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Injured at The Cosmopolitan?

The Cosmo resort is owned by The Blackstone group who is a large development group owning real estate all over the globe.

Casinos like The Cosmo are in the business of making money and minimizing expenses, so accidents and injuries sometimes are put on the back burner over the mighty dollar.

As an employee or guests of the Cosmopolitan you should feel that you are safe in either capacity.

From time to time accidents or injuries do occur for both employees and guests.

What you do immediately after an accident or injury at The Cosmopolitan is very important.

Immediately do the following if injured at a casino:

Notify a Cosmopolitan employee immediately -although we don’t recommend speaking with staff or managers if possible, you do need to report the incident to the resort, hotel, restaurant or casino staff as soon as it happens.

Seek medical attention- this is true no matter how minor you think your injury may be or even if you think you’re not injured at all. Ask the Cosmo staff to take you to the doctor or hospital to get checked out. You may have injuries you might not be aware of or injuries that may not be known until later. Also this may help your case going forward if you don’t wait to seek medical attention.

Don’t sign anything– you may end with security officers from the Cosmopolitan questioning you about what happened, also they will be the ones who take you to seek medical attention. They will be with you the entire time just be aware of that. They may ask you to sign a statement but Never sign anything without speaking to an attorney.

Document the Casino accident- if possible take photos or videos of the accident and the area surrounding the incident. The Casino will absolutely have video footage and we will do everything we can to get that footage quickly.

Talking to people around you– getting witness statements can only help your case. Most accidents happen quickly and you might really remember what happened. Once the immediate danger is over try and get some witness statements.

Call a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer- If you have been injured at The Cosmopolitan call The Richard Harris Law Firm for a free consultation. The Cosmopolitan has big money and a large legal team behind them and so should you.

injured at the Cosmopolitan resortInjuries at The Cosmopolitan Casino

Casino injuries are more common than you think, especially at large resorts like The Cosmopolitan.

The most common accidents causing injury are slip and fall accidents.

Other common injuries that occur in casinos are:

Slip and fall accidents in the CasinoPool and Hot tub area slip and fallsAccidents in poorly maintained casino walkwayAccidents in poorly maintained elevatorsInjuries that occur from poorly maintained casino furnitureAssaults at the resortHarassment at the casinoOverserved or drugged guests Food poisoning at the Casino restaurantsAccidents or assaults in the parking lotHotel room or bathroom assaults Accidents caused by insufficient or understaffed hotel casinoAll of these injuries or accident scenarios happen all the time at all casinos including The Cosmopolitan.

If you have had anything like this happen to you Call The Richard Harris Law Firm today.

get compensation for injuries at Cosmo ResortCompensation From a Cosmopolitan Lawsuit

If you’re visiting Las Vegas and get injured at a casino like The Cosmopolitan it can not only ruin your trip and cost you the money you paid for the trip, but if you are injured the cost could be ongoing.

As a result a lawyer can get damages recovered from accidents that happened on the casino floor or in any other part of the hotel because of neglect on the part of the hotel.

The damages can include:All medical bills, past present and future- this includes immediate care, surgeries, physical therapy , prescriptions and any ongoing medical proceduresChange in itinerary expenses- if you are injured you might have to extend your stay to receive proper medical attentionPhysical injury compensationLost income- from the immediate injury and any future income lost Pain and suffering Mental health medications and treatmentAny additional hardships caused as a part of the accident or injury at the casino

Compensation can be either financial as in money calculated to put a dollar value on the damage for example financial are lost wages and medical bills.

Non-financial are not as easy to quantify, for example pain and suffering does not have a dollar amount attached to it and is solely based on emotional experience.

In some states including Nevada there is a cap on non-economic damages of $350,000.

There is no limit on economic damages at this time.

Damages can be recovered only if you file a suit within 2 years of the accident or in the case of death the date of the victims death in Nevada.



Cosmopolitan Resort History

The cosmopolitan is one of the newest resorts in Las Vegas.

The Cosmo as it’s known and in this article will be referred to opened on December 15th 2010 on The Las Vegas strip and quickly became one of the busiest and most popular casinos in Las Vegas.

The Cosmo features 3027 rooms spread out over two towers known as the Boulevard and the Chelsea towers.

There is also 110,000 square feet of casino gaming space, and 300,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space.

These are just a few of the stats about the Cosmo but to understand the enormity of the resort you should just see it for yourself if you haven’t.

The Chandelier bar is something to see in the middle of the casino; it features a chandelier of over 2 million crystal beads.

The resort has many high end restaurants and clubs on the property including the most famous night and day clubs Marquee.

There is also a signature spa and The Boulevard Pool available for guests’ use.Since the Cosmo is such a large property in Las Vegas it is no surprise that it employs almost 5400 part time and full time employees.

They made headlines on May 22 when they gave every employee that works at The Cosmo a $5,000 bonus. Since the Cosmopolitan is such a large Las Vegas property you can imagine that there are accidents everyday from either employees or guests. There was once a fire on the pool deck after the Cosmo first opened and last year on New Years weekend a man fell to death from a fall from multiple stories up.

All hotel resorts in Las Vegas including The Cosmopolitan are really good at sweeping these injuries under the rug.

We all remember “ What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas”, well in the case of accidents and injury that was usually the case.

Having lived in Vegas for many years we saw over and over how hotels including the Cosmopolitan were able to make serious injuries disappear.

Something that visitors know nothing about or if they were serious enough to make the news the story was gone the next day.