Boulder Station Casino Injury Lawyer

how injuries happen at boulder station casino hotel

Boulder Station Casino is a popular hotel and casino on Boulder Highway.

It has a Boarding Pass for members to get rewards.

Accommodations include a modern new look. Guests can enjoy their rooms and have fun in the casino.

There are plenty of eating options as well.

Restaurants and room service are available 24/7. The summer can get hot. Time to take a dip in the pool.

Soak some rays and just relax.

There is always a risk for injury on a hotel casino property. There are many ways an injury can occur.

Some injuries are due to negligence.

An owner of a property can be held liable if negligence is shown.

Injuries can be devastating. Any time injury occurs they will need time to heal.

There may be loss of wages, medical expenses, pain, and suffering.

Casino properties will try and give you free comps to settle the issue.

They may even pay for your stay.

Make sure not to sign anything that you are not sure about.

It is important to seek the advice of a personal injury attorney.

Not all accidents are the fault of the casino.

However, if it is you deserve to be compensated for all the damages.




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Richard Harris Is Here for You

We are experts in hotel casino injury cases.

We have been in Las Vegas since 1980.

We know how to fight these big corporate property owners.

It is not recommended to go up against them on your own.

Let us take a look at the evidence.

If the injury was due to another, we will put a case together.

Getting you compensated is our goal.

You have every right to file a lawsuit if the injury was the fault of another.

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Reasons For a Boulder Station Injury

At Richard Harris we see all types of injury accidents.

The opportunity for an accident is more than you might think.

Boulder Station began in 1993 and is owned by Station Casinos.

The property is on 27 acres.

That’s a big property with a lot of people. Over the years there have been many incidents that have led to injury on the property.

These injuries have occurred to both guests and employees.

Floors – Wet, icy, or waxed floors are a danger. A floor can get wet in a lot of ways. Broken pipes, leaking faucets, toilets, and a spilled drink are all common. Air conditioning in the summer can create condensation. When water or any liquid hits the tile floor it needs to be mopped up. If there is no maintenance to these spills a customer or employee can go down hard. Injuries sustained from wet floors can be of all types. One of the worse being Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Loose flooring, damaged carpet and mats can create an incident. Public bathrooms will have lots of activity throughout the day. Staff has an obligation to check on the floors so they are safe.

Lighting – Lack of lights is dangerous is multiple ways. Not seeing and tripping is one of them. If there is lack of lighting in the parking garage it can invite crime. Criminals tend to look for opportunities where lighting is lacking. Assaults, battery, and robberies can all happened on the Boulder Station property. Lighting needs to be properly maintained. Bulbs replaced in a reasonable amount of time. Stairwells, elevators, and hallways need to be safe. Proper lighting is important. If the property does not provide adequate lighting, they can be held liable if someone is hurt.

Elevators and Escalators – With all the moving parts an injury can happen. If there is not proper maintenance there can be an accident from a mechanical issue. Getting trapped in an elevator can be traumatizing. Panic can set in and cause respiratory issues. Being stuck in an elevator for a brief moment can cause fear. Escalators can be very dangerous if a person gets clothing or a shoelace caught in it. A broken part of an escalator step can be jagged and cut a person. There are many other extreme injuries I can think of. Always be careful getting on and off an escalator.

Swimming Pool – The Boulder Station Casino has a pool that invites guests to cool off. Temperatures in the summer months can be intense. Mix some alcohol with the heat and you got problems. Management must have safety measures in place that keep the guests safe. Lifeguards need to be trained and ready to respond in an emergency. Staff needs to be paying attention and on the look out for danger. This is not always the case. Sometimes staff in not trained properly. Sometimes they are not paying attention. Sometimes a bartender over serves a guest. A hot tub must also be monitored. Staying in the hot tub too long can be deadly.

Furniture – With hundreds of hotel rooms to maintain furniture needs constant upkeep. A faulty chair in the room or lounge can break and a person can be hurt. Barstools can cause a serious injury if a leg is bad. Constant checks on the furniture must be made to avoid injury. If there is broken furniture that has not been attended to that is a problem. Premise liability law requires a business to provide reasonable safety for their guests. If they know that there is a safety issue and do nothing, they can be held liable.

Food Poisoning – This can be a minor incident or major. It can happen from the food delivered by room service or at one of the many restaurants on property. Harmful germs can get in the food or beverages. Most times symptoms are diarrhea and vomiting. A person will usually get better and the illness mild. In more serious cases a victim can end up in the ER. Complications can make the illness last longer. If the nervous system is affected it can cause serious disease. Children and adults are both at risk. High fever and severe stomach pain can result. Any damages from being poisoned should not come out of pocket. Those responsible for the food poisoning should be held accountable.

Security – If a fight breaks out security needs to react in a timely manner. Having trained and adequate security is vital in a hotel and casino like the Boulder Station. Guests should not be in danger walking from the parking lot into the casino. There have been instances of violence and robbery in these types of 24-hour environments. The property has a responsibility to protect their guests and keep them safe. We usually take this for granted. These days we have to keep our head on a swivel. Having security is one thing. Having them trained and ready is another. Being a victim because there is not proper security is unacceptable.




How Can Richard Harris Help?

  • Gather police report and evidence
  • Get medical records
  • Interview witnesses
  • Determine who was at fault
  • Help you understand the legal issues of the case
  • Help determine what the claim amount is worth
  • Put together a case that gives you the best chance to win
  • Help find you medical help
  • Negotiate for you to get max compensation
  • Go to trial if necessary
  • Get you a fair settlement
  • Protect your rights

Filing a lawsuit against a hotel and casino like the Boulder Station can be complex.

If they are to blame for your injury than we will protect your rights.

Then we will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Remember that there is a two (2) year statute of limitations in Nevada from the time of the accident.

Don’t wait. Call today!



Types of Injuries from a Boulder Station Injury

Broken Bones – Having a broken bone can put you out of commission for a while.

Arms, legs, hands, feet, ribs, and facial bones can be painful. Tripping, slipping, and falling can lead to a broken bone.

Head Injury – Falling back and hitting the skull can be life changing. A physical altercation with an over served guest has happened before. Being attacked in a parking lot. Slipping on a wet floor. Falling back in a faulty chair or booth. There are endless scenarios. If there is major head trauma than a person can have long term symptoms. This can affect a person’s daily life.


Helpful Tip: Document the Accident

After an accident try and get all the evidence you can.

Take pictures and video of the area.

Try and get the property to get you video of the incident.

They may not be so quick to do so. Get any evidence you can including witnesses contact information.

Management of these corporate properties like the Boulder Station will usually put up a fight.

They will not just hand you a pile of cash. Having a professional, knowledgeable personal injury attorney is important.

Richard Harris is just that.

Available 24/7. Contact us for your free consultation.