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Benefits of Riding a Bicycle

The benefits of riding a bicycle are endless when it comes to positive effects on the person and the environment.

  1. Health – Riding a bicycle is incredibly beneficial to a person’s health. It can reduce some of the risk for diseases like; cancer, mental illness, diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease. Being over weight is a major cause of many illnesses in the body. Bike riding will not only get the heart rate up but will burn a whole lot of calories which is great in fighting obesity. The body will naturally become stronger. It will help increase muscle mass and strengthen tissues in the body. Stamina is another health benefit that a cyclist gets when riding consistently. The fact that riding a bicycle is low impact on the joints is also a major plus. Unlike the pounding of joints when jogging or running, bike riding is way easier on the body with all the same benefits.
  2. Environmentally Friendly – There is no pollution when it comes to this form of transportation. Environmentally friendly is great for everyone. A bicycle rider knows that they are part of the solution and helping the global community.
  3. Socially Awesome – Riding a bike will allow you to see the world from an entirely different perspective. Remember the sense of freedom you had as a kid, well it is still there for everyone. Meeting those that are enthusiastic about riding will create bonds and friendships. Group rides are always popular and a lot of fun.
  4. Time Saver – DTLV can get congested. Traffic can be a drag if you are in a car. Frustration can be stressful to motorists travelling about downtown. Getting a bicycle and maneuvering through the traffic is much faster and a way to save a lot of time. No longer are you held captive like the rest of the people in vehicles. With bike lanes and plenty of parking it makes getting around downtown much more efficient.
  5. Save Cash – The price of fuel is outrageous and cutting into everyone’s budget. Get rid of the gas expense and car insurance and you can save some serious cash. Think about all the parking meters and garage expenses you will avoid. All the mechanical expenses when the car breaks down and is in the repair shop. Last time my car was in the shop I wish I had a bicycle. The rental expense was ridiculous and money down the drain.

Bike riding in the city streets of DTLV sounds like a fun filled adventure.

Getting hit by a motorist can take some of the fun away.

The injuries from bicycle accidents our attorneys at Richard Harris see are wide ranging.

It could be minor bumps and bruises all the way to serious life changing injury.

Bicycle accidents can also be fatal in worst cases.



bicycle accident injury

Injuries From a Bicycle Accident In DTLV

Head Injury – This is one of the most common injuries and the most dangerous. This can come in the form of a fractured skull, concussion, cuts, and bleeding to the head. If a rider is thrown off the bike and hits the skull on a curb or hard pavement a serious head injury can occur. Helmets are highly recommended and can possibly lessen the severity of the injury. If the hit to the head is hard enough the head can still be seriously injured. Traumatic Brain Injury can lead to cognitive damage. Some of the many symptoms that come with TBI include; loss of memory, confusion, and severe headaches.

Face Injury – A bike accident can do some damage to the face. Orbital bones, nose bones, cheek bones and teeth may all have damage if the rider hits face first. The unpredictability and speed of the vehicle that crashes into the cyclist may throw the person. They may not have the time to get their hands up to protect the face. Injuries like this will need time to heal, surgery and a dentist if the mouth is damaged. Black eyes and cuts can heal but not overnight. Permanent scarring may be left behind.

Skin InjuryThis can come in the form of road rash from the skin ripping as it slides across the pavement. Cuts and bleeding may leave the skin with some serious damage. This type of injury comes with a lot of pain. This is not to be taken lightly. In some instances, the cuts can get infected and further complicate the healing process.

Bone Breaks – Broken bones from a bicycle accident are not uncommon. All it takes is to land on any one of the bones with enough pressure in order to break it. Hands, wrists, and arms may be the first to fracture if a bike rider puts them out in order to break a fall. This is a normal instinct when going down on a bicycle. Legs can get broken in a direct hit with a car or truck bumper. Collarbone breaks can happen if the rider goes down on the shoulder area. All breaks can be extremely painful to a victim of a bicycle crash.



what do do after a bicycle accident

After a Bicycle Accident?

Always seek medical attention after a bicycle accident.

This is for your own safety as well as documenting the injuries with a doctor.

This will be needed to prove that the bicycle accident caused you to be injured.

Insurance companies are not going to just hand over your just compensation.

Therefore, you need an expert legal team like The Law Offices of Richard Harris on your side.

Hopefully you are not so seriously injured that you need emergency treatment.

If you are conscious and able to stay calm there are some things that are helpful and important to do after a bicycle accident.

  1. Get to safety – Get out of harms way. This will keep you from having another vehicle hit you or even worse run you over.
  2. Get information – If you can it is important to gather all the relevant information from the person that you were in an accident with. Driver’s license, insurance, registration, car type, tags, etc.
  3. Take pictures – Take pictures and video if possible, showing the scene of the accident and how it may have occurred.
  4. Eye witnesses – Other people willing to corroborate your story are always valuable when building a case.
  5. Police report – This can be a vital piece to the puzzle if you can get a police report that shows that the driver was to blame.
  6. Keep the bike – Never get rid of the bicycle no matter how much it is damaged. This is evidence that will be needed to file a claim.
  7. Contact insurance – This is another important step in the process. A paper trail of all the evidence and damages are important and will make it easier for a personal injury attorney to fight for compensation.
  8. Call the Law Offices of Richard Harris.


Bicycle Riders in Downtown Las Vegas

In Downtown Las Vegas bicycle riding has become a popular method of transportation.

Bicycles of all types can be seen cruising the streets all over downtown.

There are bike stations set up where you can rent a bicycle and explore the area.

The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) has made it easy for those that want to get out on the streets of DTLV and go for a ride.

There are about 200 classic style bicycles and electric bikes to choose from.

Anyone at any time can rent a bike and enjoy the independence that only a bicycle has to offer.

Many of the locals in the area have their own bikes to ride.

Many of our residents love the freedom a bicycle gives them getting around and commuting to work.

There are many positive reasons for bicycle riding that we will discuss.

There is also a negative side to riding with the main issue being safety.

DTLV is a busy scene with cars, trucks and all types of motorists zipping around.

The many distractions for a driver can easily lead to an accident.

A bike rider is exposed to the elements and if hit by a moving vehicle serious injury may follow.