Cromwell Casino Hotel Injury Lawyer 

You need to contact a personal injury lawyer immediately after a casino hotel accident occurs.

In Nevada you only have two years to file a claim against the casino you have been injured at.

Why not do it with Nevada’s top personal injury team The Richard Harris Law Firm.

We have been in Las Vegas for over 40 years and recovered over a $ Billion dollars for their clients over the years.

We have an experienced team with many years of dealing with casino customers that were injured.

Don’t Fight The Casino Alone!

The casinos have a large legal team on their side, so should you.

Call The Richard Harris Law Firm if you have been injured at The Cromwell or any casino.

Never just sit and wait for the casinos to help you if you were injured on their Las Vegas casino hotel property.


injuries happen at cromwell casino

Casino Injuries at The Cromwell

Since The Cromwell and Drai’s are located in the center of the Las Vegas Strip there are three walking bridges that you can use to get there without being on the strip.

Also Drai’s is a day club and after hours nightclub, so in most cases people who are showing up to Drai’s have been out elsewhere before Drai’s drinking and doing other activities.

This as you may think can be a recipe for disaster.

Accidents in the casino and Drai’s happen more often than you think.

What happens if you get hurt late at night at The Cromwell?

Your trip will most likely be ruined and if injured enough you might have to extend your stay to receive medical attention.

Accidents that happen when you’re on a trip can be financially devastating.

Think of broken bones, head injury, facial injury (from a security guard), concussion, or an injury at the pool.

Getting The Richard Harris Law Firm involved can ease the burden after an accident in a casino or nightclub. 

The Richard Harris Law Firm has been representing clients against the big casinos for over 4 decades.

The Cromwell like all other casinos are in the business of making money all while minimizing expenses.

The Cromwell Doesn’t Like Lawsuits

Injured casino guests and staff are the ones who ultimately pay the price when involved in an accident at the casino. 

The Richard Harris Law Firm has seen it all with casino incidents over the 40 years operating as the Las Vegas most successful personal injury firm.

Even though The Cromwell has had a massive renovation and name change over the decades since it opened doesn’t mean the owners have changed their tune when it comes to guests and staff safety.

There have been many changes in the safety laws since The Cromwell opened as The Barbary Coast in 1979, however just because the laws have changed to be more current with the items doesn’t mean the casino follows the rules to the letter. 

If you are a loved one has been injured in and casino or club incident at The Cromwell including slip and fall,  food poisoning, sexual assault including date rape, and even drugged drinks at Drai’s.

Call The Richard Harris Law Firm today.


slip and fall accident at Cromwell casino las vegas

What Causes Injuries at The Cromwell

Casino and nightclub injuries are more common than you may think and even what you may think is your fault may be the responsibility of the casino or club.

The most commonly reported accident at the casino is slip and fall.

But other types of accidents can include:

  • Assault– assault includes something as simple as a harassing guest to another guests, sexual assault in any area of the hotel casino, date rape, drugging a victim to assault them, forcable sexual assault of any kind.

  • Food and Alcohol Poisoning- Food poisoning is food that is served to guests that contains bacteria because of not being properly handled. Alcohol poisoning occurs when someone drinks too much, even though this is your responsibility the casino may be liable because they over served you. Casino’s very rarely cut guests off, the more you drink the more money you might lose.

  • Outside injuries– This includes injuries that happen in the valet area or parking lot or garage. 

  • Injuries that happened in your hotel room- Believe it or not a lot of injuries in the casino take place in your room. For example falling in the shower is the most common room injury. 

  • Understaffed or inattentive casino staff– Let’s face it, casinos are in the business of making money and the most expensive thing in a casino is the staff. So casinos are notoriously under-staffed or staffed with team members who haven’t been trained properly in guests of hotel safety.

These are just a few of the examples of injuries that can happen at any casino.

Since The Cromwell is in such a high traffic area, centrally located on the strip these accidents are more common than you think.

If you have had any of these injuries while staying at The Cromwell call The Richard Harris Law Firm today.

If you got injured while working at Cromwell then contact us regarding a workers compenstation claim.


What To do if Injured at The Cromwell

We at Richard Harris Law Firm recommend you do the following if injured in any accident not just the Casino:

  1. Notify the hotel or casino management immediately

  2. Seek medical attention- note this is very important for many reasons, even if you don’t think you are injured get checked out anyway. This can be very beneficial to you later on.

  3. Document as much as you can, take photos or video of the area. Take to anyone around you that maybe a witness and get their information.

  4. Under no circumstances should you sign anything or speak on the record with anyone working for or with the casino. As much as they seem like they want to help, at the end of the day they work for the casino.

  5. Once you are safe and have gotten the medical treatment you need. Contact a personal injury lawyer and have a case evaluation. They will advise you what to expect from your case.



get compensation for accident at cromwell casino

Compensation From Cromwell injury lawsuit

Since hotel casinos like The Cromwell are held to a certain standard of safety, they are considered to be neglectful when safety issues are disregarded.

So if you are injured in a casino hotel like The Cromwell our job is to recover every form of damages that you are entitled to that will make you as whole as possible.

That is what damages are, a financial amount to get you back to your normal life or as much as possible.

These are some of the most common damages recovered by our team for our clients:

  • All medical expenses- any associated medical expenses current and future that are related to the accident

  • Lost income- any monies that you can no longer earn or could have earned due to your injuries

  • Pain and suffering

  • Mental health medications and therapy 

  • Punitive damages- these are damages assessed by the court if they find the casino hotel neglectful 


Our team at Richard Harris fights for our clients to get you the maximum settlement you deserve.

We will go after all of the damages that you deserve due to being injured at The Cromwell.

Cromwell Casino Hotel Info

Located on the corner of Flamingo Road and The Las Vegas strip The Cromwell as they say has location, location, location.

It has come a long way over the years and always has a way of reinventing itself.

Believe it or not this hotel opened in 1979 as The Barbary Coast casino.

It kept that name and was owned by the same company until 2007 when it was purchased by Harrah’s Entertainment and was reopened as Bill’s Gamblin Hall and Saloon a nod to the old Vegas and named after the founder of Harrah’s entertainment Bill Harrah.

After Harrah’s was changed to Caesars entertainment, Bills was again closed and reopened as the Cromwell in 2014 and has remained the same since.

It is considered a boutique hotel due to the small size, believe it or not the hotel only holds 188 rooms.

Drai’s Nightclub

But what Cromwell is really known for is Drais rooftop nightclub and day pool.

Drai’s is a 65,000 sq ft venue that offers a variety of night and day life amenities to club goes.

Drai’s actually turns 25 this year and that in Las Vegas is a lifetime for a nightclub spot.

The Cromwell and Drai’s are an adults only entertainment venue excluding the restaurant Giada.

The Cromwell is notably smaller than other resort casinos on the Las Vegas Strip but it packs a punch with its location, if you haven’t been there it is literally smack in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip.

Drai’s has been the subject of many police investigations due to fights breaking out, people getting injured during fights, overcrowding and even a shooting.

Even though Drai’s has been around for 25 years it is notorious for late night antics.