Green Valley Car Accident Attorney

green valley car accident attorneys

Green Valley is a hop, skip and a quick ride to the heart of Las Vegas.

Located in Henderson, NV this city is an active community.

Traffic can get busy during rush hour in both the morning and evening.

A car accident can happen in the city at any time of the day and a reckless driver can easily lead to a car wreck.

If you have had the misfortune of being in a motor vehicle accident in Green Valley and were injured due to the fault of another than it is important to be represented by a personal injury lawyer.

The Richard Harris Law Firm serves clients everywhere in the Las Vegas Valley and all of Nevada.

In Green Valley the streets can jam up with vehicles.

There are some drivers late for work or others eager to get home that may create added danger to the rest of us.

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green valley busy intersections

Busy Intersections Around Green Valley

  • Green Valley Parkway and Sunset Road
  • Green Valley Parkway and Russell Road
  • Green Valley Parkway and Warm Springs Road
  • Arroyo Grande Boulevard and Windmill Road
  • Arroyo Grande Boulevard and Sunset Road
  • Arroyo Grande Boulevard and Warm Springs Road

Eastern Avenue and Stephanie Street are on the outskirts of Green Valley and can be high risk streets where accidents are known to take place.

Drive the speed limit and obey the rules of the road.

This will help you to avoid an accident.

We know that no matter how safe of a driver you are that crashes will still occur on the streets of Green Valley.

If you were involved in a car crash and need to get the video footage from the traffic cameras contact us.

Our attorneys at Richard Harris are here to help 24/7.


injured in green valley car crash

Common Car Accident Injuries

When a car accident happens the injuries and damages can be devastating.

With all accidents there can be a wide range of injury and the seriousness of those injuries will be unique to each accident.

Cars these days are built with many incredible safety features.

With that being said injury from a car accident still happens.

The speed and size of the vehicles will often determine the extent of the injuries.

Even at slow speeds an accident can leave behind injury that can be life changing and fatal.

TBI – Any time you hit your head or it is moved back and force violently the chance for serious head injury is there. The brain not only controls your physical wellbeing but also your mental wellness. If the brain is injured there are many different functions that may be affected. If the injury is serious enough then recovery will take a long time. In some cases, the brain can sustain permanent damage which can lead to a lifelong of challenges. Some of the symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury include;

  • Dizziness
  • Ears Ringing
  • Loss of Consciousness
  • Speech Problems
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Drowsiness
  • Sleeping Difficulty

Lacerations – An injury with cuts and scrapes can be dangerous if there is serious bleeding. Abrasions can be caused by scraping the skin against something in the vehicle during a crash. Glass is known to break in car accidents and can severely cut a person. If there is a nerve or tendon damaged the injury may be permanent. Wounds will need to get immediate and proper medical attention. Healing may take some time and if the lacerations are deep permanent scars may be left behind. Infections wounds can make for complications in the recovery. Signs of infection to a laceration or wound may include;

  • Fever
  • Swelling
  • Chills
  • Pain
  • Pus Draining from Wound

Fractures – A broken bone can be very painful. Serious breaks like compound fractures will need surgery is many cases. Just having an arm or leg in a cast can set a person back. Breaks can cause a person to miss work. Most times when a person is missing work it also means that they are missing out on earning money. Having to take time off to heal a bone break can leave a person financially burdened. Depending on the type of accident will dictate the bones that may be injured in a car accident. Some of the fractures that our offices see from a car accident include;


spinal injury from car accident

Spinal Injury – A back injury can have a long-term effect on the person injured. It can also affect loved ones that may have to care for the person. When the spine is injured a person can lose function in other body parts. Paralysis is devastating when the victim has lost feeling in arms or legs. Sometimes all limbs can lose feeling this is referred to as quadriplegia. From the neck down a person may have no feeling in these severe cases. There is possible treatment for this type of injury but in many cases the injury can be a permanent one. The most common reason for this injury is a motor vehicle crash. The risk of a serious spinal injury increases when there is no seat belt used at the time of the accident. A person can be thrown about and, in some accidents, ejected out of the vehicle altogether.

With all these injuries there will be needed time to heal and medical expenses.

All this adds up to lost wages and a sense of being overwhelmed, especially with car repair bills and a statute of limitations.

If you were injured in a Green Valley car accident due to the fault of another than you should not be liable for the damages.

You should not be held responsible for the expenses and financial hardships that were caused by another person’s mistake, negligence, or actions.

Having a reliable and reputable personal injury attorney will protect your rights and help get you the compensation that you deserve.

Call Richard Harris today if you need a 2nd opinion.


Car Accidents in Green Valley

T Bone – First of all what is a T-Bone car accident? This is when a car is hit on the side or broadsided and the collision makes the appearance of a T. A large percentage of car accident deaths to drivers and passengers occur due to this accident type. There are a number of ways that this type of accident can occur. Running stop signs, red lights or taking a right or left turn in traffic are some ways. Drivers speeding or distracted are some common reasons for the accident.

Rear End – Getting hit from behind is fairly common. I would say most of us if you have driven for a number of years have had the misfortune of this accident type. Sometimes it is just a minor fender bender. Everyone is ok and numbers and insurance exchanged. The problem with that is that injuries like whiplash may not be felt until days later. In more serious cases there could be multiple cars involved because the car hits you from behind and now you hit another vehicle. This can be scary and injuries may be serious. A car in a parking lot going 5 miles per hour will do a lot less damage than a speeding vehicle going 70. This car accident is wide ranging in the damage left behind.

Head On – Definitely the worst type of accident any one wants to ever be involved in. A crash like this can leave behind it some serious injuries or fatalities. When cars are driving in opposite directions and hit in the front of the vehicles the crash is often devastating. Speed of the crash can make a big difference. A head on accident can happen in an instance if a driver gets distracted. Spilling something or dropping an item and reaching down to pick it up in the cracks of the seat may be all the distraction needed. Phones, maps, and daydreaming can add to the risk. A tired driver falling asleep at the wheel in Green Valley coming home from a shift at work can spell out disaster as well.

Every accident type can definitely cause injury.

If you get hit by another car try to talk to witnesses, gather evidence (photos, etc.) and call the police so you can get a police report.

These days it is not uncommon to see drivers speeding and cutting in and out of traffic.

Maybe too many ‘Fast and Furious’ movies they have seen as they race you to the next light.

Stay on the lookout for reckless drivers and try your best to avoid any of these accident types.

Stay Safe!


Green Valley, Henderson

Green Valley is a master planned community located in Henderson, NV.

It is also around 10 miles to the Las Vegas Strip.

The population is around 40,000 residents but there are thousands more that travel through the streets every day.

Some will be going to school or just shopping.

Others to the Green Valley Ranch Casino, a world class resort and casino that brings in locals and tourists from all over the world.

The average age in Green Valley is under 40 so there are a lot of families and working age people actively moving about.

Car accidents happen in Green Valley every day.

So, make sure you are paying attention while driving and on the lookout for those that are not.