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We can help with all types of accidents including; slip and falls, car crashes, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian, casino accidents, and bicycle accidents.

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We are not only the largest personal injury law firm in the state but also the best.

Our personal injury attorneys will build a case that gets you the just compensation you deserve.

We will work with other experts if needed to gather the evidence that proves there was negligence by another person or party.

Sadly people are injured all the time in Laughlin at work, on vacation, and even just the locals who were in an accident.

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why accidents happen in Laughlin

Why Accidents Occur in Laughlin

In Laughlin an injury from an accident can happen in many ways.

The seriousness of the injury will vary depending on the unique facts that each accident has.

  1. Distracted Drivers – Laughlin has many things that can be disrupting to a driver. It can be very distracting to see the bright lights and pedestrians crossing the street. Laughlin has some of the same bells and whistles that Las Vegas has and this can be a major distraction to a driver that is unfocused. When you add this to the other long list of things that take a drivers mind off the road like; phone, food, drink, and loud music the risk increases.
  2. Slip and Fall – Laughlin has plenty of opportunity for a slip and fall to take place. Remember that behind the casinos is the Colorado River. There are docks with water taxis going up and down the river dropping people off and picking them up. When there is water around there is always a chance for a slip and fall accident. There are also swimming pools and people wet walking through the casinos. When tile floors and water meet the results can be devastating to an unsuspecting visitor.
  3. Pedestrian Error – Laughlin is full of pedestrians crossing the streets and walking around town. They can be seen walking out to the parking lots and up and down the river. When a pedestrian is around motor vehicles and is hit by one of them there is a real chance for injury. Pedestrian accidents have a higher fatality rate than other accidents. It is important for a pedestrian to be highly aware when crossing the streets of Laughlin. Never jaywalk and take the extra time to get to an intersection. Even when at an intersection look around and make sure the motorists are stopping for you.

If you have been injured by the fault of another it is recommended that you contact a personal injury lawyer to help you.

Our attorneys at Richard Harris can handle all the aspects of your case.

We will take care of all communications with insurance companies, lawyers, and courts.

This will allow you to get the maximum payout while giving you the time to focus on healing and getting back on your feet.


Cost of a Personal Injury Attorney

Richard Harris works on a contingency fee basis.

What this means is that there is no fee to you until your case is settled and you have received compensation for your injuries.

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injury from an accident in Laughlin

Injuries We See in Laughlin

  • Back and Neck – All kinds of accidents will cause these body parts to be injured. It could be from a motorcycle, bike, car or truck crash that leaves you injured. Car accidents are known for whiplash which rips the tendons and muscles in the neck area. If this is severe it could cause chronic pain and take many trips to the doctor to heal. The back may be herniated or break in serious accidents and trauma to the spine can lead to paralysis and long-term care.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury – This can occur from a fall, sports activities, car crash, motorcycle or cycling accident. The head area is fragile and if hit or shaken back and forth it can easily be injured. Some of the many symptoms include; blurred vision, drowsiness, headaches, and loss of memory. It can also affect a person’s emotional being. Mood swings can lead to depression in some cases.
  • Kidney Damage – This can be serious and lead to a person’s inability to function. Damage to the kidneys is sometimes caused by medical malpractice. A misdiagnosis and the wrong medications can cause a major problem internally. The kidneys are crucial in getting rid of the body’s toxins properly. Blunt force trauma in a car, truck, motorcycle etc. accident can be the cause of kidney damage.
  • Loss of Hearing or Eyesight – These types of injuries can really be traumatic to a person’s life. A sudden explosion or a head injury from any type of an accident can result in a loss of hearing. Injuries to the eyes are common in the workplace and can leave a person blind and unable to work again. These are both horrific injuries for a person to be faced with.
  • Broken Bones – Ouch! The thought of a bone break makes most of us cringe. The reality is that if this injury happens you will need time to heal and a trip to the emergency room. In many cases their will be lost wages. In more severe breaks there may be surgery involved. Often, multiple surgeries are needed to properly heal a major break. Arms, legs, hands, feet, ribs, back, are all at risk when a slip and fall accident takes place.

In all these injury accidents it is important to gather up all the evidence you can in order to prove your case.

Keep a record of everything along the way.

This includes; photos, medical bills, video accident footage, witness statements, police report, etc.

This will help our attorneys as they prepare your case.

Anytime these injuries occur there will be loss of work and in severe cases a complete change to a person’s daily life as they knew it.

If any injury happens due to another’s negligence the liable party should be the one held responsible for the damages.

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Mental Health and a Personal Injury Case

Being injured physically is one thing but often there is mental anguish that comes with a serious injury.

A person’s mental health plays a big role in the way a person heals from injury.

If the injury is life altering then it is easy to see how depression and loss of will may enter a victim’s psyche.

There are many symptoms of mental health issues that a person may experience.


Some of these include; denial, anger, guilt, PTSD, depression, anxiety and withdrawing from life to name a few.

An injury may then take its toll on a person’s appetite and this could lead to weight loss.

In turn this make the person weaker and more susceptible to sickness.

Lack of sleep will also compound these issues.

Sleep is one of our main healers that we all need in order to stay healthy.

The trauma from a person rehabilitating may be painful physically.

This is a major issue with prescription drugs being abused by the patient.

If you were in an injury that was caused by someone else’s failure to properly protect you at the work place don’t feel alone.

The Richard Harris Law Firm has dealt with all types of personal injury cases in Laughlin and the damage that an injury can do on a victim’s physical and mental health.

Our attorneys will do everything they can to fight for you!


What To Know About Laughlin

The city of Laughlin is a tourist town with a lot of activities and events throughout the year.

The Colorado River separates the two states of Nevada and Arizona.

Visitors come from everywhere to enjoy all this city has to offer.

Some of the top entertainers can be seen performing at the Laughlin Events Center and the casinos daily.

Some of the acts include the likes of: Hall and Oats, Legends of Motown, and Kid Rock.

With all these happenings going on the chance for an accident is always there.

Between slip and falls, car and motorcycle accidents, a good time can quickly turn to an injury.

In many of these cases the injuries could be due to the negligence of another.

If this type of accident does occur than it is important to get a personal injury attorney that is knowledgeable and well respected.

Cars, trucks, and motorcycles all sharing the roads with pedestrians and cyclists can make for an adventure.

When all these different methods of transportation share the streets with each other there is bound to be some drama.

Mix in some alcohol, weed and endless distractions the risk gets even higher. Stay safe out there and keep alert for others not paying attention.