Circus Circus Casino Injury Lawyers

circus circus casino injury lawyers

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If you or your child have been injured while visiting Circus Circus you need to consult with an attorney that deals with casino injuries.

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Circus Circus Child injuries

Most children get bumps and bruises all the time.

It happens that children are curious by nature and can get into all kinds of things that can cause them to be injured.

Every kid has skinned their knee from falling, that’s a common thing that happens.

But what happens when it’s not just kids being kids?

Injuries at casinos are common amongst adults, not many people think about kids being injured in a hotel casino but unfortunately it happens more frequently than you might think.

Some of the most common child injuries in casino hotels are:

  1. Choking hazards- choking hazards are one of the most common childhood injuries. A small child might put something in their mouth that should have not been left where a child could reach it. Children always put things in their mouths even though they may not know what it is.

  2. Pool accidents- drowning or pool related accidents happen more often than you may think. Children love the pool and in Las Vegas it’s hot. Parents assume every hotel has an experienced lifeguard team on staff and the pool areas are safe, however that is not always the case.

  3. Slip and falls- this is the most common injury in casinos for adults and one of the most common for children. Children walk around without any hesitation to obstructions or wet surfaces, broken glass or other objects that may cause them to fall.

  4. Falling from rides- rides at amusement parks either at Circus Circus or any other park are always a hazard. People fall from rides all the time being severely injured or in some cases causing death. Human error is almost always the cause of accidents that take place on amusement park rides.

  5. Injuries from falling or broken objects- kids get into everything, broken objects don’t make a kid stop and notice in some cases it makes them more attracted to whatever is going on. Kids get hit with falling objects or pick up broken things and get lacerations, cuts, broken bones and bruises.


Even though it is always the parents duty to be vigilant of their kids activities, accidents and injuries due to negligence at a casino can and do happen.

If your child has been injured while visiting a hotel in Las Vegas like Circus Circus you need to contact a lawyer who has experience dealing with casino injuries.



injured at circus circus

Injured at Circus Circus

Most adults may not think they are hurt when they get injured at a hotel casino.

They may not seek medical attention for themselves believing they don’t need it.

Kids are different, especially the younger ones.

Younger kids may cry when hurt, but are not always able to articulate their pain or injuries or where they are actually hurt.

It is up to adults to assess injuries and determine the treatment.

There are some steps that you should take if injured in a casino accident but more so if it’s a small child:

Seek medical attention – again adults might not think they need it but should always go to at least be checked out. A child at a place like Circus Circus should head to the hospital immediately for evaluation and treatment.

Report the accident– you need to report the accident to hotel personnel mainly a manger or security staff and in some cases the police

Gather any information – it may help you prove what happened to your child and why, a witness can be very valuable

Medical treatment follow up- the initial medical treatment is not always the end, any follow up treatments for children should be followed up with no matter what

Contact a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer – our law firm has experience in children injured at a hotel casino



What To do After an Injury at Circus Circus?

A good lawyer will always tell you what you should do after injuries at a hotel casino, but we are also here to tell you what not to do.

Many injury victims make a mistake that could hurt their lawsuit down the road.

Your best bet is to call our law firm today and get a Free consultation.

Never assume the insurance companies will just write you a check and pay your medical bills.

Unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way.

  1. Don’t wait as time is the essence in personal injuries cases. The courts are slow moving but you only have two years from the date of the incident to file a claim against Circus Circus or any other casino.

  2. Never speak with an insurance adjuster alone or give recorded statements. Insurance adjusters may come across as helpful but the bottom line is they will use any statements you give to either reduce your claim, deny the claim altogether, or give you a low ball offer.

  3. Never try to file a personal injury claim against a casino like Circus Circus without legal representation. Navigating the legal system can be daunting and trying to make sure you’re doing just the right thing when it comes to a personal injury claim can even cause you to lose a chance at any financial compensation if not done the right way. An experienced personal injury lawyer will file a claim for you and make sure you get the compensation you deserve.



Circus Circus Casino

We all remember in the movie Casino at the end where they knock all the old hotels down and replace them with themed hotels with attractions.

Well maybe the first on the map was Circus Circus since it opened in Las Vegas in 1968.

The first of many themed hotels to promote a family friendly environment, and we all know how that worked out for Las Vegas.

Circus Circus when it first opened only had a casino and a second floor gaming area for children.

Over the years Circus Circus grew into a hotel with two towers of rooms and even a full RV park out back.

Circus Circus still has the largest permanent circus in the world featuring circus and trapeze acts as well as carnival games.

The adventure dome was also eventually added to Circus Circus, an indoor amusement park.

Circus Circus may seem like a mishmash of amusement park and arcade but believe it or not it happens to have one of the best kept secrets in Las Vegas.

The Steakhouse at Circus Circus is considered by locals as one of the best Steakhouses in Las Vegas.

Having entertainment that is geared toward children and amusement park like atmosphere creates a unique set of circumstances that not many other hotels are faced with when it comes to injury and the group of people who are injured.

Most hotel casino injuries are adults being hurt while visiting a casino hotel in Las Vegas, however since the Circus Circus is geared toward family entertainment and has an amusement type atmosphere children may be injured at Circus Circus more than any other hotel in Las Vegas.

Currently Circus Circus is owned by casino owner Phil Ruffin after recently being sold by MGM.

Circus Circus has been open since 1968 and has endorsed many different renovations and owners since it was opened.

During that time there have been many incidents that have caused guests of the hotel to be injured.

There has been everything from a shooting that injured 4 people to a guest falling from the roller coaster at the Adventure dome.

The RV park has even got a reputation as a high crime area for theft even with armed security.