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Dangerous Intersections in Laughlin, NV

This incredible town was named after Don Laughlin who opened the Riverside Resort and Casino on S. Casino Drive in 1966.

Since then, the population has grown to around 8600 residents as of the last census.

However, the surrounding communities have reached close to 100,000.

It is also easy access to those in big cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

It is a place where a vacation getaway can be a great time.

Over a couple million visitors come to Laughlin yearly and pedestrians fill the streets every day.

Laughlin Can Be Busy

Below are some of the high traffic intersections in Laughlin, NV where pedestrians and motorists need to be careful when sharing the road.

  • Casino Drive and SR 163
  • Casino Drive and Laughlin Civic Drive
  • Thomas Edison Drive and Bruce Woodbury Drive

The main street that runs through Laughlin is S. Casino Drive.

This is busiest section of town with the highest number of pedestrians and motorists.

Crossing the streets along this part of town can be dangerous and it is important for everyone to be on the look out for one another in order to avoid an accident.


injury from laughlin pedestrian accident

Injuries From a Pedestrian Accident

  1. TBI – Hitting your head on anything can be hazardous to your health. Walking across an intersection in Laughlin and being struck by a motor vehicle can cause a pedestrian to have Traumatic Brain Injury. A pedestrian can not only hit their head on a moving vehicle but can often fall back and crack their skull on the hard road. If the TBI is severe then a person could be affected for the rest of their life. A pedestrian is vulnerable to head injury more than anyone because of the lack of protection. Be careful out there and do not get distracted. Even minor head injuries can stay with a person for a while. Headaches, nausea, loss of memory are all symptoms of TBI.
  2. Abrasions – Getting hit by a motorist can cause lacerations, cuts, and bruises to a pedestrian. Sliding across the pavement will rip and tear the skin off a victim. These cuts can end up leading to an infection if they are not properly attended to. Medical attention is recommended in order to prevent this from happening. This type of injury is often referred to as road rash and can be very painful.
  3. Bone FracturesBroken bones are common in pedestrian accidents. The break can happen at impact when there is too much pressure put on the bone. It can also happen when thrown to the ground. Once again this is a very painful injury. Fractures can take some time to heal and may need surgery. It could also be detrimental to a person’s work routine. Lost wages from not being able to work can create some financial pressure that you may have not anticipated.

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Safety Tips for Pedestrians in Laughlin

Pedestrians of all ages are vulnerable when it comes to accidents.

Thousands of pedestrians every year find themselves in an accident.

Fatalities can happen anytime a heavy vehicle crashes into a person.

The higher the speed of the vehicle the higher the chance of serious injury and death.

That does not mean that serious injury and death does not occur at lower speeds.

Here are some helpful tips for a pedestrian to keep in mind.

  • Stay on the sidewalk if there is one and avoid walking or jogging on the street.
  • Know the rules of the road and follow them as a pedestrian.
  • Wear some colors and reflective clothing when out on the road, especially at night.
  • Don’t walk around intoxicated.
  • Don’t walk around distracted by the cell phone.
  • Make sure when crossing the intersection that no vehicles are running red lights or stop signs.
  • Always cross the street at a crosswalk and look before you go.

The list goes on and on.

Keep your head up and stop looking at the phone.

So many times, we see as drivers’ people not paying attention and focusing on the phone when they should be looking up.

This can be deadly.

Get those earbuds out and be in the moment.

A pedestrian puts themselves in danger when they are not aware.

Laughlin is a party town and if a pedestrian is drunk or high, they can put themselves in harms way.

A pedestrian accident is nothing anyone wants to be apart of so do your best to avoid one.


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Reasons for A Pedestrian Accident

There are some common reasons why a pedestrian accident occurs and all of us should be aware of them in order to try and avoid one.

  1. Driving Distracted – Before cell phones there was still a long list of ways a driver could be distracted. Eating, drinking, talking, cranking tunes on the stereo are some ways drivers have always been distracted. The phone, GPS, and texting only adds to the danger of driving. Pedestrians must be on the lookout for the distracted driver.
  2. Speeding – In all motor vehicle accidents speeding is the most common and most dangerous of all. Hitting a pedestrian at high speed can be deadly. Driving over the speed limit is always dangerous and accidents of all types increase. A pedestrian can find themselves unable to react quick enough to get out of the way of a speeding vehicle.
  3. Not Yielding to Pedestrians in a Crosswalk – Crosswalks are there for the safety of the pedestrian. A motorist must yield to the pedestrian when they are in the crosswalk and allow them to safely cross the street. If a motorist does not stop at a red light or rolls through a stop sign serious injury can occur. There is always a chance for a fatality any time a car hits a pedestrian.
  4. DUI – Because Laughlin is a 24-hour party town where people and motorists share the streets there will always be drivers intoxicated. Driving Under the Influence will impair coordination and judgement. It can reduce a drivers reaction time and their ability to think quickly. Get a Lyft or Uber before you put everyone in danger.


Pedestrian Accidents Happen

It is easy to see why a pedestrian accident can happen in Laughlin.

When large groups of people walking around the streets with a high number of motor vehicles driving the risk of a pedestrian accident increases.

Tourists make up many of the pedestrians in Laughlin.

They may be unfamiliar with the city and surroundings and create a pedestrian accident themselves.

It is also probable that the motorist in the vehicle is from out of town and trying to find their way to the casino, hotel, or restaurant.

It is not uncommon for a motorist to hit a pedestrian by mistake.

Either way there is sure to be injury that will result from a pedestrian accident.

The pedestrian will most likely be the one injured for obvious reasons.

This can mean medical bills and lost wages at the least.

Being hit by a car, truck, SUV, or any other type of vehicle will surely do some damage to a pedestrian.

Hitting the pavement or cement after the impact can only add to the injury.