Bed Bugs Are a Problem

Las Vegas is known for being a hospitality city.

It invites everyone from all over the world to visit.

The bed bugs aren’t invited but do however show up.

This is unfortunately an issue and the Nevada Department of Agriculture are well aware.

The problem seems to be more common than we may think.

It appears that bug exterminators are kept really busy in the tourist cities in Nevada.

This means Reno and Laughlin too.

Nevada is also a community that is constantly growing.

People are moving into our cities by the thousands every month.

Apartments and residences throughout the state are having bed bug issues more than ever.

Getting rid of bed bugs can be a real nightmare.

If you happened to get them in a hotel and casino property and take them back home with you the problems will only continue.


How Can We Help?

If you have been harmed in any way because of your exposure to bed bugs it is possible that you may be entitled to compensation.

Claims can be filed against landlords, hotel owners or maybe an AirBnb rental.

There is a responsibility for them to keep their properties clean and free of dangers.

Bed bugs can do some serious damage to those that come in contact with them.

The Richard Harris Law Firm can help with a bed bug lawsuit.

We are here to protect your rights and give you legal advice and support if you want to pursue a bed bug claim.

Call, email or just come by the office for a free consultation.



how to avoid bed bugs

How To Avoid Bedbugs

There are some things that you can do in order to minimize the risk of bed bugs.

Some of the hotels and strip properties understand that this is a serious issue and actually have techniques to reduce these annoying bugs.

Some properties have designed the rooms with this in mind.

When you get to a room you should always check it for bedbugs.

Look under the sheets and see if the mattress has any signs of these critters.

There will be spots and stains left on the mattress that will be a giveaway.

There are sprays that you can get that will stop bed bugs from getting in your luggage.

It is important to always keep your clothes and luggage off the floor.

Keep your suitcase closed at all times when not getting something out of it.

There is no way to completely avoid bed bugs, but if you see any signs of them you should definitely ask for another room.


Bed Bug Info to Know

When we think of bed bugs the name makes it sound like they are found only in the beds, sheets, pillows, mattresses etc.

This may be true in some instances, but they can also be found in luggage, carpet, couches, and furniture.

While a person is sleeping the bugs are seeking their next victim.

They tend to feed on humans and get on the skin and bite for blood.

This can have a wide variety of problems when these bugs come in contact with you.

They may be difficult to spot if you are unaware and not looking for them.

Some of the symptoms include –

Getting bed bug bites can have an effect on your day to day life.

Missing work due to infestation can cause financial loss.

It is possible to file a claim against a hotel or landlord to get back these damages.

Bed bugs can also leave a person with unnecessary medical expenses from an unclean environment that was not their fault.

Having a personal injury attorney that understands bed bug cases can be a big help.

Richard Harris is here to fight for you and get you the maximum compensation.

We have been helping clients in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada since 1980.


bed bugs cause injury

Allergic Reactions can Occur From Bed Bugs

Bites can lead to many different health problems.

Infections of the skin can occur from scratching the area.

In some cases, a bed bug bite can lead to respiratory issues like asthma.

There are treatments that can help to reduce the pain, swelling and other symptoms.

Bed bug bites can also cause sleep issues and stress on a person.

They are not to be taken lightly.

The time that it takes for bed bug symptoms to go away can be around 2 weeks if properly treated.

In more serious cases they can affect a person much longer.


Bed Bug Lawsuits and Compensation

Most bed bug lawsuits in Las Vegas will tend to be against landlords of an apartment complex or a hotel property owner.

All personal injury cases have their own set of circumstances, facts and evidence that will determine just how much money can be recovered.

The amount of medical expenses and lost wages along with pain and suffering will be considered when filing a lawsuit.

Call our lawyers today to get answers.

Obviously if the injury goes away in two weeks and you are able to get back to your day-to-day routine the amount will be less.

Either way Richard Harris will fight to get you the max compensation that you deserve.


Can I Sue my Apartment Landlord for Bed Bugs?

Landlords have an obligation to keep a property clean and safe.

There are times where a property owner may be totally unaware that there is any issue at all.

Other times a tenant may bring the issue to the landlord’s attention and they do nothing to help.

In this situation a landlord can be held liable for damages from bed bugs.

If the tenant repeatedly expresses concern for this issue and infestation continues that is a problem.

It is important to put your complaints in writing so there is a paper trail that shows you have reported the bed bugs.

Richard Harris can put together a winning case that can help you.


Can I Sue a Hotel Casino for Bed Bugs?

Whether it is Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Caesars Palace, Treasure Island, Wynn, Golden Nugget, Venetian, or the Motel 6, it is possible to file a lawsuit.

You need to prove that the bed bug injury was directly related to staying on their property.

With all the different people in and out of hotels and motels in Las Vegas it is easy to see how bed bugs can get into a hotel room.

Once again, a hotel and motel operation have an obligation to their customers to provide a reasonably safe experience for them.

Bed bugs are just one of the ways that a person can be harmed on a Las Vegas property.

If the hotel is informed of the complaint and refuses to act, they can be help responsible for the damages.

Richard Harris and our team of expert personal injury attorneys can file a claim against the casino hotel on your behalf.

Don’t hesitate call us today!



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