Casino Royale Injury Lawyer

Since every accident and injury is different there are always different opinions on what to do when injured at a casino.

Never trust the casino hotel to handle your injury, call Richard Harris Law Firm today to be safe.

We can help people who were injured at Casino Royale.

We have been serving Las Vegas injury victims for over 40 years and we have won over $1 Billion for our clients.

Any good lawyer will tell you there are a few simple rules that you should always follow immediately after being injured at any hotel and casino including Casino Royale.

  1. Notify a casino hotel employee immediately 

  2. Seek immediate medical attention

  3. Gather evidence, talk to witnesses, take or gather photos or video evidence

  4. Seek the advice of a personal injury attorney that specializes in casino hotel injury of both guests and employees

  5. Don’t sign any documents or record any statements to the casino or its agents unless you have spoken with an attorney first.



Casino Royale Accidents

Casino Royale has been around for a long time and is affiliated with The Best Western Hotel.

Since it is a high traffic area with a walk through to larger casino properties on either side this can be a breeding ground for many types of incidents and injuries.

Casino Royale has been known to flood during heavy rains.

Fights are something you hear about on a regular basis at Casino Royale.

We all know slip and fall is the most reported accident at any casino but Casino Royale receives a lot of slip and fall complaints due its dark hallways and uneven walkways added over time for easier access.

Casino Royale has a history of even some major crimes taking place at the casino including a shooting, a deadly car crash in front of the casino.

Fire is also a major concern at every Casino and over the years there have been few major fires at casinos in Las Vegas, some guests have even passed away in these fires.

Casino Royale may be small but it is a lot of fun and doesn’t break the bank.

The Best Western does not own Casino Royale however it is a privately owned property so if you do get injured at Casino Royale you will be dealing with a small private company not a giant corporation.


injured at casino royale casino

Common Casino Accidents

Slip and falls – always the most reported accident that happens in a casino is a slip and fall but there are many other incidents that happen when a lot of people are together in a small space with alcohol and gambling.

Fire- Fire takes place in casinos all the time, usually the smaller ones are the ones we don’t hear about. However, the big ones that happen at Casinos make the news and sometimes people get hurt from being burned or from smoke and lung damage. During some of the bigger fires guests and employees of the hotel have died.

Flood– As we all know Vegas is built in the desert where there is extreme weather, especially extreme heat and it really doesn’t rain all that much but when it does it pours. Since Vegas is in the desert the drainage system is severely lacking if at all. Flooding is a common issue at some hotels like the old Imperial Palace and Casino Royale are notorious for flooding. Flooding causes injuries like lacerations from debris being carried by the water. Electrical burns from open wires that get wet from the water. Falls from rushing water.

Debris in Food- Food poisoning isn’t the only injury that can happen while eating at a casino hotel. Casinos, even smaller ones like Casino Royale, receive tons of food from vendors to prepare meals at all their eating establishments. These food items arrive on large trucks in big boxes with staples and plastic. Sometimes outside debris gets into food items and ends up in your meal. You may cut your mouth or in some cases loose a tooth because of this debris. If you swallow these items your injuries could be very severe for example internal bleeding from swallowing broken glass.

Falling off a slot machine chair- Yup you’re playing the slots ,maybe spinning the wheel at the Wheel of Fortune video machine hoping for the free spin when all of the sudden boom you’re on the floor or maybe you hit your head on the slot machine behind you. Casinos are notorious for fixing and refixing broken items sometimes to the point that they become dangerous like casino slot chairs, yes you can get hurt by playing the slots.

Other more common injuries that happen in all casino hotels:

  • Casino slip and fall accidents

  • Gaming area slip and fall accidents

  • Pool and hot tub area slip and fall accidents

  • Poorly maintained casino walkways

  • Poorly maintained casino elevators

  • Poorly maintained or faulty casino chairs

  • Casino assaults

  • Casino harassment

  • Traumatic casino incidents involving over-served guests

  • Food poisoning at casino restaurant

  • Injuries sustained on casino shuttle buses

  • Injuries sustained in casino parking lot accidents

  • Injuries sustained in casino hotel rooms or bathrooms

  • Inattentive or understaffed casino security


If any of these injuries have happened to you while playing the very loose slots or dollar craps at Casino Royale in Las Vegas you should call The Richard Harris Law Firm for a free consultation.


recovering money from casino royale accident

Compensation From a Las Vegas Casino Injury Lawsuit

Attempting to make our clients whole after a casino accident or injury is our main goal.

This happens by filing a claim against the neglectful party in this case the casino to recover monetary damages to help with bills and recovery after your injury.

Damages that can recovered after an accident –

  1. Lost wages

  2. Medical expenses 

  3. Pain and suffering

  4. Changes in itinerary due to the accident

  5. Mental health medications and treatment

  6. Any additional physical, mental, or financial hardship caused by the hotel casino’s negligence

  7. Punitive damages 


Injured at Las Vegas Casino Royale

Our team of experienced Las Vegas injury attorneys have been winning cases for our clients for four decades now.

If you were injured in a casino hotel call our premier team of personal injury attorneys at The Richard Harris Law Firm and speak with someone immediately regarding your case.

We don’t get paid until we win your case.

However time is running out the minute the accident happens, call today you only have two years from the date of the accident to file a claim against the casino where you were injured.

We have recovered over a billion dollars for our clients over the years.

Our goal is to get you the maximum settlement you deserve after being injured at Casino Royale.

It does not matter if you are an employee or a guest you are entitled to the same damages if the casino is determined to be at fault.

Call today for a free consultation appointment.

Casino Royale History and Info

Casino Royale, if you know you know ….

Casino Royale is a hidden gem on the Las Vegas Strip and if you blink or walk too fast you’ll miss it. It is tiny and located between two very large Vegas landmarks.

But Casino Royale is still there because it is so much fun and not at all fancy or expensive.

Nowhere else on the strip can you play dollar table games like craps or blackjack.

They are also the only casino left to offer free drinks when gambling and dollar margaritas and dollar bottled beers.

The slots are known to be loose among the regulars who go there.

Named after the famous Casino Royale in Monte Carlo they couldn’t be more different.

Casino Royale is located inside the Best Western hotel and offers less expensive accommodations to locals and visitors alike. 

Casino Royale was formerly known as the Nob Hill Casino and opened in the spring of 1964 so it’s been around for a long time.

In 1968 it was associated with the Travelodge chain and was known as The Caravan Travelodge with 164 rooms.

Nob Hill operated between Denny’s and the Travelodge and offered the lowest strip limits with quarter craps, ten cent roulette and dollar blackjack. Nob Hill was closed in 1990 due to the lease expiring. 

Replacing Nob Hill was Casino Royale in 1992 to a remodeled property. It has remained open since then offering 19,000 sq feet of gambling space. 

When you walk through Casino Royale you do feel like it’s old school Vegas.

The ceilings are low and it does smell like wet carpet and cigarettes.

However, Casino Royale is a really good time without spending a bunch of money.