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bicycle accident lawyer in green valley henderson nv

Anytime a bicycle accident occurs the chance of the cyclist being injured is always much higher than the motorist.

The reasons are pretty obvious due to the vulnerability of the rider with not much to protect them.

Going down on the hard pavement can be painful.

The injuries may be minor where a rider is back on the bike and all is good.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

The injuries may be life threatening and life changing.

Long term medical care may be needed in the most serious cases.

Because of a motorist’s carelessness injuries and sometimes fatalities can occur.

If you are injured on a bicycle then hire a Green Valley bicycle accident lawyer.

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Injuries from an accident may take time to heal.

This may take its toll on your personal life as well as finances.

If you were injured and it was the fault of another than they should be held liable for all the expenses.

Our attorneys will take a look at all the facts and put together a comprehensive strategy that will give you the best chance at winning.

Getting the insurance companies and other attorneys to just hand over money is no easy task.

They will most likely fight to try to keep from paying.

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bicycle safety tips

Some Bicycle Safety Tips to Remember

Bicycle riding in Green Valley is growing by the day.

With many bike trails throughout the city, it is becoming a preferred method of transportation.

When riding on the busy streets the risk factor and chance for an accident increases.

Make sure to remember these safety tips.

They may save your life.

Always Wear a Helmet – This can be a difference maker if a rider goes down and hits their head. The pavement and cement are unforgiving and a head injury can have an everlasting affect. The helmet must be of quality, fit properly and strapped on tight.

Bright Clothing – Bright clothing is recommended when out for a ride. Being visible to the others on the streets is important for a safe ride. There is plenty of reflective clothing to chose from these days and bright colors that will catch the attention of a motorist.

Lights and Reflectors – Very important to have proper lighting on a night ride. A bright white head lamp on the front will help in traffic. Remember that cars and trucks driving around town may have a hard time seeing the smaller, sleeker bicycle travelling the roads with them. Reflectors on the bike are valuable safety features that a rider should have on the bike as well.

Clear Intentions – Letting the drivers see you is one thing that is helpful. Now be predictable in your intentions. Don’t change lanes haphazardly. Use hand signals to let them know you are turning. Obey the rules of the road like everyone else for a safe ride.

Check Equipment – Adjust the seat to the correct height and make sure it is tightened into place. Tires must be properly inflated and checked to make sure they are road ready before heading out. Lights can be checked to make sure they are working. Brakes are also vital for a safe ride.

Pay Attention – This is a no brainer. Keep the earbuds out and stay focused on the sights and sounds of the street in order stay safe. Drive defensively around other vehicles and avoid an accident.


Reasons for Bicycle Accidents

There are numerous reasons why a bicycle accident happens in Green Valley.

Many bicycle accidents are caused by a driver of a vehicle on the road.

  • Driving Distracted – Dealing with the phone while driving has become one of the leading reasons for an accident. All it takes s a split second and a bike rider can find themselves injured on the road. Other distractions can include; eating, drinking, or daydreaming. A diver may be looking up at a billboard or sign on the road and not see a rider in the lane next to them. The list is endless and injuries can be damaging.
  • Reckless Driving – Anytime a bicycle rider crashes with a car it can be deadly. Speeding cars swerving in and out of lanes can smash into a bicyclist minding their own business. Running stop signs or red lights can lead to a major injury. A bike rider is at more of a disadvantage than even a motorcycle rider. With a motorcycle it can hit the gas and get out of the way if it sees a reckless driver approaching. A bicycle rider is moving at a much slower pace and can not accelerate if the vehicle is going at high speeds.
  • Getting Doored – This is one to be on the lookout for when riding on the streets with parked cars on the right. Make sure to give yourself some room, if possible, to avoid this type of crash. A motorist not seeing you coming can throw open their door to get out of the car. At the same time a cyclist is approaching their vehicle. This can catch everyone off guard. Be aware of this accident type and ride defensively.


In a Bicycle Accident, Now What?

If you are able, then first get yourself to a safe spot off the road.

Then if you are injured call 911.

Try and get pictures that can show the accident and how it happened.

Take pictures of your bike and the car, truck, SUV etc. that you were hit by.

Gather information like insurance, drivers license, license plate, etc. from the driver or witnesses.

Any details and evidence that can help prove your case will be helpful down the road if you decide to file a claim.

Make sure you are checked out by a doctor and seek the proper medical attention.

It is important to keep all copies of police reports, medical reports, etc.

It is also important to have the help of an experienced bicycle accident attorney to protect your rights.

Call Richard Harris today!


bicycle accident injury

Injuries from a Bicycle Accident

We all know that bicycle accidents can be very dangerous, but the actual stats are alarming and scary.

If you have been injured in a bicycle crash don’t fight the insurance companies alone, call Richard Harris today for help.

Traumatic Brain Injury – Bicycle accident injuries to the head can result in a person having TBI. This injury has many symptoms that include; vomiting, loss of memory, headaches, and dizziness. If the injury is severe, it can cause death. If a bicyclist is not wearing a helmet and hits there head the risk for TBI increases. Having TBI can cause long term affects where a person may never fully recover. Bike riders are highly vulnerable to head injury if they are in a crash with a motorist.

Broken Bones – Bones can break and this can bring a lot of pain to a rider. Wrists and arms can snap in a hard crash where the person goes to brace for a fall. If a rider is hit by a bumper of a vehicle the legs may break. If the femur, that big bone in the thigh, is fractured it can be traumatic. A bike rider can go under the vehicle and get their legs run over. Feet, ankles, and toes are all at risk of breaks in a bicycle accident.

Road Rash – A rider that is thrown to the ground will most likely get this type of injury. As a kid most of us have had this injury and recovered. Some of us may have permanent scars if the injury was more serious. The pain from scrapping your skin across the pavement can be excruciating. Always make sure to clean the injury properly to try and avoid infection. It is always best to seek medical attention.


Green Valley Nevada

Riding a bicycle is becoming more and more popular every day across the nation.

Adults and kids are seen travelling the roads of Green Valley every day.

This town in Henderson is a family friendly place with a long list of master-planned communities.

Some of these include;

  • Green Valley Estates
  • Whitney Ranch
  • Hillsboro Heights
  • The Fountains
  • Quail Ridge
  • The Legacy Village
  • The Grand Legacy
  • The Masters Series
  • Green Valley Ranch

These communities are full of bike riders of all ages.

Riding a bicycle is a great way to stay in shape, save on gas and get around town easily.

When you take a ride around cars and trucks there is a danger factor that can make for added risk of injury.

An accident with a motorist on a bike can do some serious damage to cyclist.

You may be out on your bike obeying all the rules of the road and a distracted motorist comes out of nowhere and OUCH!

An injury on a bike can lead to a trip to the hospital or doctor.

If the accident is due to the fault of another than there is a good chance that you could be compensated for the damages and losses that were sustained from it.