4 Types of Legal Damages in Las Vegas

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If you are a personal injury victim, there are a variety of damages—or monetary compensation—you can seek for your injuries, continued medical treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. The team of Las Vegas personal injury lawyers at Richard Harris Personal Injury Law Firm is here to help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Should the person or company that caused your accident be found responsible, you may be entitled compensation for the following types of damages:


Medical Expenses

Any medical care you seek for injuries following your accident, such as hospital bills, medication, rehabilitation, and continuing care may be covered.


Lost Wages

If you missed time from work as a direct result of your accident, you may be entitled to compensation for the money you would have earned.


Pain and Suffering

You may be eligible to seek damages for pain and suffering for the physical and emotional stress caused from your injuries.


Property Damage

While the personal injury attorneys at Richard Harris Personal Injury Law Firm don’t handle property damage claims—such as damage to your vehicle—we are happy to help answer your questions.