Palace Station Casino Injury Lawyer

palace station casino injury lawyers

If you or a loved one gets injured at the Palace Station it is best to seek the help of a personal injury attorney.

Hire a lawyer that understands these types of casino injury accident cases.

These big casinos are in the business to make money.

It is not so easy to get them to pay.

At Richard Harris, our team of attorneys understand how to deal with casino properties like the Palace Station.

We have been working for our clients in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada since 1980.

Taking on casino properties can be complicated.

Our lawyers will fight for you and seek the maximum compensation for all the damages.

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How a Palace Station Injury Happens

Las Vegas attracts millions of tourists to stay and play.

With so many people there is always a risk for an accident to happen.

A slip and fall are one of the more common injuries that happen.

Casino properties like the Palace Station can have hazards on the property that can cause this.

A slip and fall can happen anywhere on the property.

This is just one of the ways an injury can happen.

There are many other issues that can cause an injury accident.


Here is a list of them.

Slippery Floors – A wet floor is one of the most dangerous things that can cause injury. A freshly mopped floor can cause a slip and fall. Water in the restroom, casino floor, or hotel lobby needs to be dealt with right away. If there are no signs warning customers of the danger a serious accident is inevitable.

Food Poisoning – This can happen at any of the many restaurants in the casino. It can happen with room service as well. This is a food borne illness. A person can suffer with many symptoms. In most cases the person will get better without serious complications. There are instances that can send a person to the hospital. Emergency care may be needed in severe cases.

Elevator Elevators malfunctioning can lead to an injury. If the elevator stops working guests can become trapped. This can quickly lead to panic. If the elevator stops too fast it can injure a person. They may fall or slam against the side injuring themselves.

Swimming Pool – When there is a pool and jacuzzi there is always a risk for a serious accident. Pools always have the potential for a drowning situation. Lifeguards must be properly trained and alert. Too much time in a hot tub can lead to a guest passing out. A guest drinking alcohol in the sun can be a dangerous combination around a swimming pool.

Shuttle Bus – There is a possibility of an accident when taking the shuttle. Getting a ride from or to the hotel can be unsafe if the driver is reckless. The hotel should have a responsible driver. If the driver is negligent and an injury accident occurs, they can be held liable.

Furniture –The Palace Station is full of furniture. If there is a chair or stool that is defective an injury can occur. This can happen in a hotel room, lobby, or at the bar. Maintenance needs to be on top of checking the furniture. If they are aware of the defect, they must replace it or fix it.

Stairs– Having the proper lighting in stairwells is important. Hand rails and steps should be safe. A person tripping on a cracked step can be devastating. If there is any emergency the stairwells need to be clear and available.

Over Served Guest– Bartenders and management have the duty to not over serve their guests. If a guest is drunk and belligerent than there can safety issues.

Assault and Battery – A fight can break out and a guest can get injured. Any time there is alcohol the potential of this increases. A guest can be attacked in a robbery situation as well. This can happen in places like the parking lot, hallway, elevator, or bathroom. Palace Station must provide reasonable safety to all their guests.

Security Issues – Security must be on the lookout for criminal behavior and protect their guests. Security must be alert and properly trained. Surveillance cameras need to be working and monitored. Having enough security on staff is important for the safety of guests.


Casino Liability

  • Premises liability – Property owners can be held responsible if there is an injury because of negligence. It is a valid case if a person can prove that the owner or management were aware of the hazard.
  • Duty of Care – This requires that management and owners have a safety responsibility. They must provide their guests with a hazard free and reasonably safe environment. They must fix or remove anything that is defective. They must also provide signs and warnings to customers of the dangers. This is a standard that is intended to help avoid careless acts that can harm others.

Casino properties like the Palace Station will most likely try and fight an injury claim.

It is important to have an attorney that knows how to negotiate a settlement.

If negotiations fail than our trial attorneys will fight for you in court.

Proving liability is important in winning a casino injury lawsuit.

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palace station injury

Palace Station Casino Injuries

There are all types of injuries that can happen at the Palace Station. Some of the most common include;

  • Spinal Cord – When the neck and back are severely injured long-term care may be needed.
  • Arms – With a slip, trip and fall a person may use their arms to protect themselves. This can cause injury to the wrist and arms. Broken bones will need medical attention and time to heal.
  • Legs – Injuries to the legs can be serious. Torn tendons and cartilage in the knees will often need surgery.
  • Head – Falling and hitting your head on a hard floor can cause TBI. If severe there could be long term damage.
  • Facial – Broken face bones like the nose, jaw, and cheeks can happen in a fight or a fall.


Injured at The Palace Station?

  1. Seek Medical Attention – Make sure to get to a doctor. Even if you think you are alright after an accident. You may not be. It is important to make sure. Injuries can appear later.
  2. Get Evidence – Get pictures and video of the accident scene. If there are witness make sure to get contact information. File a report with the casino. It is important to have validation that an accident occurred. This will be helpful later if you plan on seeking justice and compensation.
  3. Keep Track of Expenses – Save all the medical bills. Any medical expenses that are directly related to the injury is important to keep. This will prove some of the damages that you are seeking.
  4. Call a Las Vegas Casino Injury Attorney – Richard Harris will take a look at all of your information. Then we can determine if it was due by the fault of another. From here we will build a case to get you just compensation.


If you were injured at the Palace Station due to negligence you have every right to be compensated for the damages.

The severity of the injury will be a factor taken into the consideration of the case.

Some of these damages will include the medical expenses.

Medical costs can add up fast.

With treatments, surgery, and doctors visits the amount can be overwhelming.

We will also consider the costs of treatment in the future if it is needed.

Lost wages are also financial damages that we will seek. Losing a job can be costly.

If you have lost work because of the injury accident than you should be compensated for it.

If there is money that can be determined lost in the future, we will seek this too.

Pain and suffering are other types of damages that can come from a casino injury.

Both physical and emotional trauma will have an effect on an injured person.

Sometimes the physical pain can go away and the mental anguish lingers.

Each casino injury is unique.

A Palace Station injury will have its own specific details that will affect the lawsuit.


Palace Station Casino History

Palace Station is one of the classic hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. It is located on Sahara Boulevard just minutes from the world-famous strip.

It is a popular place for both locals and tourists.

With over 570 hotel rooms and 84,000 sq feet of casino space there is always a lot of activity.

Some of the suites come with their own hot tub and wet bar.

Like at every hotel and casino in Nevada there is always the risk for an accident.

Often with accidents comes the unfortunate injury.

This can change the mood of a vacation or night out.

No one expects to be injured at the Palace Station but it does happen on occasion.

If you were injured due to the negligence of another you may be entitled to receive reimbursement for the damages.