Car Accident Injuries and Delayed Symptoms

delayed symptoms for injuries after car crash


Injuries after a car accident are not always noticed at the time of the crash.

A car crash can leave a person in a state of confusion.

The rush of adrenaline can mask the pain after an accident.

With delayed symptoms a person may not feel the injury until later.

That is why it is always recommended that you get the proper medical attention after any accident.

At least get checked out and documentation that you were looked at by a professional.

This happens after all kinds of accidents. Car accidents are the most common of these.

Truck, pedestrian, motorcycle, and bike accidents can have delayed symptoms too.

Even after seeking the advice of a doctor, it is important to continue to check yourself.

A delayed injury may take days or even a number of weeks to show itself.

Most injuries will be noticeable at the time of the accident or within a few hours.

When symptoms are delayed the time that the injury is noticed can vary.

It can often depend on the type and location of the injury.

With the blood pumping after a crash the body may feel fine.

Car accidents are stressful and emotions can be overwhelming.

Fear and shock can create trauma that can hide the symptoms.


 Delayed Injuries After a Car Crash

It is hard to predict how people in a car accident will process an injury.

Everyone is different and so are the factors of the accident.

If you were injured before in the same place, it may take longer to feel.

Adults may have a different threshold of pain than a child or an elderly person.

In serious delayed injuries the quality of life will be affected.

Whiplash – This type of injury happens when the head is moved fast back and forth. Rear end accidents are known to cause this injury. Medical treatment on the neck can help with the healing process. The strained nerves and tendons are affected. It is an injury that once treated may heal up in a few weeks. In other instances, the symptoms are delayed. It could be days or weeks before the pain hits. The hyper extension of the neck can lead to long term issues for a person. The shoulders and the back can be affected from whiplash. The head being jarred in this way can lead to other injuries like Traumatic Brain Injury.

Head Injury – Concussions can have delayed symptoms after a car accident. You may feel like you are fine at first and then it hits you. Nausea, blurred vision, and memory loss can happen. It may take a loved one to figure out that something is wrong. Head injuries that are serious can cause TBI. Light and sound sensitivity are symptoms that may not be noticed right away. Mood swings and depression will definitely take time to see in a person. Head lacerations or skull fractures will be noticeable but the long-term results may be delayed. If there are long lasting symptoms a person may need long term care.

Internal Injury – When we think of internal organs it is easy to see how the injury could be delayed. Seeing the damage done to the inside of the body will be hard to see at first. Bruising and other injuries inside the body are hard to detect. It is vital to get to a doctor immediately to make sure internal bleeding is not happening. Organs with delayed symptoms include; kidneys, heart, and lungs. Seat belts can do damage to person if the crash is at high impact. The seat belt can save a person from other injuries. It may keep a driver or passenger from flying into the dash or windshield. It can also hurt you internally by the force. Some of the delayed symptoms can include, vomiting, blood in urine, and bruising.

Emotional Damage – A motor vehicle accident can have a major impact on those involved. When injuries happen, it can affect everyone. An accident can cause depression, guilt, and emotional anguish. These kinds of things may take some time to come to the forefront. Fatalities and witnessing severe injuries can be emotionally stressful. Just the thought of being in a near death experience can be damaging. The emotional issues can take a long time to heal. Therapy and other medical help may be needed and ongoing.

Spinal Injury – There are many ways for a spinal injury to occur in a car accident. Back pain can be associated with the whiplash of the accident. In some accidents the impact can cause the vertebrae to move out of place. Some back injuries can be clearly noticeable at the time. Other times there may be a numbness that can make it hard to tell. The extent of the injury may take time to fully understand. Pressure on the spine can be painful. When the shock of the crash wears off the pain can set in. Back pain can be incapacitating. One of the worst-case scenarios is a severed or crushed spine. Loss of feelings in the limbs can be devastating.


How Long Do I Have to File Injury Lawsuit in Nevada?

If you have been injured in Nevada, filing a personal injury lawsuit has a time limit.

There is a statute of limitations of two years (2) in most personal injury lawsuits.

If you do not file the lawsuit within this time than you will forfeit your right for compensation.

The two years is from the time of the accident. It is not two years (2) from the time that you realized you were injured.

This still seems like plenty of time. The reality is that time can go by quickly.

So do not hesitate.

Speak with a professional car accident attorney immediately after an accident.

Call the Law Offices of Richard Harris.



what to do after car crash


What To Do After a Car Accident?

There are some important tips that can help you after a car accident.

It is important to understand that you might feel alright but may not be.

If you do have delayed injury symptoms later than you can protect yourself.

You have every right to file a lawsuit if you were injured by the fault of another.

You should not be held responsible to pay for the damages left behind.


  1. Get To a Safe Place – Getting out of the road and to safety is important. You do not want to get hit again by another vehicle.
  2. Call 911- Get the police and emergency vehicles out to the accident. For the safety of everyone involved this is a good idea.
  3. Police Report – A report from the police can be a big help in determining the fault of the accident. The details are important for your case.
  4. Get Medical Treatment – This is one of the keys to winning a personal injury case. If you think that there is any possibility that there is injury, get to a doctor. If the injury is serious, you will be in the ER. If you have delayed symptoms that arise than the doctor will be able to monitor the results.
  5. Get Information – It is important to have all the information of all involved. Insurance, tags, registration, driver’s license, phone numbers, etc.
  6. Pictures and Video – Get the phone out and use it. Get pictures and video that can show the accident and how it happened. Take shots from all angles. You can always edit later.
  7. Witness Testimony – Getting a witness to corroborate you story can be very useful. Having a way to contact them after the accident is vital.
  8. Call the Law Offices of Richard Harris – Having an expert personal injury lawyer on your side is highly recommended.


It is important to know your rights and understand a personal injury lawsuit.

We are well aware of all types of injuries and delayed symptoms.

Our attorneys have been here in Nevada serving clients since 1980.

If you take too much time to see a doctor than it may be harder to prove the injury.

The insurance companies will make it seem like you are not being honest.

That is why after a car accident we recommend that you see a medical professional.

Even when you are not sure that you were hurt. It will help you later if the injury has delayed symptoms.


Be On the Lookout for Changes in Behavior

There are injuries that can change a persons behavior.

Concussions are one of the injuries that can be subtle at first.

It may be days before you realize that there is something abnormal.

The person themselves may not be aware of the changes.

If a loved one has been injured and you see  that they are acting different it may be from delayed symptoms from an injury.

The changes may seem small at the time but can lead to more odd behavior patterns.

If you notice this it is important to get that person to a doctor.

The faster you get treatment for delayed symptoms the better.

It is best to begin the healing process as soon as the delayed injury reveals itself.



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