Sunset Station Casino Injury Lawyers

sunset station casino injury lawyers


If you or a loved one were injured at Sunset Station you will need an attorney.

Richard Harris can help with casino injury lawsuits.

Our law firm has been serving the Las Vegas Valley for decades.

Getting injured can not only ruin a vacation but can have long lasting consequences.

Injuries can also be costly.

An ambulance ride to the emergency room may be just the beginning.

You should not be left to pay for these damages if they were not your fault.

Many casino injuries are caused by another person.

They may also be due to negligence.

Property owners and management can be held liable for injuries in many cases.

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Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents

These are very common accidents that we see all the time at a hotel and casino.

There are so many ways that a slip and fall accident can happen in a casino or hotel.

They can happen anywhere on the property.

·  Wet Floor – The casino floor area is over 163,000 sq ft. This is a lot of room to take a fall. There are times when the customer gets up from a table and trips. This may be their own fault. There are also times where a drink may have been spilled. No one has come over to mop it up. There is no signage to warn of the wet floor. A slip can occur to an unsuspecting guest. This can cause serious injury. Employees must always be monitoring the casino floor. Debris on the ground must be picked up. If the floor is freshly mopped proper signage must be displayed. Bathrooms, restaurants, hotel rooms can all have leaks or spills that can cause a slip and fall. Management has an obligation to keep the floors safe.

·  Carpet, Mats, Flooring – If the carpet or mat is damaged a trip and fall can happen. Often the area where the carpet meets the tile flooring can cause a trip. Guests need to be on the look out for cracked tiles and warped flooring. All this can lead to a serious injury. If the property knows of these issues, they must fix them.

·  Lighting Issues – Lighting is important all throughout the property. If there are lights out, they must be replaced. This is incredibly dangerous where there are stairs. Sunset Station with its bowling alleys and movie theater needs to make sure guests can see the steps and exits. Parking lots are always dangerous if the lights are not adequate. Stepping in a pothole or tripping down the stairs in a parking garage can be devastating.


Swimming Pool Accidents

Sunset Station has a beautiful pool area.

Parties by the pool in this desert oasis are an amazing experience.

It can also be dangerous. The sun and heat can cause dehydration.

Tourists new to the desert may unaware of this.

You may think you know what heat is but this is different.

Especially in the months of June, July, August, and even September.

Mixing alcohol into this environment can be risky as well.

Spending too much time in the hot tub can cause drowsiness.

Drowning is a possibility anytime you get around water.

Lifeguards and security must be ready to help the guests at all time.

This is no time for them to be distracted.

There must also be a certain number of lifeguards watching the pool area.

Lifeguards need to be properly trained and certified.

Knowing what to do if there is an incident.



elevator accident lawyer for casino injury

Elevator Accidents

With 21 floors elevators are the major source of transporting the guests.

There are around 440 rooms on the property. This means guests are constantly riding up and down.

Elevators can break. Stopping abruptly can cause injury.

If there is a mechanical failure guests may have to wait for help. If this is a crowded elevator this can be horrifying.

Getting stuck in a small space can cause serious stress.

The stress can then trigger high blood pressure and mental trauma.

Injuries can be serious in elevator accidents.

If the property has failed to keep up on inspections, they can have liability.

A defective part or improper maintenance happens sometimes.

There are many reasons why an injury on an elevator can happen.

Our attorneys will look at all the factors and details surrounding the elevator injury.

If it can be proven that negligence caused the accident we can then proceed legally.



Assault and Battery

Getting assaulted on a casino property does happen.

You hear about it more and more these days. It is impossible for casinos to stop every assault.

You can’t read a persons mind or predict every situation.

The casino property does have a responsibility to reasonably keep their property safe for guests.

Any business that invites people on to their property has this obligation.

It is often referred to as ‘duty of care.’

Properties like the Sunset Station must provide acceptable security.

They should not allow belligerent patrons to wander the property harassing their guests.

If you need to hire a good casino injury lawyer then call Richard Harris Law Firm now.




what to do if injured in sunset station casino

What To Do If Injured at Sunset Station

Casinos can be a lot of fun.

There is a constant flow of people moving through the property.

Some will be gambling, eating, drinking, swimming or even working out.

It is easy to get swept away into the excitement.

There is also a lot that can go wrong in a casino.

Slip and fall, robbery, fights, and food poisoning to name a few.

When there is an injury there are some things that you should take into consideration.

These steps will be helpful later.

If you are hurt and seek compensation for the damages here are a few tips.

·  Report the Injury – It is important to get the help of the casino manager. Make sure that they write up an incident report. This will be proof that the injury accident actually happened. It is key that you get a copy of the report.

·  Seek Medical Attention – The casino should call for help. Getting you medical care immediately is important. Depending on the injury will depend on what happens next. Getting to the emergency room will be necessary in serious injuries. This could include bone breaks, burns, spinal injuries, and head trauma. Injuries must get treated right away. Even if the injury appears to be relatively minor it is still recommended to have a medical professional check you out. Make sure that you retain all the receipts and paperwork from the casino injury.

·  Pictures – Get pictures of the scene. There may be a wet floor or broken chair that caused the accident. Make sure to get video or pictures that show the damage if possible. You may be injured and not thinking clearly. If you are able to focus this can be a great help later for your case. Broken handrails, torn carpet, cracked tiles may be the cause of your injury. Take the picture.

·  Get Witness Testimony – You may be able to get the manager to admit their mistake. If you can record conversations even better. Make sure to get contact information. This way you can speak with them later. A witness that can identify who was at fault can be a big advantage. This can be helpful in negotiations or if the case goes to trial.

·  Call Richard Harris – Having the right attorney on your side is valuable. We can help with all aspects of the case. We will investigate the accident, gather witnesses, and get all the details. Putting together a case that can win. We will look at all the damages of the case to come up with the just compensation. This will include; medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering. If the injury is serious, it may need long term care. This will all be considered. We can help you get statements from your employee that will show the income lost. We will be in contact with insurance companies. Getting you the maximum compensation through negotiations if possible. If we need to go to court our expert trial attorneys can guide you through.



Sunset Station Casino

The Sunset Station in Henderson, NV is one of the most popular destinations in the area.

Just a few miles from the Las Vegas Strip it has everything you need for a great experience.

However, going to any casino property has its risks. The Sunset Station attracts visitors from all over the world.

It also attracts those that are looking to take advantage of unsuspecting guests. Most of the time visitors will have the time of their lives.

Accidents of all kinds happen regularly on hotel and casino properties.

Whether you are a local out on the town or a tourist there is always risk of injury.

The property is open to guests and the public 24/7.

Alcohol is served all hours of the day. It is vital for guests to be aware of their surroundings.

Slip, trip, and fall accidents are one of the most common ways injury happens.

Sunset Station has concerts and entertainment on property that bring in the crowds.

It has restaurants, lounges, and nightclubs.

There are table games, slot machines, and the sports book to place your bet.