Flamingo Casino Hotel Injury Lawyer


The Flamingo may be the oldest resort on the strip and the only hotel left that was opened before 1950, but The Richard Harris Law Firm has been in town for over 40 years in downtown Las Vegas.

Since we have been in Vegas longer than most hotels and casinos have, we are experts at dealing with large hotel chains and injury cases.

The staff at Richard Harris is dedicated to getting our injured clients the settlement they deserve.

Our expert lawyers are not intimidated by big corporate companies that own and operate most of the hotel casinos in the area including The Flamingo.

Do go up against these big hotel casinos alone, our experienced team will do everything from talking with insurance adjusters to filing paperwork on time to get you the settlement you deserve.

Most people don’t come to Las Vegas and expect that they will be injured while visiting for business or vacation.

However it is more common than you think and people get injured all the time at big casino’s like The Flamingo.

The Richard Harris law firm will take clients that are local to the Las Vegas area as well as guests who were visiting from out of town.

You should always have an experienced local attorney when filing a claim against a casino.

The Richard Harris team has been in Las Vegas for so long we have standing relationships with all the court personnel and know the local laws in and out.

If you were injured while visiting Vegas or staying at The Flamingo call Richard Harris for a free consultation of your possible case.

Richard Harris Law Firm is the best casino injury law firm in Nevada. 

Common Flamingo Hotel Casino injury

No matter what hotel casino you visit including The Flamingo the injuries that happen to locals and visitors alike are basically the same.

As most people would expect the larger casinos might have more injuries reported since the amount of people they have visiting is significantly larger.

The most common hotel injuries at hotels like The Flamingo are:

  • Slip and Fall- This is the most common injury no matter what hotel you’re at. Slips and falls account for a majority of all reported accidents and are caused for a variety of reasons including wet floors, broken items on the floor, uneven or broken floors areas like ripped carpets or uneven flooring.
  • Pool Accidents- Most hotels like The Flamingo have made the pool a focus area for the property, and rightfully so, it is over 100 degrees for months in Las Vegas. With pool areas becoming more like entertainment opportunities for the hotels, pool gatherings with alcohol and DJs or bands caused the pools to be busier than ever. This invites more incidents at the pools with too many guests and not enough staff. Pool accidents can be anything from a slip and fall in the pool to drowning.
  • Food Poisoning-Since big casino hotels have many eating establishments including large buffets that feed hundreds of people at a time. This scenario creates the perfect environment perfect for food borne illness. Even though the health department is vigilant in keeping everyone safe, the sheer volume of food that is processed at a large casino is enough that food poisoning can and will happen.
  • Broken Furniture accidents-Broken and unrepaired furniture like the chairs at slot machines is used by many just in one day. Not all of this stuff is inspected or repaired regularly. This offers a perfect opportunity for a broken piece of furniture to break and cause a guest to fall and be injured just while sitting at a slot machine.
  • Assaults- One of the most horrific injuries that happens in Vegas. Assaults most commonly occur between one patron and another and involve alcohol. However it’s not uncommon that a staff member like a bouncer or security guard has been found guilty of assaulting patrons at a hotel or club.
  • Misc – Other injuries include people getting hurt by security, the escalators, broken chairs, too much alcohol (being overserved), and even fighting with other people.


There are many other injuries that occur at casino hotels but these are the most common ones.

If you have been injured at a hotel like The Flamingo call Richard Harris today.

Don’t Trust Insurance Companies

When you are injured while visiting or working at a casino like The Flamingo you will always need to deal with the insurance company for the hotel casino you were injured at.

An insurance adjuster will contact you from the hotel’s insurance company.

Never speak to them alone or without consulting a legal representative first.

You will be assigned an adjuster for your case.

This person’s job is to evaluate all the evidence about how you were injured and decide on the value of your case.

Let’s face it insurance companies are businesses with making a profit the number one priority.

Insurance adjusters will use anything recorded evidence to either deny your personal injury claim or give you a low ball offer.

When dealing with the insurance company of places like The Flamingo make sure you never give a written or recorded statement without an attorney.

Always have an attorney like the Richard Harris Law Firm present with you during any interviews by the insurance adjusters after an injury.

Your personal injury lawyer can also answer questions from the insurance company for you and handle all correspondence between the insurance adjuster and you.

What you need to do immediately after being injured at The Flamingo

There are certain steps any good lawyer will tell you that you need to do if you’re injured at a hotel casino like The Flamingo.

After an injury at the hotel the following are the steps you need to take to protect you and get you the help you need:

  • Seek medical attention- Go to the doctor or hospital immediately. Never wait and you may have to go to the one that The Flamingo has via their insurance. No matter , go get checked out, thinking something is not a problem and not going to seek medical assistance could be detrimental to your physical state and could be harmful if you have a personal injury case .
  • Report the incident- Contact hotel security, a manager or other Flamingo employee and report the incident as soon as possible. Make sure you get information on the person you reported the injury to.
  • Gather evidence- any information that is pertinent to your injury and what happened. This includes video surveillance, police reports, medical information, witness information and photos. The sooner you get all this information the better. Video surveillance usually has a date range before it disappears.
  • Consult a personal injury attorney- look accidents happen and people get hurt. But it is the responsibility of the casino to keep all patrons and staff safe from injuries and harm. This sometimes goes wrong and people get hurt. The casinos like The Flamingo have a massive group of attorneys and insurance personnel on their side to help them, why not even the playing field. Call The Richard Harris Law Firm if you have been injured while visiting The Flamingo in Las Vegas. The Flamingo has been in Vegas for a long time but so have we. Call today for a free consultation.


History of Flamingo Casino

The Flamingo hotel casino has the distinction of being the oldest resort to be operating on the Strip and has held that fact since 2007 with the demolition of The Frontier.

The Flamingo was the third resort to open on the Strip and opened in 1946.

The Flamingo is also the only remaining resort that opened before 1950.

The 3,460 room property pays homage to the art deco movement of Miami and South Beach and to this day has kept that vibe through multiple owners and renovations over the years.

The Flamingo offers an amazing outdoor area that includes a sprawling pool area and an open area animal habitat that includes a sanctuary or flamingo’s.

The Flamingo history is legendary with Hollywood and the Mob being involved in the building and opening of the Flamingo. Famous mobsters Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky were among many mobsters who invested in building and opening the casino.

The Flamingo has had many owners since the mob was involved including the Hilton Corporation who purchased the Flamingo in 1972 renaming it The Flamingo Hilton in 1974.

The Flamingo has appeared in many movies and was the site for the original version of Ocean’s 11 in 1960.

The Flamingo is a beautiful property that spans over 40 acres on the heart of the Strip.