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Having a highly knowledgeable and trained law firm on your side is always recommended.

The Richard Harris Law Firm is just that.

We are here to help you seek justice and get you the maximum compensation.

If we are retained, we will do our best to put together a case that can win.

We know Nevada and how to win!

  • Evidence – We evaluate all the facts of your claim. Then we can provide you with the best options to move forward.
  • Legal Advice – Our expert attorneys understand these types of lawsuits. We will help guide you through the legalities of the case. We are here to answer any questions that you may have.
  • Investigate – Getting the evidence that can prove liability is a key factor. We will do our own investigation that can help build your case.
  • Filings – Our attorneys will prepare and handle all the filings. Casino injury lawsuits can be complex. There may be multiple filings. Paperwork will need to be accurate and filed on time.
  • Negotiations – Richard Harris is skilled at negotiating. Trying to come to an agreement on your own with a hotel and casino property can be difficult. Our ultimate goal is to get you a fair and just settlement for all the damages left behind.
  • Trial – If a settlement cannot be agreed upon you have the right to go to trial. We have exceptional trial lawyers that will fight for the maximum compensation in court.

Statute of Limitation on a personal injury lawsuit in Nevada is two (2) years.

If you wait too long to file the lawsuit you will be unable to receive compensation.

Don’t let this happen.

Contact the Law Offices of Richard Harris.

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If you are injured at Harveys due to the negligence of another you will want to have legal representation.

Having Richard Harris on your side will be a big help.

Our law firm has been serving clients in Nevada for over 40 years.

Taking on Harveys will not be easy.

It is important that you have a Lake Tahoe personal injury attorney.




What To Do After an Accident at Harveys

Casinos like Harveys are often owned and operated by large corporations.

This means that they have large insurance companies behind them.

If you plan on filing a claim against this property they will be legally represented with high powered attorneys.

Richard Harris will fight for you.

We have years of experience and know how to take them on.

If the injury is serious the medical expenses can quickly add up.

Losing income from not working can be devastating.

If there is a long-term health issue from the accident than lost wages in the future will need to be looked into.

Pain and suffering that is a direct result of the accident will be considered.

Getting you the maximum compensation for all the damages is what we will strive for.

We will take a look at all the details and evidence of your injury. Once we can determine who is liable, we can then file a claim.

Proving responsibility for your injury is key to any personal injury case.

While we work on the legal side of things you should be concentrating on healing.

Getting you all the help needed to make a full recovery.

If injuries are serious, they may take weeks, months, or longer to recover.

The most severe injuries will have long term care required. Head trauma and spinal injuries can be life changing.

Call Richard Harris Today! Our consultation is always free.


harveys lake tahoe injury

Casino Related Injuries at Harveys

Injuries at a hotel and casino can be wide ranging.

Sometimes it may be the fault of the guest and not anyone else.

Many times, injuries come from accidents that were caused by the fault of another.

It could be that another guest or employee was to blame.

In some cases, the property owner and/or management were at fault.

Transportation – When hotels and casino properties provide guests transportation there is always risk. Accidents can happen because the shuttle or limo driver is careless. Negligent driving can happen in many ways. Speeding, running a red light, stop sign, and improper lane change is reckless driving. Driving distracted or DUI can also cause a crash. The company providing the transportation can be held liable in these situations. A crash can put a real damper on a vacation. It can also be costly.

Security – Hotel and casino environments like Harveys can be exciting. However, there can be security issues. There is always a chance of danger on a casino property. Emotions can run hot when there is alcohol and gambling. Harveys has around 100 table games and 600 slots. It also has nightlife with lounges and nightclubs. Security needs to be on high alert. They also need to be adequately staffed and properly trained. Monitoring the environment and stepping in before an incident occurs is important. Anytime a property invites guests to it they must provide a reasonably safe environment. There is a duty of care that is necessary in order to keep the guests safe. This property has had some serious security breaches in the past. A bomb went off and took out 3 floors in 1980. This is highly unlikely to happen again but shows you that these things can occur. If a guest is injured due to the lack of security the property can be held accountable. We will seek justice and hold the responsible party liable.

Food Poisoning – This can happen at any number of the restaurants on the property. You can get it from something you eat or drink. It is a food borne illness from germs or other things that can make you sick. Some of the symptoms include; vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, cramps, and fever. Food poisoning can come on quickly or take a while to show symptoms. Most of the time it will be uncomfortable for a while and go away. There are times when it can be serious. In the case of elderly adults and young children a trip to the emergency room may be necessary. High fevers can cause major health issues if not given the correct medical care. Food poisoning is nothing to take for granted. If you have these symptoms it is recommended to seek medical help.

Room Accidents – Harveys must provide its guests with a room that is safe to guests. It must be secure. If door locks are faulty there can be a break in. This could result in stolen property and/or assault and injury. Neither of these is acceptable. Electrical issues can cause serious harm if electrocuted. Exposed wires or faulty outlets can do major harm. It can also be the cause of a fire. Defective furniture in the rooms must be replaced or repaired. Falling out of bed or a broken chair can cause serious injury. The bathroom is always risky. Leaks on wet tile or defective hair dryers can do damage.

Fights – When there is a fight in a casino there is often alcohol involved. The establishment has a duty not to over serve the guests. If the staff continues to serve a person that is intoxicated, they can be held responsible. This includes; bartenders, waitresses and management. Security can also be held responsible in a fight. They must respond in a reasonable amount of time. Getting in a fight in a casino is dangerous. There will most likely be security footage of the event. This does not mean that the property is going to just hand it over to you. This is another reason why it is important to have an experienced casino injury attorney. We know how to take on these types of properties. It is important to prove who was responsible for the fight. There could be multiple parties responsible in the end. Our attorneys will investigate and seek justice.


Harveys Lake Tahoe Casino

Harveys is a hotel and casino getaway in Lake Tahoe.

It was the first casino on the South Shore.

This place has incredible views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

It offers guests fun and excitement 24 hours a day.

There is always risk for injury. Accidents can happen in hotel rooms, lounges, or in the restaurant.

They can happen outside in the parking lot as well.

A slip, trip and fall injury is common on casino properties like Harveys.

Lake Tahoe is an active community. Tourists and locals come here all year around.

It has all your favorite table games in the casino. Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette is always a popular bet.

With around 88,000 sq feet of casino this is a gaming hot spot.

At the moment Harveys is in association with Caesars Entertainment being the operating license holder.