New York New York Casino Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one was injured at the New York New York Casino in Las Vegas then you need to speak to a lawyer ASAP.

Don’t sit back and wait for the casino insurance company to take are of you because that won’t happen.

Injury victims need to be careful of what they sign and even what statements they give to insurance companies.

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NY NY  Common Accidents

All casino hotels have a duty to take all reasonable measures to prevent foreseeable injuries and dangerous conditions.

But on a daily basis Las Vegas residents and tourists alike are injured from:

  1. Slip and Fall- The most common injury at a casino including New York New York. Slips and Falls occur for a variety of reasons including wet surfaces, torn or loose carpet, broken stairs , cracked tiles , uneven floors, broken furniture and broken escalators are just some of the more common ways slip and fall accidents occur.

  2. Food poisoning- Casinos like New York New York have many food options to choose at all times of the day and night. Food prepared or served cooked under the food safety codes or not held properly or even an external item in the food like glass for example can cause a patron to get sick from food poisoning.

  3. Pool Accidents or Drowning– Since we all know it’s 100 degrees or more in the summer ,pools are  a major part of every hotel including New York New York. Pools have also become a major revenue source for all casinos with beach club parties like Rehab was at The Hard Rock Hotel and The Beach Club at The Wynn. These parties held every weekend can draw thousands of people to these pools. People have drowned at many Las Vegas pools because of lack of lifeguards on duty or no lifeguard at all and in some cases under trained pool staff.

  4. Hotel Shuttle Accidents– Every hotel offers a shuttle bus either around town or to the airport. The shuttle service is owned and operated by the hotel. When accidents happen it’s usually because of negligent limo drivers that are not trained or under trained, also drivers may be under the influence while driving guests. Also the shuttles themselves may not have been maintained properly or have faulty equipment from the manufacturer.

Broken bones, facial wounds, lacerations, burns, concussions, and even foot or ankle injuries can be very serious.

Don’t overlook an injury just because you think “it’s too small to worry about.”

Other  injuries from casino hotels:

  • Gaming area slip and fall accidents

  • Pool and hot tub area slip and fall accidents

  • Poorly maintained casino walkways

  • Poorly maintained casino elevators

  • Poorly maintained or faulty casino chairs

  • Casino assaults

  • Casino harassment

  • Traumatic casino incidents involving over-served guests

  • Food poisoning at casino restaurant

  • Injuries sustained on casino shuttle buses

  • Injuries sustained in casino parking lot accidents

  • Injuries sustained in casino hotel rooms or bathrooms

  • Inattentive or understaffed casino security


If you have been injured in an accident at a hotel casino like New York New York you need to hire a lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Call The Richard Harris Law Firm today.


How do I prove a hotel negligence claim in Las Vegas

Always seek medical attention immediately after your accident. Always follow up with any future doctors appointments that the doctors require, even if you feel okay you may have injuries that are not noticeable until later. Medical records are very important to your case so keep all your medical records as evidence.

When possible gather photos and videos of the accident scene and injuries. If you are able to get contact information of any witnesses. Gather and preserve evidence that you collect. 

Write a statement of what happened with as many details as possible, memories fade and sometimes cases take a long time to resolve so keeping a record could be helpful with details down the road.

You must notify the casino management or security to report the incident with them. Don’t make any recorded statements at the time, only notify to file a report and get medical attention.

Finally contact a Nevada personal injury accident lawyer to take care of you and get you the settlement you deserve. The Richard Harris Law Firm represents all casino accident victims including patrons injured while on vacation in Las Vegas.


Who Can I Sue?

The main defendant in your injury or accident case will be the hotel casino itself, for example New York New York.

However, depending on the situation and the type of accident you may be able to sue the third parties that are suppliers to the hotel.

Dealing with an injury lawsuit against a casino can be very complicated, that’s why we recommend contacting our attorneys for help.

Slip and Fall- you maybe able to sue the construction company that built the hotel, other hotel patrons may have caused the unsafe conditions that made you fall or the furniture company that supplied the furniture to the hotel are just a few example of the other defendants in a slip and fall casino accident

Food Poisoning-Since restaurants lease space from the casino you may be able to sue the restaurant corporation , the food suppliers are another example and finally the Southern Nevada Health department for not properly or in a timely manner inspecting the hotels food and beverage operations.

These are a few examples of how third party companies can also be held liable for casino accidents and injuries.


What damages can I recover?

The goal of a personal injury claim is to legally recover a settlement that makes you whole again by covering your compensatory expenses, these are:

  • Medical Expenses-hospital visits, doctor’s appointments, medication, physical therapy and other medical treatment current and in the future.

  • Lost wages – and salary, tips, bonuses, promotions you may have received but lost due to the accident

  • Loss of future earnings-any salary , tips , bonuses, and promotions that you will lose out ot in the future due to do the injury

  • Pain and suffering-from the emotional impact of the accident and injuries

Payouts for negligence injuries and accidents can be much higher when the victims sustain more severe injuries like TBI or Traumatic Brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and other injuries that may change your life and prevent you from living a normal life.

If your case ends up going to trial your personal injury attorney can also ask the court for punitive damages, these are damages to punish the defendants for their reckless or negligent actions that caused your accident or injuries.

Punitive damages can be as much as three times the amount of your compensatory damages. 


How long do I have to file a claim

A lawsuit that is brought against a hotel casino in Nevada must be filed within two years of the incident or two years after the death of the injured party. 

We strongly recommend that you hire a casino accident attorney as soon as possible after your accident.

The longer you wait the less chance you have to preserve evidence.

Evidence tends to fade or not be available over time, and witnesses become harder to count on.

NY NY Casino History

We all know Vegas changes over time, new skyline and bigger and better casinos.

That’s what happened in the early 1990’s, Vegas was changing from the old ways run by the mob to building new and more exciting casinos with a family and entertainment feel.

In the 1990’s the corporations that were building the new casinos thought it was a good idea to market the new Vegas to families. So every casino built in the 1990’s has a theme, The Luxor was Egyptian themed, Treasure Island had a pirate theme complete with a nightly show of a burning pirate ship, The Excalibur has a Medieval Times theme just to name a few.

In 1997 MGM opened New York New York designed to evoke New York City and its famous architecture.

New York New York’s theme includes replicas and downsized versions of New York’s famous landmarks including The Empire State Building , Statue of Liberty, even the Brooklyn Bridge and The Big Apple Coaster representing the Coney Island Cyclone that travels around the hotel inside.

There are New York style delis to eat at , a Nathan’s Hot Dogs and even an Irish Bar called Nine FIne Irishmen , the entire bar was shipped over in pieces from Ireland standing three stories tall just like any good Irish Bar in New York City.

New York New York has a 51,765 square foot casino and 2047 rooms over a sprawling 18 acre property. 

New York New York became the site of a makeshift memorial after the 9/11 attacks on The world Trade Centers even though the World Trade Centers are not depicted in the New York New York theme since it was a replica of New York City in the the 1940’s and The World Trade Centers didn’t open until the 1970’s

New York New York was also the site where in 2007 a gunman opened fire inside the casino after midnight and tried to commit suicide by cop by was subdued by bystanders after four people were wounded. After the gunman was convicted one of the victims filed a lawsuit against the resort and MGM for inadequate security.