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If you have been injured in an accident at any casino hotel including South Point you should call The Richard Harris Law Firm to schedule a free consultation.

We offer the following services to our clients:

  • During the free consultation we will tell you what to expect from your case going forward

  • Use our own investigative team to gather evidence including camera footage, police reports, medical reports and witness testimony

  • Identify all liable parties that could be part of the reason for your injury and may owe you compensation, for example third party vendors like food providers or furniture manufacturers

  • Assess all the damages you may be entitled to including financial and non-financial

  • Negotiate with insurance adjusters for a fair settlement

  • Keep you up to date on your case

  • If needed we will prepare and go to trial and make sure your case is filed with the court at the appropriate time.

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Common South Point Casino Injuries

Las Vegas should be a fun experience but dangerous conditions can lead to injuries while at a casino hotel.

Some of the most common injuries include:

  1. Slip, trip and fall accidents

  2. Shuttle bus or valet parking accidents

  3. Assault and Battery or crimes on a person

  4. Elevator or escalator accidents

  5. Broken furniture accidents

  6. Food poisoning or other food incidents

  7. Alcohol related injuries

With all the people that visit Vegas each year there are bound to be some accidents and incidents that take place at any casino hotel including South Point.

However, if your accident and resulting injuries are caused by the hotels negligence or failure to act responsible you  may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

You might have been in a limousine crash or uber accident on your way to The South Point, or you might have been injured in a nightclub or hair salon on the property.

There are many types of accidents that happen at The South Point, and if you have been injured we encourage you to call for help.

It is always the casinos responsibility to keep visitors and hotel guests safe.

They have a duty of care for their customers and when they are not up to that standard and you get injured because of it then you need to hire a lawyer.


What To Do After Getting Injured

When you are considering filing a claim against a casino hotel based on their negligence you’ll need to have proof to help your case.

Below is a list of guidelines to follow to help you prove your case.

  • Notify the hotel management or security immediately- This will start the ball rolling, by filling out an accident or incident report , always request copies and ask immediately to get medical attention.

  • Get medical attention- you can either be treated at the accident site or taken to the hospital depending on how bad your injuries are. But always seek medical attention regardless of how injured you think you are.

  • Talk to witnesses- gather any witness information. Witnesses that don’t know you can be a very valuable since they have no connection to you they have no interest in the outcome and only offer what they may have seen.

  • Gather evidence– photos and video are best so use your smartphone and take video or photos at the scene.

  • Keep good records- keep all copies of anything that involves the accident including accident reports, medical records , work loss due to injury.

  • Contact a personal injury lawyer- once you are well enough and have all the evidence and reports contact a lawyer for a consultation regarding filing a claim against the casino hotel.



how much money can you get for injury at south point casino

How Much Money Can You Get For Injuries

If you have been injured at a hotel casino due to negligence on the hotels part you are entitled to recover damages in the following areas:

  1. Medical Expenses- Usually medical expenses are the starting point of any personal injury claim. When your injured at a hotel casino and were injured you may find yourself with mounting medical bills from medical transportation, emergency room visits, the cost of your hospitalization and the cost of ongoing treatment

  2. Lost Wages– after an accident involving injury you may not be able to return to your job right away. Without income your household and other bills could be piling up. In some cases you may not be available to return to work at all and this is taken into consideration when settling a claim

  3. Pain and Suffering– This a non-financial loss that in some cases cannot be quantified. You may have suffered immense physical pain because of your injuries and they can cause severe emotional pain as well. Your attorney will be able to add these to your case and the court will make a decision on how much pain and suffering is worth.

  4. Wrongful Death – If your loved one has passed away due to injuries suffered due to an accident at a casino you may be entitled to wrongful death benefits to cover final medical expenses, future earnings of your loved one who passed are also assessed during a wrongful death lawsuit.

  5. Punitive DamagesPunitive damages are recovered as a punishment to the neglectful party and assessed by the court. In some cases these awards can be three times as much as the damages.


Hiring a good personal injury lawyer can result in you getting the maximum damages for your claim from injuries at a casino.

Who is Responsible for Your Injuries

In most cases the hotel casino where you were injured would be the main party that you go after in legal action after an accident at a casino.

However there maybe other third parties that may be responsible for your injuries:

  1. Food venders or food suppliers

  2. Other patrons or gusts

  3. Outside Security

  4. Escalator and elevator service companies

  5. Furniture makers or manufacturers

  6. Shuttle manufacturers or maintenance companies

These are all companies that supply either products or services to a casino hotel and may be responsible for your injuries.

 You may be asked to give a statement either recorded over the phone or in person.

Insurance companies at the end of the day are a business and businesses are there to make money.

They may make you a low ball offer to settle the case quickly and give you the least amount of money they can get away with.

Richard Harris Law Firm Can Help

With over 40 years as the top Las Vegas personal injury attorney our track record speaks for itself.

We have recovered over a $ Billion for our clients over the years.

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South Point Casino History

South Point Casino, formerly known as South Coast resort and casino, opened on December 22, 2005.

The opening even had some fireworks that caused a small rooftop fire but that didn’t seem to interfere with the opening of the casino.

Southpoint was the first casino to be able to be seen from the I-15 from people arriving from California.

South Point struggled in the beginning with I-15 construction that was not finished yet and other amenities like the spa and nightclub had not been finished at the time of the opening.

Boyd gaming who originally owned the South Point agreed to sell the struggling property to Michael Gaughan, the founder of Coast Casinos.

Gaughan vowed to improve the property and build another tower and do a year long expansion project during the great depression in 2007.

During that time Gaughan did not lay off a single employee and proceeded with the project.

The South Point is known for its sponsorship of South Point Racing and the South Point 400, an annual stock car race held in Las Vegas.

South Point is also one of the primary hotels that cater to the annual National Finals Rodeo that takes place for 2 weeks every year in December in Las Vegas.