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Linq casino injury lawyers

Richard Harris has been a local personal injury lawyer for years in Las Vegas.

The Richard Harris Law Firm has expert lawyers who have spent years taking on the big casinos and their owners like The Linq.

Since The Richard Harris Law Firm is local you can trust in their knowledge of the local laws and rules regarding personal injury cases.

Our attorneys are available for our clients.

We have recovered Billions of dollars for our injured clients over the years.

Our main priority is getting our clients the settlement they deserve after being injured while visiting a casino in Nevada.

The casinos are in Las Vegas to win money.

The casinos don’t like to lose money in a lawsuit or at the Blackjack table.

Don’t assume the casino or insurance company has your best interest at heart.

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Problems at the Linq

Since the Linq has been around (since 1959 under different owners with different names and themes) it has not been without safety issues.

In 1984 a couple was robbed and the wife was assaulted.

They filed a lawsuit alleging that security was negligent and accused the resort of destroying documents that were requested in the lawsuit.

It was later revealed that the casino executives actually did destroy the records.

The previous owner of the Imperial Palace was accused of bringing discredit to the Nevada Gaming industry by the gaming board after it was discovered that he had a collection of Nazi memorabilia and held at least one Nazi themed party.

Another gambler was held by IP security even after the Gaming Control Board said he was to be released.

Security continued to hold him.

He later filed a lawsuit for false imprisonment and eventually won that lawsuit.

Don’t be a victim, call the best casino injury lawyer in Las Vegas.



File a Claim Against The Linq Casino

Large hotel casinos on the Strip in Las Vegas like The Linq are used to having masses of people visiting them on a daily basis.

This is the perfect storm for accidents and injuries and they happen more often than you might think.

No one ever plans to be injured while visiting places like the Linq but it does happen.

There are things that you should do right away to protect yourself going forward.

  1. The importance of seeking medical attention- no matter how minor you think your injuries are you should at least get checked out as soon as possible. Injuries sometimes don’t surface right away or you may have injuries that are not visible. Seeking treatment right away will help you down the road when you need to file a claim and have proof of your injuries.

  2. Reporting the incident- as soon as possible report the incident and injury to a casino employee, mainly security or management but any employee can help.

  3. Gathering evidence – getting proof of your injury is important when presenting your case for negligence. You’ll need to gather as much evidence as possible including witness statements and contact information so they can be interviewed later. Police and medical reports as well as video are also great as evidence of negligence and injury.

  4. Be careful who you speak with- you may think that you should divulge information to people like casino security to get the ball rolling on your claim. Never give recorded statements or speak with anyone regarding your case without speaking to an attorney first.

  5. Contact a personal injury attorney- before you speak to anyone else regarding a claim against a casino hotel like The Linq you need to contact a lawyer with expertise in dealing with large casino hotels. If you have been injured while visiting The Linq call The Richard Harris Law Firm today for a free consultation.


Live out of State and Injured in Las Vegas

Maybe you were in Las Vegas on vacation or came to work at a convention, either way you ended up being injured while visiting Las Vegas and now you’re not sure what you need to do.

No matter where your home is if you were injured while visiting Las Vegas you need to hire a local Las Vegas attorney.

A local area casino injury lawyer like Richard Harris has many advantages because they are a local firm.

The main reasons you should hire a local lawyer are:

  1. Licensing- you can only practice law in the state that you are licensed in. So only a licensed lawyer in Nevada can file a claim or lawsuit on your behalf if you are injured in Las Vegas at a place like The Linq.

  2. Advantages with insurance tactics- each state has very particular laws and rules regarding personal injury claims and what is covered by insurance or even the maximum settlement amounts. Local personal injury attorneys know these rules and laws in Nevada and know what your case may be worth based on similar cases in Las Vegas. Insurance companies may try to offer a low ball offer and settle your case quickly.

  3. Understanding of local laws- every state is different with different laws and only a local attorney will know the important issues. Nevada is an at fault state, meaning the at fault party may be liable for your injuries. Nevada is also a premise liability state meaning businesses have a responsibility to keep patrons safe.

  4. Ability to investigate your case- just proximity alone  makes a local attorney have an easier time investigating your claim against a local casino hotel.



How Long do You Have to File a Lawsuit

how long do you have to file a lawsuit

It doesn’t matter where you live.

In Nevada you have two years to file a personal injury claim against a casino and any other liable parties.

You must file a claim within two years from the day of the accident, another reason to hire a local personal injury attorney.

If your loved one passes away from their injuries related to the incident at the hotel casino then you may file a claim up to two years from the date of your loved one’s death.

There are a few exceptions to this time frame but for the most part this is the case.

If you fail to file within the two year time frame you may forfeit your right to file a personal injury claim and not be able to recover any compensation.



History of The Linq Casino

Since opening in 1959 The Linq has held many names including the Flamingo Capri and located just north of the original Flamingo property.

The Linq was known as the Imperial Palace or IP. At one time The Linq was one of the largest privately owned hotels in the world just behind the Venetian resort also in Las Vegas.

The Imperial Palace was an Asian themed hotel casino that was renamed the Quad in December of 2012 after Harrahs entertainment had taken over the property.

Another remodel in 2014 and the name was changed again to the Linq and the Linq Promenade was built to include outdoor restaurants, bars, and retailers.

The promenade also includes the world’s second largest ferris wheel only second to the Ain Dubai Ferris wheel.

The Imperial Palace was the Asian themed version of the now Linq and at one time even held a free school on gaming for gamblers who did not know how to play.

At one time the IP or the Linq even boasted a drive through sports books option in 1991, it was the first place to offer such an option.