ice can all contribute to a slippery floor. A hard fall can leave a customer severely injured. A freshly mopped floor without the proper signage can be hazardous. With all the different products at Lowe’s, the chance for leakage is high. Employee mishandling of the products can cause a wet floor. Grease spills and other products can cause a slick surface.

Trip-and-Fall: There are many hazards at a Lowe’s that can cause a person to trip and fall. A product that falls off the shelf in the aisle can cause a trip. Clutter and boxes that are left in the aisles can cause an accident. Abandoned shopping carts are hazards. Flooring that is uneven or cracked can cause a trip. Worn-out carpets or misplaced mats can catch a person off-guard. Staff must be on the lookout for items out of place that can cause injury.

Falling Objects: There are a multitude of products at Lowe’s. The aisles are packed with inventory on large shelving structures. Some of these products are high on the shelves. If a product is not secured properly or stacked correctly, an accident can happen. Some of these items are heavy and can cause serious damage to an unsuspecting customer.

Parking Lots: The outside of the premises can be just as dangerous, or more so, than inside the Lowe’s. Inadequate lighting can create a hazardous situation. Slip, trip, and fall accidents on the sidewalk or hard pavement can cause serious harm. Parking lots need to have proper signage and markings. Arrows letting the drivers know what direction to drive safely may be needed. Garbage and other debris need to be picked up and disposed of.

Security: Adequate security measures should be in place. Parking lots can be dangerous if not monitored properly. No one expects to be assaulted at a Lowe’s. If there is a known situation or a threat that is allowed to continue, a guest can get injured. If there is an injury, the store can be held responsible for the damages.

Untrained Employees: Employees that lack proper training can cause a dangerous condition. If items are not placed securely on the shelves, an accident can happen. Lowe’s has some big items in their stores. Dishwashers, laundry machines, lawnmowers, and electric ranges, to name a few. Fork lift operators and employees are in constant motion inside and outside the store. If there is an accident due to a lack of training, the store can be held liable.

Not every injury at Lowe’s will be their fault.

The customer may be to blame if they are careless.

A customer not paying attention and ending up injured does happen.

If the injury was caused by the fault of someone else, you have every right to file a claim.

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slip and fall injury at lowes


Injuries from a Lowe’s Accident

An injury at Lowe’s can range from minor to major.

Every accident will be different.

The injuries can be long-lasting if they are severe.

TBI: Any injury to the head has the potential to be serious. A hit or jar to the head can cause a Traumatic Brain Injury. This can occur when a falling object hits the head. It can also happen when the head hits a hard surface. Slip, trip, and fall accidents are common causes of TBI. Falling to the hard floor is often the cause. Severe TBI can have a devastating effect on an individual. It can even be fatal in the most serious cases.

Broken Bones: Falling can lead to broken bones and fractures. All bones are at risk in these injuries. Arms, legs, and hip fractures can be disabling. Surgery is often needed when there are bone breaks. The elderly are especially at risk of falls. Mobility and quality of life will be impacted.

Spinal Cord: An injury to the spine is always scary. Loss of feeling in the limbs can occur. In some cases, the person will be able to make a full recovery. In cases of serious spinal injuries, a person may need long-term rehabilitation and therapy. There is the potential for paralysis in the most severe spine injuries.

Soft Tissue: Strains and sprains can occur when there is a sudden movement. Stepping on something awkwardly can cause a soft tissue injury. These injuries may require surgery to repair them. Torn cartilage or tendons can be painful and incapacitating.

Always get medical attention if you feel as though you were injured.

Make sure to have a complete evaluation from a medical professional.

The adrenaline after an accident can mask the symptoms sometimes.

Internal injuries may be unnoticeable at first.

If there is bleeding or other damage that goes unchecked, it can even be fatal.


Damages From a Lowe’s Injury

Injuries will need medical attention.

The cost of these bills can be staggering.

Damages will vary depending on the severity of the injuries.

Some of the medical costs may include hospitalization, surgery, medication, and rehabilitation.

There may be other damages from a Lowe’s injury.

An injury can cause a person to lose employment and paychecks.

Severe injuries may affect a person’s income well into the future.

Pain and suffering can also have a serious effect on an individual.

Mental pain, in some cases, can be just as traumatic as physical pain.


What Do I Do If I Am Injured at Lowe’s?

If you were injured at Lowe’s, there are some steps you should take.

These will be helpful to you if you plan on filing a lawsuit later.

Get Help: Have an employee get the manager and some medical help. Getting medical care is critical. If the injury is serious, call 911.

Take pictures: It will be vital for your case to show the hazardous condition that caused the accident. It may be a wet floor, a box, or an item that fell off the shelf. Make sure to take video of the scene of the accident.

Contact Information: Get manager and store information. If there were witnesses who saw the accident, get all their contact information and a statement if possible.

Incident Report: This will show proof that the accident occurred. It will have pertinent information that will be needed if a lawsuit is filed.

Get to a doctor: Getting the proper medical treatment is important. Make sure the extent of the injuries is known, and get a medical report.

Call Richard Harris: Having legal representation is recommended in these cases. We will do our best to get you the maximum compensation for all the damages left behind.




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