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The damage to the vehicle is one thing but the injury that often comes along with a truck accident is another.

Hopefully you just walk away with some minor aches and pains.

If the truck accident is more serious the results can be life changing and even fatal.

It is important to get an experienced personal injury attorney to guide you through the process.

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Types of Large Trucks in Laughlin, NV

Truck drivers play a major role in moving products and services across the nation.

The industry is growing and trends do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

There is a steady demand due to e-commerce, restocking and inventory that has been pent up due to the shutdown.

This will only increase during the peak seasons throughout the year as you see UPS, FedEx, and Amazon delivery trucks all over.

The need for large trucks to move products is high and the chance of a motorist sharing the roads with commercial trucks increases the risk of a crash.

18-Wheeler- These are some of the biggest and heaviest on the road. An accident with this type of truck will leave serious damage. This big rig is the combination of the semi-trailer and the semi-truck. This then becomes a tractor-trailer. This has a total of 18-wheels when connected. These trucks can move and carry all kinds of products that are delivered in stores all around the country.

Box Truck – This truck is cube shaped and enclosed. These are the type of trucks you see at U-Haul and are used for moving everything from furniture, appliances, boxes etc. When all of these types of trucks are fully loaded, they become even more deadly if in an accident. You will see these trucks driving through neighborhoods as well as the highways around Laughlin.

Refrigerator Truck – This type of truck is often carrying frozen and perishable items. You may see these at the local grocery store or delivering to the many restaurants in Laughlin. Equipped with large and heavy refrigerators to keep the products cold adds to the weight of these hefty trucks.

Garbage Truck – Equipped with a large waist container and lid, these trucks can get heavy. They are usually seen travelling at lower speeds around the city streets. If an accident ever did occur with this truck the end result could be catastrophic no matter what the speed. They are bulky and not very maneuverable.

If you find yourself driving around any of the large trucks it is best to keep your distance.

There are some safety tips that everyone should know in order to help avoid an accident with a big-rig.


Safety Tips When Driving Near Big Trucks

  1. Stay Out of Blind Spots – Stay clear of these when driving near a semi-truck. The truck driver can be careful and use their mirrors correctly but these big rigs still can have blind spots where the driver may have a hard time seeing the smaller vehicles next to them. It is important that when passing a large truck that you go past it quickly and do not hang around on the side of the truck for too long.
  2. Keep Your Distance – It is always safer to give others travelling around you a reasonable distance between them. This is even more important when driving around big trucks. A large truck needs more time to stop and to maneuver. Getting too close to a truck can be disastrous. Tailgating behind a big rig and it decides to hit the brakes may send a driver in a vehicle under the truck where it can be smashed. It is always best to drive defensively and respectful around commercial trucks.
  3. Stay Off the High Beams – Remember that a truck has extra large mirrors. These mirrors can catch light and blind the driver momentarily which may cause the driver to lose control. The last thing anyone wants is for a trucker to be temporarily blinded by the high beams that someone had on and got in their eyes. This can cause a multiple vehicle accident in an instance. Keep the high beams off when around large trucks.
  4. Be Patient – Trucks need longer to stop then other vehicles. This means that they require a much longer distance to come to a complete stop. Depending on the weight of the load the truck is carrying will affect the stopping time and distance. It is important to be patient and allow the truck to do what it must do. When a truck turns or maneuvers around the city streets, they may need a little extra room and some extra time in order to complete their turn or stop. We have all had to sit there and wait for a big rig to back up or turn into a parking lot. For our own and everyone’s safety it is important to be patient and allow the driver to complete their intended action.


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Lost a Loved One in a Wrongful Death Accident?

The loss of a loved is never easy.

The worst-case scenario of any kind of accident is a fatality.

If this were to happen due to the fault of another than a wrongful death case could be pursued.

The chance of death from an injury accident with a commercial large truck is much higher than the average vehicle.

It is possible that surviving family members can receive compensation for a wrongful death claim.

Over the years it is not uncommon for insurance companies to try and make it difficult for those trying to get just compensation.

It is important to have a highly skilled personal injury attorney to help you win your case.

Richard Harris has won over $1 Billion for clients in Nevada.

We can help you get what you are owed.

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Injuries from a Laughlin Truck Accident

Injuries from an accident with an 18-wheeler can be catastrophic.

The chance that serious injury occurs is much higher than an accident between cars.

A head on collision can easily end in a loss of life and blind spots on a large truck can lead to a horrible crash.

Hopefully the injuries sustained are not tragic.

Here are some of the serious injury types our law offices see from truck accidents.

Spinal Injury – If the spine is injured it can cause irreversible damage. Loss of feeling to legs and arms can occur in some serious truck accident injuries. A victim can become paralyzed and this will be life changing. Extensive therapy and medical treatment will be needed. In some cases, the back injury can recover but this can take some time to heal. A person in this position will often have to take a leave of absence from work. Lost wages and medical bills can add up in all injuries that need long term care.

Head Injury – Concussions can be minor and heal up in a few days. When a motorist is in a wreck with a big rig the injuries tend to be more serious than a bump on the head in a fender bender. Traumatic Brain Injury can leave a victim permanently disabled. It can cause memory loss, chronic headaches, and loss of function. Anytime the head is jarred or hit the brain can be damaged. An accident with a massive large truck type can cause a serious brain injury.

A crash with a commercial type truck can not only leave physical pain and suffering behind but also mental anguish behind.

The terror of having a near death experience can change a person forever.

Richard Harris is here for you.

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Trucks In Laughlin Nevada

Driving a truck comes with a lot of responsibility.

If there is an accident between an 18-wheeler and a regular sized smaller vehicle then there can be some serious damage left behind.

There are all types of trucks that drive on the streets and highways of Laughlin.

This can make the streets dangerous when trucks are sharing them with the rest of us.

A truck driver is sitting up high in the seat and cars are down low on the road making it harder for them to see vehicles near them.

Sometimes the truck driver is to blame when there is an accident with a motorist.

Laughlin, NV and its surrounding cities are a growing community. Most of the traffic however comes from tourists and out of towners.

There are special events all year around that bring in visitors to this fun and exciting town on the Colorado River.

With concerts, conventions, and special events, you will see big rigs and large trucks bringing in and out the needed equipment and products.

The casinos and restaurants are in constant need of supplies that are delivered by truck drivers.