Pedestrian Hit by Car in Parking Lot

Pedestrian hit by car in parking lot


Parking lots have always been dangerous for pedestrians.

Any time people are around motor vehicles the chance for an injury is always there. It seems as though everyone is in a rush these days.

Cars now seem to speed through the parking lots and garages. There is always the possibility of being hit by a reckless driver.

There are many incidences of cars backing out of parking spots and hitting pedestrians. Either way the results can be devastating.

All throughout Las Vegas and Nevada there are parking garages and lots that can accommodate a large number of vehicles. In strip malls with Home Depot and grocery stores like Albertsons accidents are bound to happen.

Parking structures are found at all the strip resorts and casino properties.

Some of these are massive.

MGM, Bellagio, City Center, and NY NY are just a few of them.

Downtown properties like the Plaza Hotel and Casino and Circa all have large parking areas.

With all the cars and 24-hour action a pedestrian accident in a parking lot is inevitable.

If you were a pedestrian hit and injured in a parking lot you should speak with a lawyer.

The Law Offices of Richard Harris understand these types of personal injury cases.


Parking Lots and Garages Can Be Dangerous

Getting injured in a parking lot can cause serious injury.

Pedestrians are just skin and bones.

Without any protection a serious injury can occur even at the lowest of speeds.

Cars backing out of their spots may be going slow but their weight and size can do major damage.

Some of the common parking lots in Nevada where accidents can occur include;

  • Grocery stores
  • Hotels, Resorts and Casinos
  • Schools, Colleges, Universities
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Condominiums
  • Malls

When I look at this list there are many parking lots that come to mind.

UNLV, Fashion Show Mall, and Downtown Summerlin have lots of pedestrians and cars every day.

So do many other locations in Las Vegas.

It can happen anywhere at any time.

Even at CVS, Walgreens or 7-11 there is risk.

Parking lots are especially dangerous for children.

A recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) study reveals this.

This is due to their smaller size which makes them much harder to see.


Common Injuries in Accidents with Pedestrians

Knee Injury – The knee has a lot of tendons, cartilage, and ligaments. The knee cap can also be crushed if a car hits this area. A bumper in the front or back can make a direct hit to the knee area. When a knee injury is serious surgery will be needed to repair the damages. This can also lead to a lengthy rehabilitation process.

Hip Injury – A hip fracture can happen when a car backs up or runs into the person. This will need medical care and take time to heal. The hip connects the upper body and the lower body. Injury can be devastating and painful.

TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury can be long lasting. Hitting a person could send him backward on their head to the hard cement. Symptoms can linger. Loss of memory, blurred vision, and nausea are just some of them. If the brain is seriously damaged long-term care may be needed.

Leg Fractures – A car backing up can break a leg if hit hard enough. A bone break will happen if there is too much force on a bone. If you get sandwiched between two cars the femur can break. If this happens there is a chance that the injury could be fatal.

Arm and Wrist Breaks – Falling to the ground can break an arm and wrist. Fingers are also at risk. As a person falls to the ground they will try and break their fall. They may also break their wrist or arm. A broken arm can put a person out of work. Depending on the severity of the break will determine the length of recovery time.


Reasons For Parking Lot Accidents

  • Drivers Distracted – They may be looking for a place to park and miss seeing the pedestrian in front or behind them.
  • Confusion – Unaware of the protocol of driving in a parking lot. Entrance and exits can be hard to figure out. Arrows and signs can add to the confusion.
  • Blind Spots – Looking at mirrors and back windows can be tricky. A pedestrian can be walking and hard to see. The car next to the driver will block some of the view and add to the risk.
  • Traffic – When the traffic is heavy in a parking lot things can get dangerous. The mix of cars and people roaming around can make for a serious injury.
  • Dim Lighting – This can be especially true in parking garages. If there is lack of lighting a car backing up may have even more difficulty pulling out. The low visibility can make for higher risk.
  • Exits – Parking lots and garages often have paid exits. Arms that go up and down can add to the danger. Pedestrians may be walking by at the same time the gate arm goes up. This can result in a crash. Fumbling for your credit card and trying to get out of the garage can take your attention.

An accident in a parking lot can happen when you least expect it.

There are many factors that can be the cause of an accident.

The most common is backing out of a parking space.

As we know there are a number of other ways that an accident can take place.

At Richard Harris Law Firm we will take a look at all the evidence of the accident.

Determining who is at fault for the injury is a key factor in winning a case.

If we can prove that the accident was caused by the negligence or carelessness of another, we will fight for you.



compensation from a pedestrian accident


Maximum Compensation for All Damages

The protection of your rights is important.

Most insurance companies will try and not pay out at first.

If you have a trained and professional attorney on your side it will be a big help.

We will seek just and maximum compensation on all the damages.

Some of the most common of these damages include;

Medical Bills – These expenses can be enormous. Making sure that you get the proper medical treatment will add up fast. Hospitals, doctors, medicine, and surgery are just a few. The more serious the injury the more medical care you will need. Some medical care may still be needed later. We will look at your unique case and figure out what these damages are worth.

Lost Wages – An injury can mean loss of work. If the injury needs a long time to heal than you could lose the job. Lost wages can take the wind out of your finances. Richard Harris are experts at calculating all the wages lost now and down the road. You should not be responsible for all these losses if the accident was not your fault.

Pain and Suffering – Being hit by a car in a parking lot will usually come with some physical pain. All the injuries listed above and then some. This will have an affect on your body and mind. Injuries can stay with you forever. Learning how to deal with them can be on-going. Emotional pain can lead to depression. The mental state of a person can be affected in a negative manner. Therapy and other medical treatments may be needed in order to cope with a parking lot injury.

In order to avoid an injury as a pedestrian you should always be alert.

Be aware of the dangers that are around you. Never walk down the middle of the lane.

Don’t get distracted talking or texting on your phone.

Safely use the crosswalks if available. Remember that pedestrians are much harder to see.

Motorists can be caught off guard if you walk out in front of them.


Some Safety Tips for Drivers in a Parking Lot or Garage.

  • A large percentage of vehicles hitting pedestrians come from backing up.
  • Follow the signage instructions in the parking lot or garage.
  • Use your turn signals like you would on the road.
  • Be on the lookout for pedestrians walking to or from their vehicles.
  • Drive slowly and with caution.
  • Remember that small children may be difficult to see.
  • Check and check again before pulling out or backing out.
  • Backing into parking spots can be extra dangerous.
  • Do not cut across a parking lot.
  • Stay in the lanes.


In a pedestrian parking lot accident, there may be multiple parties liable for the injury.

Parking lot owners and operators may take some of the responsibility.

Improper lighting can cause danger. If the parking lot is not marked correctly, it will surely cause confusion.

Improper maintenance can make a parking lot dangerous.

There are many factors that can ultimately decide who is liable. Richard Harris will look at every possible piece of evidence in order to determine fault.

Contact us by phone, email or come by the office.



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