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Casino accidents and injuries in Laughlin, NV happen on a regular basis. The Riverside is no exception.

With any resort style property, it is only a matter of time before there is some kind of situation.

In many of these cases there is negligence. Casino owners, staff, or other guests are often to blame.

The Laughlin Riverside is a hot spot for nightlife and entertainment.

There are incredible scenic views of the mountains and the Colorado River.

It is located on South Casino Drive right as you come into town.

Most of the time there are some great memories being made.

When an injury occurs, it can unfortunately go beyond ruining a vacation.


The Law Firm of Richard Harris works on all types of personal injury lawsuits.

Over the years we have seen Lauglin grow into a major tourist town.

The Riverside Resort and Casino is a major attraction. 24 hours a day there is always something going on here.

Our law firm has been representing clients fighting against these types of casino properties since 1980.

When there is an injury, they will often try and avoid responsibility.


Having Richard Harris on your side will be a huge advantage.

Getting financial reimbursement for your injuries will be difficult on your own.

With their own team of corporate attorneys, they will not make compensation easy.

This is true no matter how serious the injury is.

If you or a loved one were injured at the Riverside Resort and Casino call Richard Harris today.

Let our experienced casino personal injury lawyers look at your case.

The first consultation is always free.


Damages From a Casino Injury

Laughlin, NV averages around 300 days of sunshine yearly.

This makes for a popular getaway for those coming from Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.

A town that operates 24/7 can have some high risk.

With alcohol flowing, gaming, and all the fascinating characters it can get unpredictable at times.

Accidents and injuries can be wide ranging.

We will try to get you the maximum compensation for the damages left behind.

Medical Costs – These days medical expenses can be staggering. A trip to the hospital and an ambulance ride can run in the thousands. If the injuries are serious, they can really add up. Doctors, surgery, medications, and all the other costs can be overwhelming. Long term care can have medical expenses that will continue into the future.

Lost Wages – An injury can keep you from working. This can create financial instability. Losing paychecks can be devastating. If the injury is serious paychecks and lost wages in the future can be affected. Our law firm understands this and how to get you paid for lost wages now and in the future.

Pain and Suffering – Damages from a casino injury can go beyond the physical pain. This could include mental and emotional costs as well. Getting you fully recovered and compensated is important.


 Causes of Riverside Resort Injury

We will seek all damages from a Riverside Resort and Casino injury.

This includes; financial, physical, or mental costs.

There are many reasons why resort and casino injuries take place.

  • Hotel Room Accidents – There are many mays that an injury can occur in the hotel room. With over 1400 rooms in the Laughlin Riverside there is plenty of opportunity. Injuries from broken furniture are common. The property must make sure that furniture is maintained. If it is broken it must be fixed or removed. A chair with a broken leg can send someone to the floor. Appliances and outlets in the room if defective can cause electrocution or other serious injuries.
  • Security Issues – More than ever we are seeing security issues on resort and casino properties in Laughlin. If security is understaffed there can be serious consequences. Assault and battery are on the rise. Security must be ready to prevent incidences that can cause harm to guests of the property. They must be able to react to the situation in a reasonable manner. Security must be trained and prepared to handle all types of situations. If they are not than the guests can be in danger. If an injury was due to negligent security, they can be held liable.
  • Alcohol Accidents – Over serving a guest is sometimes to blame for an accident. In Laughlin the guests move freely from one property to another. Employees should be aware of those on the property that are overly intoxicated. Fights have become too common these days. Alcohol can be dangerous when guests are around the river and the pool.
  • Food Poisoning – The Riverside has many food options. There are restaurants throughout the property. Food poisoning is a type of illness that can have harmful effects. In most cases there will be mild illness. In some cases, there can be serious complications. Some of the symptoms include; diarrhea, vomiting, and fever.
  • Casino Floor Accidents – Emotions can run high when guests are gambling. This is especially true if they are losing money. Mix in some alcohol and a losing streak and a risk for an accident increases. The excitement on the casino floor can be distracting. Slip, trip, and fall accidents are common.

A Laughlin Resort injury can take place all throughout the property.

It can happen in the escalator, elevator, bowling alley, and movie theater.

It can take place inside the property as well as the parking lot.

Stay aware of what is going on around you.

Play it safe and keep out of harm’s way.



laughlin slip and fall


Riverside Resort Slip, Trip, and Falls

Going to the Laughlin Riverside Resort and Casino can be a great place to have some fun.

Relax, place a bet, and enjoy all it has to offer.

Falling down at a casino property can change all that in an instant. Sometimes it can be your own fault.

Not paying attention and your luck runs out.

There are many other times where the fall is due to other factors.

If the slip and fall was caused by another you have every right to be compensated for the damages.

There are many ways that a slip, trip, and fall can happen.

Dangerous floors and negligence are often the cause.

  • A freshly mopped or waxed floor can catch anyone by surprise. Employees of the property must provide a safe environment for the customers. There must be proper signage displayed. Guests should be made aware of these hazards.
  • Spilled drinks happen all the time. They can happen everywhere on the property and are a real danger. Management and workers need to be attentive.
  • Bathrooms need to be maintained regularly. Leaks from pipes and faucets must be handled in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Cracked tiles or uneven flooring can cause a trip and fall. Any defects in the flooring can catch a guest off guard.
  • Torn carpet can do the same. Take precaution when walking where the hard floor and the carpet meet. This is often the place where accidents happen.


Winning A Riverside Resort Injury Settlement

Having Richard Harris protecting your rights will be a huge advantage.

It is important to have an attorney that understands resort and casino injury lawsuits.

We have won Billions for our clients in Nevada.

That number continues to grow every day. We know how to put together a winning case.

In order to win your case, we will have to prove liability.

This could be another person, business, or entity.

Then we will need to also prove that the accident caused injury, financial loss, and suffering.


Standard Procedures of a Casino Injury Lawsuit 

All personal injury lawsuits are unique.

Filing legal complaints and going through the process will take time.

We will look at all the facts of your case, then give you your best options on how to proceed.

Below are some of the basic steps in a resort and casino injury lawsuit.

  • Medical Attention – Seek medical attention. We will need to prove that there was an injury that took place.
  • Documentation – Providing evidence of your case will be needed. Keep records and receipts of anything related to the lawsuit.
  • File Complaint to The Business – A formal complaint will need to be filed against the resort and casino. It is important to do this soon after the accident.
  • File With the Court – Filing with the court is next. Documentation of the incident will be presented.
  • Demand Letter – This happens after your complaint is responded to.
  • Negotiate or Go to Trial – There is usually an attempt to negotiate. If there is an agreement than you can collect compensation. If the terms are not accepted than it can go to trial. A date will be set in the future.
  • Judgement and Appeals – This will determine the outcome. The time of the trial and decisions will vary from case to case.