What To Do If Injured as a Truck Driver

what to do if injured as truck driver

Truck drivers are mostly taken for granted.

Until recently during the pandemic we didn’t think much about how our goods got from place to place.

But during the pandemic we learned how important skilled and experienced truck drivers are.

They drive products we need or want all over the country. 

As we have moved to an online shopping society we need more and more truckers to fill the role and deliver the goods.

During the pandemic there was a shortage of truck drivers so as we all know there was an extreme back-up in the delivery of goods.

Driving a Truck is Risky

Truck drivers are exposed to driving for long hours on our freeways subjected to all kinds of scenarios that can lead to accidents including weather, construction, mechanical failure, and unrealistic deadlines to deliver goods.

Since the I-15 is considered one of the most traveled routes for truckers (since it is an interstate that spans the entire united states) the I-15 may see more truck accidents than some other areas of the country.

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Semi-Truck Drivers aren’t Always at Fault

Most people always assume the truck driver causes all the accidents, but this isn’t always the case.

This is why it’s important if you were injured as a truck driver to contact Richard Harris Law Firm because our video accident command center might have the traffic footage of your crash.

Often times a driver in a regular car or SUV could be driving under the influence and be at fault for the crash, or maybe the other driver ran a red light or stop sign?

Of course there are so many things that cause car crashes we won’t list them all, but the point is if another driving is going the wrong way and hits a semi-truck head on it’s probably not the truckers fault.

Truck drivers of course need to follow all the rules of the road and drive safely, but even then another car can act crazy and cause a 18 wheeler to jackknife and lose control.

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ups truck accident in downtown vegas

Lifting and Loading Injuries

Of course many truck drivers find themselves lifting and moving around heavy objects.

Using dollies, forklifts, and just unloading stuff can be a hazard.

Often times a truck driver has to deal with the loading dock and that can be very dangerous.

Think of broken bones, dropping items, tearing a muscle, etc.

Slip and fall accidents happen all the time when truck drivers deliver products into restaurants, casinos, grocery stores, Home Depot, etc.


Truck Driver Negligence

When an accident happens with a truck most people first look to the truck driver or the trucking company.

In some cases drivers may be negligent in the accident for example by driving long after the there scheduled stop time to meet a deadline. 

But there are also many times where the truck driver may be involved in an accident for reasons that are no fault of their own.

Weather conditions are a perfect example of a reason that a truck driver might not be responsible for an accident like slippery roads during snow.

The driver of the other vehicle may also be responsible for the accident.

What if the truck driver was injured by the other person in the accident?

Many Regulations Exist

Truck drivers are subjected to many regulations to try and reduce accidents on the roadways involving trucks. 

These include drug and alcohol screenings, truck inspections on the freeways, special licensing or CDL license requirements and limits on the amount of time per day.

Trucks today are equipped with computers that record the amount of time drivers are driving in a day.

Drivers and companies can be fined large amounts for drivers who break the rules.

Every truck driver who drives a vehicle that carries 10 or more people or a weight over 26,001 pounds must get a commercial driver’s license or CDL.

All these things are in an effort to reduce accidents involving trucks and truck drivers.


when is a truck driver to blame for a crash

When is a Truck Driver to Blame

If you have been injured in an accident involving a truck driver you may need an attorney.

The truck driver might be the cause of the accident due to a variety of issues.

Some examples of truck driver negligence are:

Speeding- Newer trucks are equipped with maximum speed sensors that only allow trucks to operate to a certain speed, but older trucks are not and driving long hours and maybe not paying attention can cause a driver to speed. Speeding in a truck that is full and carrying a lot of weight can cause a devastating accident.

Distracted DrivingDistracted driving is the same for everyone but it is more problematic for truck drivers since they are carrying a load of goods and stopping takes longer. Distracted driving includes talking on the phone, eating,  and for the women drivers putting on make-up.

DUI or driving under the influence of drugs– Even though truck drivers are tested for drugs and alcohol they are not tested all the time and sometimes they like other people are involved in drunk driving accidents.

Truck load not properly secured– If the truck trailer is not properly secured to the cab this can result in the truck separating or shifting in a lane causing a crash.

Failing to follow general road laws– Failing to follow general road rules like failing to yield or give right of way, failing to use a turn signal, failure to stop etc.

These are a few examples of how truck drivers can be negligent while driving and can be responsible for some devastating accidents.


injury from truck accident in Nevada

Severe Injuries in Truck Accidents

Most accidents involving trucks in Nevada result in serious injury or death.

Truck drivers or trucking companies tend to take the blame when serious accidents or death occur after an accident.

If you are an independent contractor like an Amazon driver then you may be held personally responsible for the accident with no help from the company you are driving for.

Severe injuries after a truck accident include –

Spinal Cord injuries

TBI or traumatic brain injury





Truck Driver Dangerous Driving Habits

Truck drivers are in a unique position that requires them to get their load to a certain location at a specific time.

If they are late or missed the deadline they may be fined or in some cases not paid at all.

So drivers put themselves in a position where they are sleep deprived.

The National Sleep Foundation has found that 40% of long haul truck drivers get less than 6 hours of sleep while working.

This puts them at significant risk for an accident since sleep deprivation can cause slow reaction time.

In 2013 there were over 4,000 commercial truck accidents and according to the NHTSA nearly half of those involved drivers who had fallen asleep while driving.

This results in accidents involving other cars, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

Reckless Driving

This is considered reckless driving when driving while fatigued.

Truck drivers can be held responsible for the accident if they injured themselves or someone else while driving fatigued. 

Since truck drivers can be up for sometimes over 17 hours, OCSA or the occupational health and safety administration recommends the following:

  • Get 8 hours sleep before resuming driving
  • Get off the road to a truck stop or pull over to take a short nap maybe 20 minutes
  • Make sure you eat healthy snacks and drinking non-caffeinated beverages
  • They say do not drink caffeinated beverages since they can make you feel alert for a short period of time but there then comes the crash after.


All people on the road including truck drivers are responsible for safety on the road.

We all share the road and we all should be safe.

But if someone is negligent including truck drivers they should be held accountable.

If you are injured in an accident in Nevada that involves a truck driver then you need to call The Richard Harris Law Firm today.


Truck Drivers as the Victim in Accident

Truck drivers are considered employees of the companies they work for.

In some cases they work for the trucking company that ships products.

In others they are employees of the company for the goods they are shipping, for example Walmart has its own shipping division therefore the drivers are employees of Walmart.

So if you are an employee of the company as the driver and are injured in an accident you are entitled to file a workers compensation claim with the company you work for.

You are also entitled to disability short term or long term if you were injured in an accident as the driver of a truck.

Filing a workers comp claim or a disability claim can be complicated and if not done correctly can cause the claim to be denied altogether.

Having an attorney who knows how to navigate the paperwork and red tape with insurance companies and your employer is invaluable. 


Why Hire The Richard Harris Law Firm

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