Park MGM Casino Hotel Injury Lawyers

Park MGM casino injury lawyers

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The Park MGM is a beautiful casino in the heart of Vegas, but people do get injured there.

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Injuries at The Park MGM

The Park MGM, formally The Monte Carlo is located between two other big properties on the Las Vegas Strip.

A lot of tourists will spend a day walking down the strip and walking to all the hotel casinos.

In the summer many tourists will go into a casino briefly just to get out of the heat.

This creates a lot of foot traffic through all the big resort hotels.

The more people who are on the hotel casino property the more likely for an injury or accident.

There are many factors that play into being injured at a hotel casino.

There may be issues with not enough staff on the property to sustain the amount of guests.

Unsafe equipment is another common issue among many others that can affect guests or employee  safety.

The most common hotel casino injury is a slip and fall accident usually associated with a wet or uneven surface on the casino floor.

Other types of common injuries include:

  • Assaults and physical attacks

  • Escalator accidents due to broken escalators

  • Food poisoning

  • Fire and smoke related injuries

  • Burn and scalding

  • Elevator accidents

  • Hotel staff injuries

  • Hotel room accidents

  • Inadequate or negligent security staff

  • Shuttle bus accidents

  • Staircase injuries

  • Swimming pool accidents

  • Spa related injuries

  • Unsafe or faulty equipment based accidents



Injured While Visiting Park MGM Casino Hotel

If you or a loved one has been injured while visiting Park MGM you need to get the right people in your corner as soon as possible to fight for what you deserve.

The casino staff might seem like they are there to help and maybe they are, but remember they work for the casino and have the best interest of the hotel in mind.

You should know that there are certain things you should do immediately after an injury that can make all the difference.

  1. Don’t sign anything- never accept any “ gifts” from hotel staff like chips, free rooms, free meals. These gifts are just a way to avoid responsibility for their negligent actions that caused your injury. Never sign any documents or give recorded statements without speaking with a lawyer first. They might try and make you a low ball offer to get the injury case closed without paying what they really should.

  2. Seek medical attention- always ask to see a doctor or go to the hospital to be checked out by a medical professional. You may have injuries you don’t know about like internal injuries or injuries that won’t be known until later. Always keep all medical records.

  3. Gather evidence- talk to any witnesses and get their information, take video or photos, ask for surveillance video from the casino, and get copies of any accident reports.

  4. Call a Nevada personal injury lawyer- dealing with a large casino or their insurance companies to get the compensation you deserve can be difficult at best. Hiring an experienced legal team to help you get the compensation you deserve. We will hell with every step of the process.



Compensation From a Casino Injury Lawsuit

When a casino hotel like Park MGM is negligent in their practices and causes injuries to guests or staff, the casino must be held accountable.

In some cases the injuries are severe when someone is injured in the casino gaming area, hotel room or even the pool area for example.

Then the victim should be able to recover damages that come from the casino’s negligence including:

  • All medical expenses past, present and future

  • Itinerary change expenses

  • Physical injury compensation

  • Lost income from missed work or future income

  • Pain and suffering damages

  • Mental health related medications and treatment

  • Any additional physical, mental, or financial hardships caused by the casino’s negligence


An experienced legal team can guide you through the process to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.


Statute of limitations for a hotel casino injury

The statute of limitations in Nevada for a personal injury claim for a premises liability lawsuit is two years.

That means two years from the date of injury at the casino hotel.

The clock starts ticking the minute the accident happens and that’s why hiring the right lawyer as soon as possible is key to get you what you deserve.


Park MGM Casino Hotel History

The Park MGM was originally The Monte Carlo casino located on the strip and has been open since 1996.

It was renovated and rebranded as the Park MGM between 2016 and 2018. The Park MGM has almost 3000 rooms.

The hotel was originally designed to remind you of the Place Du Casino in Monte Carlo and was designed to look like a representation of the Monte Carlo property with marble floors and chandelier domes.

The Monte Carlo originally also had a hotel within a hotel called Hotel 32.

Hotel 32 was an ultra luxury boutique hotel located on the top floor of the Monte Carlo or Park MGM.

Hotel 32 had 50 lofts ranging from 850 square feet to 2000 square feet and came with private elevator access and a personal assistant who provided personal concierge and butler service.

Hotel 32 was one of the first to use branded I-phones given to guests to promote the use of hotel amenities.

In 2016 Hotel 32 became the NoMad Las Vegas.

The NoMad hotel is still a hotel within a hotel of The Park MGM.

The NoMad was converted into 300 rooms at the top of the Park MGM.

After all the casinos closed in Las Vegas during the Covid 19 Pandemic the Park MGM reopened in September of 2020 with a new non-smoking policy becoming the only resort on the Las Vegas Strip to be smoke free property.