Tuscany Casino Hotel Injury Lawyers

tuscany casino injury lawyers

The injuries you suffer while visiting Las Vegas may have already ruined your vacation.

You may have been stuck in Las Vegas with a hospital stay and missed work.

Don’t let this unfortunate accident continue to affect your life.

Hiring the best Las Vegas Personal Injury Law Firm now can start to get you back on track after sustaining injuries while visiting the Tuscany Casino.

The Richard Harris Law Firm:

  • During your free consultation we will speak with you about your accident

  • Investigate your case to gather evidence from photos, video, witness statements, expert reports, police reports.

  • Identify all liable parties, including third party vendors; construction companies, food vendors, outside security and any other party that may have played a role in your injuries

  • Assess your economic ( financial) and non-economic (non-financial) damages

  • Negotiate with insurance companies for a fair settlement of your injury claim

  • Handle all communication with all parties involved in your case

  • Review with you all potential offers

  • Update you on the progress of the case and go over all developments

  • Prepare and file a claim within the statute of limitations in Nevada

  • Seek financial recovery for you with a trial if necessary



Who’s Liable for my Injuries at The Tuscany Casino?

Since the Tuscany is privately owned, there are several vendors and outside contractors that may have played a part in your injuries.

The most common are third party vendors who provide goods and services to a hotel casino like Tuscany.

Some of the most common responsible parties other than the owner or operators are:

  • Food and beverage providers

  • Furniture manufacturers

  • Floor installers

  • Concert promoters

  • Outside business owners, restaurant owners

  • Security companies

  • Other guests

  • Vehicle Maintenance Providers

  • Drivers

  • Escalator and Elevator maintenance providers

All casinos use third party companies to provide goods and services to the hotel.

It is not uncommon for a company that provides a good or service to have played a part in your injury at places like Tuscany.

An experienced personal injury firm will do an investigation when they take your case.

This helps us to see if there are any parties other than the casino owners that may have played a part either directly or indirectly in you being injured.

Accidents at Casinos like the Tuscany Include

  • Bed bugs- more common than you think and you can’t see them. But you may wake up with small bites and rashes all over your body. Bed Bugs are gross and believe or not are a problem in Las Vegas with all the hotel rooms.

  • Pool drowning or accidents- most casinos like Tuscany have an inviting pool since Las Vegas is so hot in the summer. Over the years hotel pool parties have become the thing to do in Vegas, ever since Rehab Sundays at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. There have been instances of drownings and other pool related injuries, even a drowning at the Tuscany.

  • Slip and fall accidents- these are the most common accidents that happen while visiting or working at a casino. These incidents occur for many reasons but usually a wet floor or surface it the culprit of a slip and fall accident

  • Assaults by other patrons- listen Vegas has the mantra of “ What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” so people come to Vegas with that in mind and think anything goes. Alcohol fueled days and nights can lead to even the most calm person to act out when they have had too much to drink. The casino is ultimately responsible for ensuring the safety of other guests, even if they do their best people can get hurt from incidents with other guests.

  • Assaults by security- since hotel security is an agent of the hotel they represent the hotel. Sometimes they become too aggressive when securing an incident at the hotel and guests end up getting hurt from excessive force by security staff. There have even been some incidents throughout Vegas over the years where guests have died while in the custody of security staff.

  • Pedestrian accidents in and around casino entrances- valet at some casinos can be a very busy area with a lot going on at one time. It is not uncommon for a guest to be hit or hurt while walking around or in the valet area or the front entrance of any casino.


Although these are the most common ways people get injured at a casino there are many other areas where people get injured.

There are so many people that move in and out of any casino on a daily basis making it the perfect storm for accidents with either the staff or the guests.

If any of these accidents happen to you while you’re visiting the Tuscany Casino you should call Richard Harris Law Firm now.

Call The Richard Harris Law Firm today for a free consultation.



Common Injuries in a Casino Accident

When an employee or a guest is injured at a casino hotel in Las Vegas the most common injuries that we see are:

  1. Broken bones- wrist, ankle , and Leg fractures

  2. Lacerations- involving cuts that require a trip to the hospital to get stitches

  3. Spinal cord injuries- these are injuries that affect motor coordination and a victim can even be paralyzed because of a spinal cord injury

  4. Traumatic brain injury- this can happen with a simple slip and fall where the victim hits their head in a particular way that causes life altering injuries that may involve lifelong care.

  5. Internal injuries- these are injuries that the naked eye can’t see. Like a punctured lung or internal bleeding, and a torn aorta that leads to death if not treated. That’s why seeking medical attention immediately after an accident is so important.

  6. Sprains, strains – some of the most common injuries at a casino when someone falls or rolls their ankle, turns a knee when falling. These injuries though life threatening can take months to heal and require a lengthy rehabilitation period.

  7. Death- sometimes casino injury accidents cause the ultimate sacrifice with the death of a loved one. No one should die while on vacation in Las Vegas.


These are just the most common injuries that happen during accidents at a casino hotel.



Injured While Visiting Tuscany Casino in Las Vegas

There are 5 steps you need to take when injured at a casino hotel in Las Vegas.

  1. Seek medical attention- you may not think you are hurt or maybe its a minor issue but seeking medical attention regardless is important. You may not think you need it but you may have injuries that worsen as time goes on or have not surfaced yet.

  2. Gather evidence- always gather as much evidence as you can immediately. This can include video surveillance from the hotel. Video surveillance usually only lasts a certain period of time like 30 days, so getting a hold of that as soon as possible is important. Other evidence includes witness statements, photos, video, medical reports and police reports.

  3. Report the accident to the casino security or management- file a report with the casino management or security staff as soon as the accident occurs. Not reporting the accident immediately can damage your ability to gain financial compensation.

  4. Speak to a casino accident lawyer- an experienced attorney can determine whether you have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit against a casino like Aliante. A knowledgeable lawyer can also set up a solid case for compensation and negotiate for a fair settlement.

  5. Be careful of insurance adjusters- under no circumstances should you give any statements to any representative of the casino you were injured at. Insurance Adjusters will use any statements to either deny your personal injury claim or to give you a low ball offer to settle your claim fast. Never speak to anyone without seeking legal advice first.

These steps should be taken in any circumstances involving personal injury claims of any kind.

Not hiring a lawyer could prevent you from getting the settlement  you deserve.



Tuscany Casino Injury Lawyers

Opened in 2003 The Tuscany is a 716 room hotel that sits on 10 acres off the Strip on Flamingo Road.

As by the given name the Tuscany you can guess that the theme for the hotel is based on Tuscany, Italy.

The hope of the hotel was to cater to a clientele of a mix of tourists and locals alike.

They also hoped to attract employees to come play there from the other larger strip properties after work.

It was originally planned that the neighboring property Ellis Island and The Tuscany would work together to generate more revenue.

That deal fell apart however and Tuscany and Ellis Island remain separate properties to this day.

Tuscany is an all suite hotel and has a 40,000 square foot convention center.

Tuscany is not operated or owned by the big three casino owners, instead it is a privately held company that has a managing partnership.