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Lake Tahoe Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

Hanging out in Lake Tahoe can be a great time.

The weather is beautiful and the views are spectacular.

Nevada casinos around the Lake are found in Incline Village and Crystal Bay.

Casinos in Lake Tahoe have a long history dating back to the 1930’s.

There are many other Stateline casinos as well with lots of action.

Hotels, restaurants and plenty of shopping can be enjoyed by tourists as well as the locals.

Slip and fall accidents are no stranger to Lake Tahoe.

When there is this much activity and excitement they are bound to occur.

Slip and fall accidents can happen to people in the work place too.

Not only can customers have an accident but often working conditions for employees can be dangerous.

Slip and fall accidents can happen at home, a friend’s place, store, church, school or at the post office.

Elderly adults are at a higher risk and make up a large percentage of these injury types, especially at casinos.

If a slip and fall accident in Lake Tahoe does take place hopefully there is no injury from it.

The person gets up and goes on with their day.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Talk to a Lake Tahoe personal injury lawyer

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A slip and fall can leave a person injured with a trip to the emergency room if it is serious enough.

There are a million ways a slip and fall accident can occur.

Sometimes a person can just loose their balance and fall to the ground.

Sometimes the accident occurs due to the carelessness of another person, business or entity.

If you are ever injured in a slip and fall accident in Lake Tahoe and it is the fault of another it is time to call The Law Offices of Richard Harris.

The lawyers at Richard Harris are experienced in slip and fall accidents and injury cases with a proven track record of over $1 Billion recovered for their clients.

Many slip, trip and fall accidents could have been prevented but due to negligence they were not.


Types of Slip and Fall Accidents

  • Spills – Often times a slippery floor is the culprit in a slip and fall accident. Sometimes a person spills a drink or something leaks onto a casino or restaurant floor. Now the place of business can’t control everything that happens. Wet floors need to be mopped up in a timely manner and a casino, store or restaurant can’t just leave the floor wet for an extended period of time. This would be negligent. A bathroom can be a danger to an unsuspecting customer if the floor is wet and not properly attended to. Spills can come from many different sources.
  • Uneven Flooring – Cracks in tile or a loose wood floorboard can cause havoc. Trips can happen when a customer or worker hits an uneven spot where the carpet and tile meet. If the flooring has defects and they are hard to see a person can be caught off guard. These are things that a business should notice and be aware of. There should always be signs displayed giving warning to dangerous flooring.
  • Parking Lots – There are a number of ways in which a parking lot can create an environment for injury. Potholes are major in contributing to a slip and fall injury. I recently parked and opened my door and stepped right into a pothole and I thought to myself how lucky I was that I didn’t sprain my ankle or turn my knee. Parking lots must allow a customer going into or out of a casino, shopping center etc. to be able to do so safely. If there are oil slicks that have not been cleaned up or garbage that a person can trip on in the parking lot then accidents will happen. Often parking lots are lacking in the lighting and that is another issue.
  • Lighting Issues – When bulbs are dim or out an accident is more likely to occur. This can be dangerous not only in parking lots but in restaurants, bathrooms or anywhere. When this is an issue in a stairwell the chance of a serious injury can increase. Stairs in general are no joke even when properly lit. If lighting is out in a stairwell the result can be fatal.
  • Clutter – A slip and fall can occur when there is clutter in a walkway, aisle or stair area. This can cause serious injury. A property owner or business has an obligation to their customers and employees to provide a safe space. Sometimes items fall off shelves and into aisles where a person can trip and fall. Once again, signs should be posted to warn customers or employees of the potential danger. Clutter can be from many different items like pallets, carts or boxes of products that a business is stocking.


Injured in A Slip and Fall, Now What

Like any accident it is best to seek medical attention immediately.

Even if you are not sure at the time it is best to get checked out.

Injuries may not be noticed at first due to the adrenaline.

Make sure a report is filed with the owner or management of the place where the accident occurred, you might even get a police report.

If you can, take photos or video of the area where the fall occurred.

Show what caused the event to happen and how it happened.

Any evidence that you get at the scene can be helpful in proving your case.

Seek a professionally skilled slip and fall accident lawyer that will hold the negligent party accountable.

Contact the Richard Harris Law Firm.


injury from slip and fall in lake tahoe

Injuries From a Lake Tahoe Slip and Fall Accident

Injuries from a slip and fall accident are very common.

Often a person falls without any warning.

Anytime a person hits their head on the hard floor damage can be severe.

  1. Head Injury – This includes Traumatic Brain Injury. Whenever the head is jolted or hit hard this can occur. If best case scenario the brain may only be temporarily affected. In severe cases long term damage can result. Possible death in most severe cases. A tiled floor or cement can crack the skull and be shattering to the well-being of the victim. Some of the symptoms include; headaches, memory loss, dizziness, depression, nausea, speech problems etc.
  2. Torn ligaments or muscles – These injury types are really common in slip and fall accidents. The twisting of an ankle or knee can rip tendons, muscles and ligaments. There is a chance for surgery in these types of injuries especially when the knees are affected. Lost wages and rehabilitation are often the result if casts or crutches are involved.
  3. Broken Limbs – Arms and leg breaks can happen if a person goes down to the hard floor. Getting your leg caught in a strange position or an arm that is trying to brace a fall can end up breaking. There is also a chance for surgery and an extended time to rehab.
  4. Neck and Spine – This can be a cringe worthy injury and leave a person with long term care. The spine is always a scary injury because the chance for paralysis is always a real one. If the neck is injured a chiropractor and multiple visits to the doctor may be involved. Just think about when you sleep wrong and the neck hurts sometimes for a week. Tendons and muscles in the spine and neck can take a lot of time to get back to normal.


With all these injuries medical bills can add up quick.

A person can be physically injured and incredibly stressed out mentally by the situation.

You have every right to be compensated if you or a loved one were injured because of the carelessness of another.


Costs Related to Slip and Fall Injuries

A slip and fall accident can affect a person physically, mentally as well as financially.

  • Hospitalization and Doctor Visits
  • Lost Wages (Current and Future)
  • Full or Partial Disability
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Drug Prescriptions
  • Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • Quality of Life


Quick Slip and Fall Facts

  1. When it comes to broken bones hip fractures are the most serious with the most problems.
  2. Slip and fall accidents end up in the emergency room more than any other accident type.
  3. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) revealed that floors and flooring materials directly contribute to over 2 million injuries every year.
  4. CDC reported that an estimated 1.8 million people over the age of 55 ended up in the ER because of a slip and fall.

If you have been injured due to another’s negligence it is recommended to get a personal injury attorney.

Business owners and insurance companies will have their own lawyers to fight against your claims.

Richard Harris will look at all the evidence and put together a strategy to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Insurance companies and the legal system can be complicated.

Let the Law Offices of Richard Harris fight for you while you recover. Available 24/7.