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rio casino injury lawyers


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  • Identify all third parties that had a part in your injuries

  • Negotiate with insurance companies for a fair settlement

  • We communicate with all parties involved on your behalf

  • Review all offer from insurance companies

  • Prepare and file all lawsuits within the statute of limitations

  • Seek financial recovery at trial if necessary

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What to do if You’re Injured at The Rio Hotel?

Whether you’re heading to work or visiting the Rio in Las Vegas, no one wants to have their day ruined by an unfortunate incident that resulted in you being injured.

Accidents of course do happen, but it doesn’t mean you have to take the blame if you weren’t at fault.

Richard Harris Law Firm is the best personal injury law firm in Las Vegas, and our track record proves it.

Any lawyer will tell you there a few basic steps that you need to take:

  • Notify the hotel casino management or security
  • Seek Medical Attention immediately, any delay in getting medical help could hinder you down the road
  • Gather evidence, including video surveillance, witness information, photos, and police reports
  • Don’t sign anything, this might be the most important thing you can do other than getting medical attention. Don’t give any statements without seeking legal advice first.
  • Contact a local personal injury attorney with experience in dealing with large casino corporations

No matter what has happened and whether it took place in a casino or not, these are the steps that anyone should take if they were injured.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

When you are injured at a hotel casino you will most likely end up speaking with an insurance adjuster that works for the casinos insurance company.

You will be contacted by them asking for a recorded statement, or sent paperwork that they will ask you to sign.

Always seek legal advice before you give any statements or sign anything.

Insurance companies are a business just like any other and are also there to protect the interest of their clients.

Even though they may seem to be there to help you, they are in fact in the business of saving and making money.

They may offer you a low ball first offer to settle your case quickly or they may use anything you say in your statement to deny your claim altogether.

Once you sign off on any settlement offer you may not be entitled to any more financial relief in the future.

Never speak with an adjuster or sign any paperwork without seeking legal advice.

Once you hire a personal injury lawyer, they will deal with all interactions with any representative of the casino you were injured at including The Rio.

slip and fall accident at rio casino

Common Injuries at a Casino

All casino hotels in Las Vegas are basically the same.

Different themes for each different hotel but at the end of the day it’s all the same just dressed up differently.

Since casino hotels run a common theme, so do the injuries that occur at most casinos.

The injuries most related to casino hotels are:


Nobody wants to go on vacation and have anything like this happen to them, however from time to time it does.

When it does you need to contact a personal injury lawyer.

Injuries at Rio Casino Hotel

Casinos like The Rio are huge, you may need a breadcrumb trail to navigate the landscape of large casinos.

With large casino areas and many restaurants there are so many places that someone can get hurt, it’s no wonder it doesn’t happen much more often.

The most common issues that cause injury to staff and guests alike are:

  1. Bad Food or Debris in food products

  2. Broken Furniture

  3. Torn Carpet or uneven floors

  4. Broken Elevators and escalators

  5. Dark or unlit hallways

  6. Wet floors from spills

  7. Unattended pools

  8. Injuries form assaults from other patrons

  9. Negligent staff

  10. Lack of Security

Who is Responsible for My Injuries at The Rio

When you get hurt while on vacation at a casino or working for the hotel, you never think that more than one company can be responsible for your injuries.

But a casino uses many outside companies to make the hotel run smoothly and based on what happened a third party might have a part in being responsible for your injuries.

A legal team with experience in dealing with casinos can investigate to determine who else might have played a part in what happened to you.

Some examples of third parties that might have some responsibility for your injuries:

  1. Food Vendors

  2. Construction companies

  3. Furniture manufacturers

  4. Elevator and escalator maintenance companies

  5. Outside Security Companies

  6. Concert Promoters

  7. Valet Companies not part of the hotel

  8. Other Patrons


All of these companies provide a service to the casino hotel and may have played apart in your injuries.

If you were injured this should always be investigated by your legal team.


statute of limitations for injury at rio casino

How Long do I Have to File Injury Claim?

When you get hurt especially if you’re out of town, the first thing you think of is to take care of what’s in front of you at the time.

You may think you have a lot of time to deal with the aftermath of an accident.

In actuality the time begins to tick away as soon as the accident happens.

In Nevada you only have two years to file a claim against the casino hotel or any third party that may be responsible for your injuries.

That’s why hiring a legal team as soon as possible is important. Having a legal representative on your side immediately can have a positive outcome for you and your family.

A lawyer will make sure your claim is filed within the time frame of two years.

If you fail to file a claim against the casino within two years of the accident you may not be entitled to any financial recovery.

History Of The Rio Casino

The Rio opened in 1990 with a Brazilian theme and was the first all suite hotel casino in Las Vegas. The Rio featured a Masquerade show in the sky and added Masquerade Village, a retail and restaurant complex in 1997.

Rio is also known for hosting the World Series of Poker from 2005 to 2021.

The Rio was one of the first hotel casinos to have a resident artist play a series of shows at the hotel, other than Celine Dion at Caesars Palace.

Prince had a small run at The Rio from November 2006 to April 2007, playing nearly every Friday and Saturday night.

The Rio is also home to some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas but they are known by locals and tourists alike for the Carnival world Buffet that served an average of 7,000 diners per day.

Rio has an amazing pool area with separate pools dedicated just for adults, with more family friendly pools at a separate location on the pool grounds.

The pool also features a chilled waterfall that’s great to sit under when it’s 100 degrees out . The Rio is one of the hotels that allows locals to use the pools in the summer months with valid I.D.

The Rio also features Voo Doo lounge, a rooftop open air nightclub at the top of the hotel at 51 stories up the view of the strip is spectacular.

Rio hasn’t been without controversy since its opening in 1990.

There have been shut down for doing renovations without the proper permits.

There have been several assaults at The Rio over the years including a stabbing and a shooting.