Railroad Pass Casino Injury Lawyer

railroad pass casino injury lawyers

Have you ever been to the Railroad Pass Hotel and Casino?

It is a one-of-a-kind historical place that has been serving locals and travelers since 1931.

The Railroad Pass is located in the far southeast corner of Henderson, NV.

With smoking and non-smoking pet friendly rooms this property has a lot to offer.

With every hotel and casino property there is always a chance that an accident can occur.

There a many ways an injury can happen at the Railroad Pass.


What to Do If Injured at The Railroad Pass Hotel?

If you were injured at the Railroad Pass and it was due to negligence of another than you have every right to file a lawsuit.

Our lawyers at Richard Harris are skilled in all types of personal injury accidents.

Hotel and casino injury accidents in Nevada are our specialty and we are here to help.

Our law firm has been serving clients since 1980.

That is not as long as the Railroad Pass has been around but it is still a lot of experience.

Getting our clients the maximum compensation is our goal.

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How Injuries Happen at The Railroad Pass

Looking at all the ways injuries can occur on a hotel and casino property are endless.

The seriousness of the injuries sustained can be wide ranging as well.

Rooms – Being injured in a hotel room happens more than one might think. Rooms at the Railroad Pass include items like; irons, flat screens, hair dryers, refrigerators, and furniture. The bathrooms and showers are always a danger. Leaking faucets, toilets and pipes can cause a wet floor where an unsuspecting visitor can slip and fall. Faulty electrical outlets are always a risk for electrocution and shocks. Hair dryers can be very dangerous if there is faulty wiring or they get near water.

Furniture in the rooms can also cause a major incident. Beds and chairs in a hotel room take a lot of abuse. With customers continuously using them they need to be checked constantly. A person can fall out of a chair and hit their head. The Railroad Pass has rooms with two (2) queen beds, king beds, and couches. Maintenance of all the furniture in the rooms is important. Bed bugs have also become a major issue in hotel rooms in Nevada. These annoying bugs can do serious damage if a person has an allergic reaction. If you are injured in a room due to any of these reasons you can file a lawsuit for your injury.

Hotel and Casino Floor – The Railroad Pass Casino has over 300 games on the floor. Slot machines, video poker, keno and Wheel of Fortune are just a few. Getting injured on the floor of a casino does happen and can ruin your fun. With people drinking and playing there is always a chance for a wet floor. Cocktails hitting the tile can make for a slippery floor. Carpet that is damaged and uneven can cause a trip. It is always important for management and property owners to be monitoring the floors of the casino. Casino floors are mopped throughout the day. It is vital to have the proper signage in place to warn every one of the danger. A freshly mopped floor and no signs posted can lead to a disaster.


Restaurants and Lounges – With a variety of eating options the Railroad Pass can be busy with customers eating, drinking, and gambling in the sports book. There is plenty of opportunity for an accident to occur in this environment. If a fight breaks out in the sports book and you are injured by an over served patron the bar can be held liable. Food and drinks can spill or fall off the table and create danger. Floors can have slick spots from food or a wide variety of liquids. Management must be attentive of anything that could cause an accident. Servers going back and forth to the kitchen can bring grease out to the main restaurant area. If you have ever worked in a restaurant then you know how the floors can get messy. Let us not forget food poisoning. This can really ruin a vacation or visit to the restaurant. Getting food poisoning from room service is an issue as well.

Railroad Pass Travel Center Injury – This is a unique property because it also has a travel center. This includes a gas station; truck stop and a convenient store. An injury can occur at all hours of the day. Attendants of this area need to be on their ‘A’ game in order to keep this safe for everyone. Security is important and monitoring should be provided for customer safety. This is a 24-hour operation. The center is around 8,500 sq feet filled with products ranging from snacks, coffee, sandwiches, souvenirs, and auto supplies. Spills and oil slicks from the parking lot can make a slip and fall occur.

Security – This is always a big issue when it comes to hotel and casino properties. Having a travel center on the property adds even more risk. It is important that any property that invites guests on it provide a safe environment. We all hope that the property owner and management feel the same. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and injury can happen. Any property that conducts business 24 hours a day can attract some unsavory clientele at times. If you were attacked and injured in the parking lot because the lights were out than the property can be held responsible. Security must be in place and properly trained to handle situations that arise.

In some cases, there is not enough security staffing. In other cases, the staff may be untrained or negligent in their duties. Assault and battery, robberies and other types of attacks can happen at any time. It is important to be aware of your surroundings these days when on any property. Alcohol is often a factor in security issues and those on the property need to be monitored and not over served.



dealing with insurance company

Dealing With a Casino Injury Can Be Complicated

It can be complicated when you file a lawsuit against a hotel and casino property like the Railroad Pass.

Owners and their insurance companies will often try their best not to pay you what you deserve.

Taking a personal injury case on by yourself is not recommended.

Being injured is bad enough let alone dealing with all the legal issues that will arise.

Richard Harris will fight to protect your rights and get you paid for all the damages from the injuries.

Once we look at all the evidence and determine who was at fault, we will than put together a case that gives you the best chance to succeed.

Hotel and casino negligence damages can include but not limited to; medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

These bills can add up quickly.

Physical injury can be painful but emotional trauma can be just as damaging to an individual.


Slip, Trip and Fall

This is the most common type of injury case that we see at hotel and casino properties.

This is usually considered a premise liability case in Nevada.

In places like hotels and casinos there is a responsibility of the owner to provide a safe experience.

If there is an accident and the evidence proves that it was due to another’s negligence than you have every right to file a claim for damages.

If there was a leak, spill, crack, etc. that was left unattended to then the property can be held liable for negligence if it caused an injury.

Obviously not every injury at the Railroad Pass will be due to their negligence.

If it is their fault and we can prove it than you have a great chance at compensation.


Injuries From a Casino Accident

Head Injuries – Very common in slip, trip and fall accidents. A hard hit to the head can cause Traumatic Brain injury. TBI can be devastating and cause a lifetime of problems. In less severe cases of head trauma the symptoms may go away in a week or two and the person goes back to work and their daily life as usual. In more severe cases a person can have symptoms that keep them out of work and unable to return to their daily routine. Some of the symptoms of TBI include; memory loss, headaches, dizziness, and loss of function. Head injuries can lead to long term care and loss of quality of life.

Bone Breaks – Bones can break if there is too much pressure put on them. Falling hard to the ground can do this. All bones of the body are at risk. Arms and wrists can break while trying to protect yourself or if directly hit. Legs, feet, back and ribs can break as well. Any time a person breaks a bone there will be doctors’ visits and recovery time. Not good if you are trying to keep a job.