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harrahs lake tahoe casino injury lawyers


Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places in the US. The Nevada side has hotels and casinos.

Harrah’s Hotel and Casino has a lot to offer everyone.

There are over 500 rooms with all the amenities.

There are two full floors of luxurious suites and incredible views.

The casino and nightlife go 24/7. With all the excitement there is always a chance for an accident.

When accidents happen, there is often injury.

Hotels and casino properties in some instances may be to blame.

There are times when another person is to blame for the injury.

When injury occurs due to the fault of another it is important to have legal representation.

Having a Lake Tahoe personal injury attorney that is knowledgeable in these kinds of cases will be helpful.

Pursuing legal action after an injury in a hotel property like Harrah’s Lake Tahoe can be complicated.

Properties like Harrah’s will have their own legal team. This may make it difficult for you to get justice on your own.

When an injury occurs, they will be looking to protect their own interests.

Our attorneys at the Richard Harris Law Firm know how file a claim that can win.

Getting you the maximum compensation for the damages from the accident is our goal.


Why Injuries Happen at Harrah’s Tahoe 

Harrah’s has rooms, restaurants, lounges, and gaming action all day and night.

It has big-time concerts at the outdoor arena.

Guests can dance at the nightclub, catch a show, or catch a game at the sports book.

There are multiple eating options to choose from. An accident with injury can happen anywhere.

Most of the time the person never sees it coming.

Here are some of the common causes of injuries at Harrah’s.

Broken Furniture – This happens more than you may think. A bed frame can go bad. You may go to sit in a chair and it is breaks. A desk falls over because of broken leg. A faulty bar stool can really cause damage. These accidents often happen out of nowhere when you least expect it. Going down on a hard floor can be devastating. The property owners and management must properly maintain the furniture. This means checking it regularly to make sure it is not faulty. If it is they have an obligation to fix or remove it. Furniture has screws and bolts and these need to be tightened if they get loose. Hotels and casinos have a high volume of customers constantly using the furniture. Booths and chairs should never tip over when someone sits down.

Slips, Trips, and Falls – This is one of the most common accidents in hotels and casinos. Management, and employees must be on the look out for wet spots on the floor. In the winter time snow can get brought into the lobby. This must be constantly checked. Any type of liquid is dangerous. Whether it is water or a spilled drink an unsuspecting guest can injure themselves if they slip and fall. Trips can happen with loose flooring, cracked tiles, or mats out of place. Defective flooring in hotels is unforgiving if you fall. Hotel employees can try and eliminate the hazards. They can do constant checks and have non slip mats. They should also remove any clutter or trash on the floor that can trip a person.

Electrical Issues – If there is defective wiring an electrical shock incident can happen. This is the last thing anyone wants when on vacation. Outlets, cords, or switches if defective can cause this type of accident. Faulty hair dryers or other items in the rooms can be dangerous. If a guest is injured because of being shocked on the property they have a case. The property can be held liable for any damages in these types of injuries. If there is an electrical issue in the hotel, they must fix it immediately. Leaving faulty wires exposed is not acceptable.

Elevator Malfunction – The Harrah’s Lake Tahoe has 18 floors. Elevators are constantly being used. There are times when an elevator malfunctions. Like anything else it needs to have constant maintenance. An elevator malfunction can leave a guest injured. All of a sudden, the elevator stops. Injuries can happen if the stop is abrupt. The elevator stopping between floors is dangerous. This can bring on panic to some. Hopefully it gets back going quickly. In cases that it doesn’t mental stress can cause heart rates to increase. No one wants to feel trapped in an elevator. The property must be constantly monitoring the elevator. They must service the elevator when it is time. This is not always the case. Properties may overlook the needed service. If a malfunction and injury happen, they can be held liable.

Pool, Spa, and Fitness – Swimming pools can be dangerous. There is always the risk of drowning or injury. Slip and falls are common around pool areas. Hot tubs and saunas can make a person faint or become dizzy. Rules must be followed in order to make these environments safe. Lifeguards need to be ready and properly trained. If they are not and an accident occurs the hotel can be held responsible. The pool at Harrah’s is open throughout the year. The fitness center has workout machines and equipment. If these are not maintained then an accident can take place.

Assaults and Attacks – These are injuries that will be due to the fault of another. These can happen inside the property or outside. Getting attacked in the parking lot can be traumatizing. Getting robbed at gunpoint terrifying. Being injured in a brawl that you did not start can leave you injured. Security has an obligation to keep their guests reasonably safe. Security must be always monitoring the property with cameras. Guards on foot or bikes need to be on patrol. These guards must also have their proper cards up to date and valid. Proper training can be crucial in stopping these types of incidences.

Food Poisoning – This can catch a guest off guard. It can send them to the bathroom or even worse the emergency room. There are many restaurants that this can occur at on the property. It can also happen through room service orders. Food must be prepared and stored correctly. There are many rules and procedures put in place to minimize food poisoning. Employees must be trained in these standards. Food poisoning can ruin your vacation. If you are a guest on a business trip it can have a financial effect on you. Not showing up to a meeting or losing an account because you were ill can be damaging.

Not every accident and injury are the fault of the property owner or employee.

In order to win a hotel and casino injury case it is vital to prove liability.

Let us take a look at all the facts of your injury.

Our highly knowledgeable attorneys will then determine if you have a case.

The Law Offices of Richard Harris will guide you through the legal process.

If you are injured your focus should be on getting well.


richard harris works on contingency


Richard Harris Works on A Contingency Basis

Our law office will get paid only if we have a successful outcome.

This means that we will only get paid if you do.

If we take on your case, we plan on winning it.

We understand that you may not have the money to hire a lawyer but need help.

At Richard Harris there are no upfront fees.

We have been serving clients in Nevada for over 40 years.

If you were injured at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe don’t hesitate.

We can help answer any questions that you may have.

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Personal Injury and Statute of Limitations in Nevada

It is important not to wait around too long before filing a lawsuit.

The statute of limitations in Nevada is two (2) years from the time of the accident and injury.

Remember the longer you wait the harder it will be to gather evidence.

Getting information from the hotel may disappear as time goes on.

Properties like Harrah’s will not just hand over incriminating evidence so you can get paid.

It is important to have an experienced hotel and casino attorney work on your case as soon as possible.

Witnesses and other key factors may also be unavailable for your case as time goes by.

If you wait after the two (2) year statute of limitations it may be impossible to get any compensation.


 Seek Maximum Compensation

Our attorneys will protect your rights and seek justice.

We will do our best to get you the maximum payout for the damages left behind.

These damages may include but not limited to;

  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages
  • Lost Earning Capacity
  • Itinerary Change Expenses
  • Any Related Financial Hardship
  • Pain and Suffering

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