Green Valley Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

green valley nv pedestrian accident lawyer

If you are a pedestrian and find yourself hit by a motorist and are injured it is important to seek medical attention.

The next thing to do is speak with a Green Valley pedestrian injury attorney about the case.

If the injury is the fault of another than you could be entitled to just compensation.

A pedestrian accident can come with medical bills and injury that may cause a person to lose work which usually means lost wages.

You should not be liable for the damages and costs left behind if you were not at fault

First of all, our attorneys specialize in all types of personal injury accidents including Green Valley pedestrian accidents. We are top rated with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have been here in Nevada since 1980. That longevity gives us a lot of experience on how to handle these types of cases. Going about filing a lawsuit on your own comes with a lot of paper work, filing deadlines and a lot of legalities that you may not be aware of. This can be especially difficult if you are injured and trying to get back on your feet.

Dealing with insurance companies and attorneys are not always easy to go it alone. It is best to have the help of a professional, reliable personal injury firm on your side that knows the laws and can implement the best strategy for you in order to receive the most compensation. Call Richard Harris Today!


Busy Roads and Intersections in Green Valley

  • W Warm Springs Road and Green Valley Parkway
  • Wigwam Parkway and Green Valley Parkway
  • Sunset Road and Green Valley Parkway
  • N Pecos Road and Warm Springs Road
  • Sunset Road and Stephanie Street

The Interstate 215 exits on Green Valley Parkway.

This area sees some high vehicle traffic that heads right into the heart of the community.

Intersections all along this street will have pedestrians crossing which can lead to an accident if not careful.

There are strip malls and business complexes all along this exit, but we have a video accident command center that records traffic cameras so call us for possible footage.

It is important for both the motorists and pedestrians to equally be on the lookout for each other.


pedestrian accidents injuries

Pedestrian Accident Injuries

When a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle injury will most likely occur.

Getting hit by the bumper of a car at an intersection can be damaging.

The weight of a car and force at any speed can be deadly.

If a car rolls over a foot it can break bones and shatter toes.

Broken Bones – If a pedestrian and vehicle make contact it can break a bone. Feet, legs, arms, ribs are at risk of bone breaks and these can be painful and may take months to heal properly. Compound fractures may need surgery and breaks will often take a person out of the work force. The time it takes to heal a broken bone can cause financial burden from lost wages to a victim.

TBI – A pedestrian unlike a bicyclist or motorcycle rider is usually not wearing a helmet to protect their skull. A baseball hat is not going to protect anything. If an accident causes the person to hit their head on the floor than they can be in serious need of help. Traumatic Brain Injury can create symptoms that may be long term and damage to the brain is always a serious injury.

Internal Injury – Being injured internally can be dangerous and cause many complications if not detected in time. Internal trauma may not show all the symptoms right away. Internal bleeding may be hard to notice but can be deadly if not treated. Perforations in the organs, lungs, kidney, or liver are all serious. Make sure to get medical attention after a pedestrian accident even if you think you feel fine.

Injuries can be devastating and in some severe cases long term care and even death may result.

The injury may result in a person no longer being able to provide for their family because they can no longer work.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident due to the fault of another it is important to be represented by a personal injury attorney that can fight for your rights and get you the fair compensation you deserve.

The Law Offices of Richard Harris are here to help you put together a winning case.


green valley nv schools and pedestrians

Green Valley Schools and Pedestrians

Green Valley is the first master planned community in Southern Nevada.

It is family friendly which means there are a lot of kids and schools in the area.

Wherever there are schools that means there are going to be pedestrians.

Kids going to and from school are a constant.

A vehicle speeding down the street may be unaware they are entering a school zone.

This can lead to an accident and serious injury.

We have seen Uber drivers causing accidents while picking kids up from school.

It can take everyone by surprise if this happens.

Some of the schools in the area to be on the lookout for pedestrians include;

Elementary Schools

  • Selma F. Bartlett Elementary School
  • James Gibson Elementary School
  • Glen C. Taylor Elementary School
  • John C. Vanderburg Elementary School

Middle Schools

  • Francis H. Cortney Junior High School
  • Barbara & Hank Greenspun Junior High School
  • Bob Miller Middle School

High Schools

These are just some of the many schools in Green Valley.

It is important that motorists obey the rules of the road when in the school zones.

Slow down and follow the instructions of the crossing guards to avoid a pedestrian accident.

Being a pedestrian can be risky in any town in the USA.

Green Valley is no exception and a community where a pedestrian should always be aware of their surroundings.

Located in Henderson, NV this community has some busy streets and intersections where people young and old can be seen walking or jogging around cars and trucks.

A pedestrian accident can leave an adult or kid with some serious injury.


Causes of a Pedestrian Accident

Driving Distracted – It seems like everyone on the road is driving distracted these days. Looking at something while driving instead of their full attention on the road. This seems to be only getting worse. The phone has become the number one distractor and has added to the increase in accidents of all types. Pedestrians are harder to see than a motorist and are at the biggest disadvantage and risk of injury if in an accident.

Driving Drunk – This behavior is unacceptable but still happens. A drunk driver is a serious risk to everyone on the road. Many pedestrians are killed every year due to drunk drivers. A driver with blood alcohol of .08% is DUI. If you plan on drinking take an Uber or make sure you have a designated driver. Do not put everyone’s life in danger.

Crosswalk Accidents – Crosswalks can be confusing. It is important that both the driver of the vehicle and the pedestrian approach each intersection with caution. Try and make eye contact with each other and be predictable. A driver must always give the pedestrian the right of way and allow them to cross the street safely.

Hit and Run – This happens in pedestrian accidents more than you might think. Getting hit by a car is bad enough but when a car just drives off without stopping it is even worse. Sometimes a motorist will not even know they hit a person or they may get scared and just want to avoid the accident all together.

Speeding – A driver at high speeds can do some serious damage to a pedestrian. The faster the speed of the vehicle the more serious the injury in many cases. It is hard to get out of the way of a speeding car if it comes at you. A high-speed accident with a pedestrian can be fatal.


The Dangers of Jaywalking

Jaywalking is one of the most dangerous things a pedestrian can do. This is illegal and can come with a fine in Nevada.

The ticket for jaywalking is a misdemeanor and can be issued to a person like a traffic citation.

It is always recommended to take the extra time to get to a crosswalk when getting across a main street in Green Valley.

It is definitely not worth the risk of being hit by a moving vehicle.

An unsuspecting motorist can be taken off guard and hit a pedestrian running across the street.

This could cause some serious injury to a pedestrian that trips or does not give themselves the proper amount of time to bolt across the street.


Pedestrian Safety Tips

  • Always be cautious when crossing a road and cross at the designated areas.
  • Remember that you may be hard to see. This is especially true at night.
  • Wear some bright colors if you know that you will sharing the street with other motorists. Clothes with reflective material can help too.
  • Just like a motorist driving drunk it is also vital that the pedestrian not be stumbling around the streets of Green Valley drunk.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and keep the earbuds out of the ears.