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Laughlin is no longer a secret.

Tourists from all over the country travel here for many reasons. Weekend trips from Las Vegas and LA are incredibly popular.

The Edgewater is one of the most visited casinos around. It is located on the beautiful Colorado River.

Injuries on a resort and casino property are more common than you might think.

If property owners, managers, or staff are negligent an injury is just around the corner.

Casinos can be hectic with a lot of excitement in the air. Customers show up ready to have a good time.

Getting hurt is the last thing on their mind.

Accidents can result in serious injuries.

Casino properties like the Edgewater have seen their fair share of these types of situations.

Every casino property must take reasonable precautions to make sure that guests are safe.

The gaming floor at the Edgewater is over 57,000 sq ft.

Blackjack, craps, and other table games are always available.

There are more than 700 slot machines to take your money. It also is a hotel and has over 1000 rooms.

The property has an outdoor swimming pool and spa that can get very busy during the summer season.

Eventually an accident is bound to happen.

Dangerous conditions on the property are one of the main reasons for an Edgewater injury.



injuries at edgewater casino

Injuries at The Edgewater Casino

Lacerations – The common cuts and bruises. This is often minor with minimum medical care. If the injury is more serious than there can be a trip to the hospital. Deep cuts can cause bleeding and major trauma. Lacerations that become infected can cause serious problems later. Always seek medical attention no matter how minor you might think the injury is.

Spinal Injuries – Damage to the spinal cord. There is always the chance that a spine injury can leave permanent damage. Loss of strength and feeling in limbs can be devastating. If severe this injury can also leave a person with mental and emotional suffering.

Traumatic Brain Injury – A fall on a hard floor can cause TBI. Head trauma can leave a person with long term damage. Some of the more common symptoms include; headaches, memory loss, and dizziness. Depending on the severity will determine the length it will take to recover. If there is severe brain damage a full recovery may be impossible.

Drowning – Whenever there are pools and hot tubs there is a chance for drowning. Drinking alcohol and swimming can be hazardous. Know your limitations when getting in the water. Diving into a pool can be dangerous and injury can result.

Food Poisoning – This can happen at one of the many restaurants on the property. Managers and employees have an obligation to serve fresh and safe food to their guests. Food poisoning is most dangerous in cases of young children and the elderly. Symptoms can last for 30 minutes to as long as 8 weeks.



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Causes of an Edgewater Casino Injury

When there are hazardous conditions on a property guests can get hurt.

With all that goes on in a busy casino there is always risk for an injury.

When the injury is due to negligence the responsible person or business can be held liable.

  • Warning Signs – These must be displayed if there are hazardous conditions. If there is construction on the property signs must warn guests. If the floor was recently mopped signage must be displayed to avoid a slip and fall. If the property is aware of these dangers and does not warn guests, they can be held liable.
  • Faulty Furniture – If a stool or chair is defective it must be fixed or removed. Maintenance has an obligation to check on all the furniture. This includes chairs and tables on the casino floor, restaurants, and lounges. Furniture in the hotel rooms must also be checked regularly.
  • Floor Defects – Cracks in the tile can cause a trip and fall. Carpet that is torn is also a common cause for falls. Uneven floors can be dangerous to guests. Properties have a duty to make sure that the floors are safe.
  • Spills – This is one of the most common causes of slip and falls. Spills can happen throughout the casino, restaurants, and lobby area. Bathrooms must be checked constantly. Sinks and toilets are in constant use and are often the reason for a wet floor.
  • Electrical Accidents – Exposed wires can cause a guest to be seriously injured. Faulty hair dryers and electrical outlets can cause a visitor to be shocked. Faulty wiring can also cause fires.
  • Swimming Pool – The Edgewater has an active pool and spa area. Guests come to party and have a good time. Mixing alcohol and swimming is never recommended. Lifeguards must be ready if needed. They also need to be trained properly.
  • Security – A fight can break out at any time. The Edgewater must have security in place. The security guards need to be competent. They must have the proper cards and documentation. Lack of security can also be an issue. The property must be reasonably safe inside and out. This means in the parking lot and garage area too. Customers should not have to worry about getting attacked or robbed on the property.


What To Do After to Do After an Edgewater Injury

If injured you will need evidence that there was negligence.

In order to win a casino injury lawsuit, you will have to prove liability.

Here are some steps that can be helpful.

  • Report the Incident – The management of the property should be notified right away. This will create a report that will show proof of the accident. Always get a copy of the report.
  • Get Insurance Information – Contact the Edgewater Casino insurance company. In order to file a claim, you will need the incident report.
  • Medical Assistance – The manager should be able to get you medical care. If you need an ambulance ride, they can help provide this too. No matter what seek medical attention immediately. Even if injuries seem minor. They can become more serious later if not treated.
  • Keep Records – It is important to have all receipts and paperwork related to the injury. This will be imperative to receiving compensation from the lawsuit. Any expenses that are from the injury accident should be kept. Medical expenses can be overwhelming.
  • Video and Pictures – Document the accident with photos and video. Show the dangerous condition that caused the accident. This could be a wet floor, cracked tile, or broken bar stool. This kind of evidence is valuable to have.
  • Witnesses – This is helpful in personal injury lawsuits. Having others around that can help validate your claim can be a key piece to your lawsuit. Get statements if possible. It is important to get their contact information. You will need to get a hold of them later in most cases.
  • Personal Injury Lawyer – It is important to have a lawyer that understands casino injury lawsuits. The Law Offices of Richard Harris are experts at these types of cases. We also know how to win an Edgewater Casino injury case. Getting paid by a hotel and casino property of this size will be difficult on your own. Our attorneys are expert negotiators. We also have excellent trial lawyers if the case needs to go to court.
  • Assessing the Damages – This will happen once we look at all the factors of your case. Common damages will include; medical costs, lost wages along with pain and suffering. Pay stubs will be used to show the lost income. Any out-of-pocket expenses that are related to the injury can also be recovered.
  • Inform Insurance Company – Send letter, photos, witness statements, etc. to the properties insurance company. Richard Harris can help guide you through the process. This will let them know of your claim.
  • Negotiate – We will first try and negotiate. Our attorneys are well versed in negotiating with large insurance companies. Getting you the maximum compensation for the injuries is our goal.
  • Go to Court – Most of the time we can settle these types of lawsuits through negotiations. It is important to put together a case that can win. When insurance companies are not willing to give a fair settlement, we can fight it out in court. We will then do our best to show the evidence in court that will get you a just outcome.

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