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el cortez casino injury lawyers

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Premise Liability in Las Vegas

Basically premise liability says that owners or managers of a business or property must keep their property in a “ reasonably safe condition” and to warn others of hazards on the property that are not otherwise obvious.

You may be able to sue a casino hotel like The EL Cortez if you can prove the following:

There was a dangerous condition on the premises

The property owner or tenant knew ( or could have known) about the dangerous condition and

The dangerous condition caused your injury

If you’ve been injured at a casino hotel your attorney may use the premise liability doctrine to win a case against a casino hotel.

Common Injuries at a Hotel Casino

Nobody goes on vacation to Las Vegas expecting to get injured, but sadly visitors are injured all the time.

Some injuries that take place at all casino hotels in Las Vegas these include:

  1. Slip and Fall, the most common injury at any  casino

  2. Food Poisoning

  3. Assaults

  4. Burns

  5. Pool Accidents

  6. Shuttle Bus Accidents

  7. Parking Garage

  8. Elevator and Escalator Injuries

  9. Alcohol Related

  10. Hotel Room Accidents


When you come to Vegas you never expect to end up injured or hurt while visiting a hotel casino like The El Cortez but accidents happen all the time.

In Las Vegas accidents happen due to the sheer volume of people walking around the strip and downtown.

Fremont Street is a particularly common place where injuries occur as tourists walk around downtown.

who is liable for your injuries at a casino

Who is Responsible for Your Injuries

You may not ever think about being injured while at a Las Vegas casino like The EL Cortez but it happens more frequently than you may think.

But who is responsible for your injuries?

You may think that the go to is the hotel operator or owner but there are others that may be involved that you may not be aware of.

A good casino injury lawyer can investigate who else might be involved in your casino injury claim including:

  1. Tenants- Restaurant and shop owners are tenants of a hotel casino and are responsible for their space within a casino

  2. Construction Companies- Builders may have not built structures properly or to code

  3. Furniture Companies- Supply furniture to casino like tables for restaurants and chairs that may be faulty or not secure

  4. Flooring Companies- Flooring and carpet throughout the hotel property that may have not been property placed

  5. Elevator and Escalator – Repair and maintain the escalators and elevators in hotel casino and may have not maintained them property

  6. Pool Staff- They may not be properly trained or not enough staff to keep an eye on all the guests at a pool

  7. Security Staff- Not enough, not trained or overly aggressive security staff can lead to injuries of guests


A hotel like The El Cortez may not be the only party responsible for your injuries, however your personal injury attorney can investigate to see who else may be responsible for your injuries.

Some of the larger vendors of hotels have deep pockets and may be added to your personal injury claim if they have played a part in your injuries.



What Compensation Can You get After a Casino Injury

If you have been injured in an accident in a Las Vegas hotel casino like The El Cortez, you can expect that you can recover damages in the following categories:

  1. Medical Expenses- Medical expenses often become the foundation for a personal injury claim. Any personal injury could cause medical expenses in the thousands of dollars sometimes into the millions. Medical expenses can include anything from emergency medical treatment to long term recovery treatment like physical therapy. Ongoing medical treatment for long term injuries and care are also a possibility for injuries suffered at a casino.

  2. Lost Wages- After a serious accident you may not be able to work or earn income due to your injuries. If you are unable to work after your injuries leading you without a source of income. Bills don’t stop piling up because you have been injured and can’t work.

  3. Lost Earning Potential- If you have been severely injured you may not be able to return to work in the future. If your injuries prevent you from returning to work you may seek damages for lost earning potential.

  4. Pain and Suffering- You may have non-financial damages that you can recover. You may have severe pain or emotional distress due to your injuries. You may be unable to live your life to your potential due to emotional or physical distress. A good lawyer can quantify your pain and suffering claim.

  5. Punitive Damages- The damages are to punish the negligent party if it’s thought that they acted with extreme reckless or negligent behavior. Punitive damages may be significantly larger than other damages.



What if You’ve Been Injured at The El Cortez

As with any accident there are certain steps that we recommend you take when injured in a casino.

  1. Notify the hotel casino management or security

  2. Seek medical attention

  3. Gather evidence

  4. Do not sign anything or give recorded statements

  5. Seek a personal injury attorney


You will be asked to give a statement to the insurance company.

Never do that without first speaking with a personal injury lawyer.

Insurance companies will use any statements against you to either minimize your claim or to deny it altogether.



How Long do You Have to File a Personal Injury Claim

Nevada has a statute of limitations time frame of two years.

This means that you have two years from the date of your injury to file a personal injury claim.

If your loved one has passed away from injuries sustained at a casino the statute of limitations is two years from the date your loved one passed away.

That’s why hiring a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible is so important to making sure you get the compensation you deserve.

El Cortez Casino History

Can you imagine building a casino hotel resort in Las Vegas for under half a million dollars?

Probably not right, but The El Cortez built in 1941 was built for just $245,000 and is hailed as downtown Las Vegas’ first major resort.

Over the years the El Cortez has gone through many renovations and ownership changes.

The El Cortez is one of the oldest casino hotels in Las Vegas and has never changed the exterior façade and in 2013 it was placed on the national register of historic places.

Today The El Cortez is operated by Station Casinos and in 2022 became another downtown casino to become a 21 and over hotel casino.

This prohibits guests under the age of 21 in resorts including hotel rooms and restaurants, Circa is another downtown hotel resort that caters to people 21 and over.

The El Cortez is known as a break in spot for new dealers that just finished dealing school and want to break into the casino business.

In a lot of cases The El Cortez is the first place a table games dealer will work to gain experience before heading to the bigger casinos on the strip.

In 2013 The El Cortez was the oldest continuously operating hotel casino in Las Vegas.

However in March of 2019 the El Cortez was closed by police for several hours following a shooting downtown.

The El Cortez has a rich history that even includes the mob and other sordid details and is something everyone should see when visiting Las Vegas.